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  1. IG UPDATE FOR TODAY (YAY JONGJOO! ALMOST SAME TIME AS WELL!): SATURDAY IS A GOOD DAY INDEED! HHJ eonnie I think this has something to do with the Japanese magazine that she'd shoot since the photos came from her 1st Japanese photo-book on 2014. LJS oppa I was really curious of this photo he posted. He's the sweetest. I just noticed this pretty much recently, and I know that he's been close with fans even way before, but he's EXTRA SWEET TO HIS FANS THIS DAYS, LIKE SENDING THEM FOOD TRUCKS AND PROMOTING A SONG OF HIS FAN. And there was the POETRY BOOK as well that he made for the fans in order to be COMFORTED and somehow was asking for him to be UNDERSTOOD. Just like what @kembie said, SOMETHING IS BREWING and it will definitely MATERIALISED. Time will tell. (The comments in his latest IG update are quite hilarious) Here's the song btw, it's really nice, got a very light vibe in it...Wish there was a lyrics though, but no avail, can't find anything, the only korean word that I understood were "WAIT" and "HAPPY"... Here's a delulu, or more like of an imagination: Since InRang already finished, maybe our couple is hanging out together at home, and just talking about their recent activities which landed on them talking about Sukkie's latest exhibit and talking about it he is reminded of a song, that she might like (I could really see Hyo liking this type of music by moonbit), and then maybe Hyo talked about her latest photoshoot which made her thought of the photos she posted. (I am really triggered by them posting on almost the same time, my feels is that they are together!) JONGJOO FIGHTING! JJ SHIPPERS FIGHTING! HAVE A BLESSED LIFE EVERYONE! MAY WE BE BLESSED WITH GOOD NEWS SOON! ALWAYS BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE! FIGHTING!
  2. I see that you have been really putting tons of effort to your drawings oppa! 힘내! In hopes of recreating this drawing one day?
  3. She really looked so youthful, and a japanese actress at the same time! As I looked at her as Sun Young and specifically that photo, I couldn't help but notice her resemblance with LNY, because of their Japanese actress looked and vibe! And JJ, you two have been aging backward, care to share the secret? IT'S LOVE, I SEE!
  4. Hyo: Spending SUMMER ALONE (with Zishen)! Why will you spend summer alone eonnie? When you can travel with someone? Right JSsi? Seriously though! You two have been working hard for how many years already, so go on a summer vacation (BETTER if TOGETHER)! It's really fun! Let the sea heal you! JONGJOO FIGHTING!
  5. I agree with you @ibru he looked like his character in IHYV! Fresh and blooming! His new IG update! God bless with the event tomorrow! Hyo's photo that have reached 111k likes, for someone who have under a million followers just YET, this is quite of a big deal. I a just amazed! Hyolics fighting! Have a great day! Fighting!
  6. It's flower kind of day! Their smiles! BE HAPPY! BE JONGJOO!
  7. JS be like: I'm up for 22 already my love! (Seriously though, he looked like a groom holding that bouquet of flowers ready to propose! Where can I get a JS?) It's a great day!!! D-2! Cre to the Owner!
  8. I'm really glad that GS is doing great and Hyo eonnie have been receiving nice feedback! Fighting GS team and Hyo eonnie! Luckily, my country have bough the copyright so I might be able to watch it, but there's no release date yet! It would be very timely when I am already in break hopefully! Thanks for the WC and the Tik Tok video @ibru! It really made a lot of us happy with some beef and cuteness in it! It's really nice to hear them say or post about W. February have been great with Hyo posting about her reunion with her W staff and of course, Sukkie, with the WC video, though it was made last year, it's still pretty recent. @syzygy17 Just like you, I am quite curious as well, how it all started, but here's a theory (CMIIW)! JS have been filming for JL by the end of 2015 up to the early 2016. Hyo was busy as well with Love, Lies. I think one of our chingus in here, @primrose210 in page 517 of this thread have mentioned about JS's trip to SK twice in the early 2016 dated Feb 14-18, and March 11-16, so there's a possibility that during this trips they were able to meet because Hyo have revealed in a later interview, mid-april, that they were able to meet and have tea to discuss the script together. I think this is like the usual drill that actors and producers do to test out their chemistry, if they could work together, because production is of course expensive so they really needed to test out everything as much as possible. I remember, this was similar to SongSong couple as well, and they have this pre-script reading meeting held in Feb. 14 of 2015, and Kyo eonnie almost didn't attend that meeting but she was scared that the 'staff' might think that she have a date that day. And come to think of it, JJ and SS are very parallel to one another because they have the same month of script reading as well, on the month of MAY, just a year apart. Okay, segway, sorry! Going back though, maybe, it all started there, in that first ever encounter, and maybe someone FELL AT FIRST SIGHT? LOL! Because if I am not mistaken, JS's Vogue Taiwan was done during April, which was pre W script reading and we all know what he'd said during that record breaking interview, because for the first time, there was an additional name of his ideal type aside from Lee Na Young, there was HAN HYO JOO. They were both shy during the script reading but I think he was more shy because he couldn't really look at her! And only steal quick glances. As for Hyo, there was that interview as well, for Love, Lies promotion I think which goes this way "Seeing as how you filmed a movie in which you're betrayed by a man, did you not develop a distrust of love?" but then she replied with "A movie is just a movie, and acting is just acting. I want to date. It's spring." This interview was also released on April 7 of 2016, it was very timely, if ever they have met prior to script reading of W already, it simply means that the feelings could've been mutual. Maybe that's where it all begin, during the Spring of 2016, a potential relationship bloom between JJ. For his WC video, I didn't really expect him to mention anything about W. But I am soooo glad that he did, it's been a while, not really though, he'd mentioned W last December as well. I am thankful that the video have been sub but I love your translation more @silentwind because the last part of what he'd said, I couldn't quite comprehend because it just sort of just like ask "What is life" I couldn't really grasp what it means, but your translation is more understandable, thank you. He'd always said before that W is like his turning point, so what he'd said in the video is like an explanation of why it was a turning point because it taught him more than just what being an actor is like, it taught him about LIFE, quite big I must say. That's why it's significant, because it changed him for the better, it was one of the medium which helped him to realized his potential, especially there's that noona who keeps on cheering for him. It's just amazing. Plus August, I don't know why August of all month that they have been filming W, it could've been June when they really started filming, or was August the last month they filmed? I don't know what's the significance though, but it's quite mysterious, especially, what had happened during the 10th of August last 2016, when he posted the INFAMOUS PINK BACK HUG PHOTO! Something must've really happened that day because Hyo updated her weibo as well on the 10th. Was the month of August the time that the PROMISE have been made between them? The promise that have been in his poems. Who knows? Nonetheless, let's all be happy and be patient. Time will come! With all the passing holidays, I hope everyone of you have been having a great time! God bless everyone! Take care! I'm sorry I couldn't really join the conversation and I have been inactive as well in IG, it's just that, life offline have been extra demanding, but I have been reading and liking post in here, I just couldn't post. Keep the JJ SPIRIT ALIVE! Let's all be positive! Time will come! Eventually... THANKS FOR THE UPDATES EVERYONE! JONGJOO COUPLE FIGHTING! SHIPPERS FIGHTING! HAVE A GREAT LIFE! D-2 TO HYO EONNIE'S BDAY! PS: Let's vote for JS oppa in the Soompi Awards! https://www.soompi.com/awards
  9. NOW, FILTER?! No big deal though! LOL! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bep6-Ycgc7p/?taken-by=hanhyojoo222 Delulu: There's someone who's taking pic of JS, hmmm, who could it be? PRESS PHOTOS! MAG VIDEO! Hyo eonnie looked so pretty, but during this GS talk, she was extra pretty, and extremely gorgeous, I love how her stylist and make-up artist team up to really enhance her natural beauty. She looked so sophisticated, and just emanating with a mysterious yet lax aura. That is certainly Han Hyo Joo 'The Chungmooru Actress.' On the other hand, I feel a little bit melancholic because I miss Oh Yeon Joo a lot and with the recent photos of hers, my Yeon Joo vibe from Hyo feels gone already, it's not like I don't like it, but I just miss Oh Yeon Joo, she may not be my most favourite Hyo character so far (Because my heart would always belong to Choi Sukbin I think), but she's the most charming, and adorable that if she was a real human being, she would be the person that we could really vibe with since we could chitchat with her and scream with kiligness over fangirling to Kang Chul, you know, just have some typical fun day. It's just amazing how Hyo could pull this all off. The two of them updated today, everything is good! FIGHTING EVERYONE!
  10. @egluvsnupi More of like him saying, "Oh I was away with you know, the one who taught me to do this pose!" LOL!
  11. Definitely! It's highly plausible. And yes I remembered this incident as well in SSCP. Well, I have this delulu, what if JS went to Japan first just to confuse the papz, you know as a decoy? Then took a flight to Busan from Fukuoka, I think frozie chingu have posted something about the travelling time from fukuoka to busan and it is 1 hr and 30 mins, almost the same with travelling time from Seoul to Busan via Airplane, so there's that tiny possibility, and I have noticed that his travel to japan this time wasn't recorded or posted in IG, and so far, he traveled with the PD of WYWS, and JHI of course, plus a possibility of SJH but I haven't seen his manager with him (which is the person who usually acts as an informant for the fans to either capture a photo or obtain an autograph from him, and who usually ask for pictures not to be uploaded), yet we only have one fan cam (dated now, so far, cmiiw), when in his previous trips we get several fan cam photos of him, so I thought maybe he went secretly and silently to Busan, that's why we've got no photos from him, but we got pictures from HJ that says a lot about W, maybe they were together, and that's what that noona have been hinting, plus that mystery voice, and JS sending food-truck to withjs in Busan on later days, and oh, segway, I just wanna know if they are the same fan club who sent the Beauty Inside inspired poster during the WYWS wrap up part around July last year? Hmmm...Was there a silent meeting with the fans then? Or thanking them for supporting their silent and low-key date with his lady love? LOL! I'm taking this with a bag of salt and I'm not trying to discredit anyone, and I'm sure that JS is just very supportive and loving to his fans, and Hyo could've been just nostalgic since she's with her W staff.
  12. @frozentundra Glad you're watching it. I am done with it already, and all that time spend while watching that drama, I was not looking at Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong as the actors bringing that drama to life, but rather I think that the ones who are portraying are Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk. No wonder it made him sad, because it feels like their story told, or at least some part of it! And the girl really reminds me of Hyo, style-wise (the hair) and her facial features, it reminded of Yeon Joo alot, but her laid back, and light vibe personality and her way of speaking, almost HAN HYO JOO! If anyone here is missing the two so much, watch that drama, you'll get a background of what it's like for our JJ maybe, in real life! Thank you so much for the updates everyone! JONGJOO FIGHTING!!!!
  13. WOW! I'm quite ecstatic of uri JSssi! There's a possibility for him to finally work or collaborate with the woman he's been fanboying ever since! I feel excited for him! Plus the picture used, it's KANG CHUL! I MISS THAT MANHWA GUY ALOT! On the other hand, it's quite funny how fate works, I remember a particular NOONA and his IDEAL GIRL as well endorsed this brand! Info credit to Irenetan. Thank you for sharing though you were exhausted from work. It is very much appreciated.
  14. @silentwind Ohhh...I see. Thank you for the free and accessible tutorial and understanding of the korean language. You and frozie have been very helpful and so as our other chingus in here who have been doing their best to share knowledge. Thank you so much for the generosity.