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  1. That's why I gave permission to General Pei to like XF too. So far G'Pei has take care XF well and has never hurt XF (the G'Pei scene looked at the XF sincerely and to be embarrassed when XF touched him it was very good), even though he also sinned hiding the past of LCY and XF
  2. indeed it is very difficult to say that LCY is wrong. Maybe he was just a wrong strategy and it was already fate in the kingdom (Love and the Throne very rarely can be together). Perhaps one of the worst mistakes is that LCY did not say love to XF, if only he expressed his love for XF then I thought XF was smart enough to help LCY. They could have pretended to hate outside but were romantic in the room, so LCY didn't need to be too deep in Sese .
  3. In my mind right now, I'm tired of LCY and Sese. So far I like this drama, but I'm very sad for XF. Poor XF, why can't any man who loves her treat her well. LCY betrayed in the past, in the present time LCY cannot express love and actually shows fake love for Sese (This will add the more disappointment for XF after his memory returns). GJ also betrayed XF in the past, but sorry XF doesn't love him now. G-Pei treated XF very well, G-Pei looks like XF but can't express it. Authors, please give happiness to XF
  4. It also occurred to me because after seeing XF and GPei, LCY had a conversation with the King (I don't really understand because there were no engsub) Many people say GPei can't possibly like XF, GPei just feels guilty about closing XF and LCY's past, even GPei is hesitant to get married because he sees LCY and XF households not in harmony. But why throughout ep 38 my heart said that GPei liked XF. Looks like GPei didn't like LCY's action on slapping XF, GPei's gaze on XF while at the bar, the road and the front gate of the palace so deeply, even GPei smiled when he saw XF playing music and he was also surprised when XF gave the flute that XF had used it. GPei looked sad and upset after being told to get married, even he arrived at the bar to get drunk. I think GPei's character is very sweet, I gave him permission to like XF hahahaha (only likes without obsession hihi). I'm more sad because I don't know what they all say , need a fast eng sub
  5. I agree with you, reading LCY characters in novels is so cruel and cunning that make there not away happy ending to their relationship. But in the drama, LCY was made better even though there was still a lot of anger and cunning. But really seeing LCY's fake love for Sese annoyed me, that's because I waited for the romantic moment when LCY and XF. Do you think they will have a romantic moment by expressing feelings of love for each other, as they were in the past. Or this will only be too late, when LCY dares to express his love but XF gets her past memories . I will save the sweet episode last night (ep.37-40) for next week's episode which might start to suck
  6. I think so too, maybe after ep 45 we will escape from the tissue to wipe away the tears. I read the process of returning XF's memories so painful, starting from her disappointment at seeing LCY who had a wonderful time with Sese when she was kidnapped to suffer from fever and her memories returned. After that maybe we will only see the cold XF at LCY, and LCY who becomes arrogant because he thinks GJ is GXW, it will only have tears and tears waiting for LCY's regret for all his actions
  7. Hoel, his fake love for Sese 'seems so real. Maybe Sese and many courtiers will be amazed and don't doubt LCY's love. But I think LCY is drunk for 3-4 days because he feels guilty of slapping XF, more hurts XF slaps LCY back and insults LCY that he is the type of man who is hated by all women in the country xi dan no exception XF (it's like a declaration that XF isn't love LCY and hate him very much) hahahha. Even G'Pei looked surprised when the XF boldly said all that ^^
  8. lululala I have seen episodes 33-36, although they did not understand what they were talking about (no engsub). I like the many sweet interactions of XF and LCY, LCY uses a lot of tricks to get close to XF. But LCY and Sese's romantic attitude make me disgusted . Instead of being jealous, XF seems to think pity because LCY and Sese's love is blocked by her. At the end of Ep 36, I can't accept LCY's attitude. How can he slap XF in front of Pei and the Waiter. I know he pretends to hate XF to protect her from enemies, but that's too much. Smart girl, XF slapped her husband back. If I become XF, after being slapped I will walk to find a stone and hit the stone to LCY's head so that his memory returns ^^v I feel LCY is a little careless, or he doesn't ask for advice from the right people to protect XF. LCY began to harvest the seeds from which he planted. First, LCY ordered General Pei to protect and supervise the XF, but it turned out to be a rumor for Sese's servant that XF and Pei were caught up in romance. LCY was very upset and jealous (a scene of funny jealousy repeated). Second, LCY's fake love for Sese has made Sese obsessed and evil to get rid of every woman approached by LCY including XF. LCY's protection is as useless, he intends to keep XF away from lions (LCY's enemies) but bring it closer to the wolf (Sese) - _-
  9. I'm also really confused, I read a lot of articles if there are 2 final versions. It is possible that XF did not die after jumping off from cliff / wall because she was protected by Adu. I thought that was XF's brother carrying her, if not mistaken XF's father had died You are right . The author and the Team added many new things that were fun and interesting to the audience's curiosity but still did not deviate far from the storyline of the novel.
  10. sorry if sassy help answer , this is just a summary of someone on the internet about the end novel of this drama : " In essence, after XF gave LCY some kind of sleeping pills, XF went away with Adu. But LCY ordered the army to close the gate, before the gate closed XF pushed Adu to get out so that the XF was left inside. XF tried to climb the cliff / wall but was found by LCY. He asks her, is she really that unwilling to be his bride, what is good about Gu Xiao Wu? She replies that she will never tell him the good things about Gu Xiao Wu. She asks him again if he would catch a hundred fireflies for her. Xiao Feng then bitterly says that it’s wonderful that he can forget for a whole lifetime, she wants to forget him forever, too. She runs to a cliff and jumps off, he grabs her wrist with his belt, but she tells him to forget her, Gu Xiao Wu. He realizes that he is actually Gu Xiao Wu and he is the person that she’s loved this whole time, but it’s too late as she has already severed his belt. He tried to jump off the cliff too, but Pei Zhao grabs him. Xiao Feng feels herself falling, falling, falling but A'Du uses herself to cushion her fall. As A'Du lies, broken and dying, Xiao Feng realizes that she cannot be separated from A'Du and A'Du cannot be separated from her. She tell A'Du that they are going back to Western Liang and uses A'Du’s golden knife to stab herself. After all that she’s been though, what is there to afraid of anymore? "
  11. I'm stuck again in the drama that will have a sad ending, this is the same when I see "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo". Both of these dramas can be guessed to have a sad ending based on a novel, but I still see because the storyline is packed well and the chemistry of the main couple. Honestly since episode 7 I had shed tears, all the beautiful words of LCY to XF the night before their wedding touched me deeply. LCY might think he can get rid of Grandfather XF without knowing XF, so he gets 2 benefits of revenge and love (even though it ultimately fails). I understand the attitude of LCY who wants to take the throne (because all the princes in all kingdoms have the same purpose), but even though he lost his memory but the acting style of deceiving a woman into revenge does not fade from his head. Since the second marriage with XF I hate LCY more because his fake love for Sese made Sese and her servant become shortsighted to get rid of XF from LCY. My heart is even more painful after reading the novel summary of this drama : http://xia0yuer.tumblr.com/post/24595824421/review-of-eastern-palace-and-scene-translation-an#axzz5hdmCtxgb So many painful things were done by LCY and Sese to XF, I just cried when I read that XF had a past memory again when she was kidnapped by GJ and saw LCY spent a happy time together with Sese (And not worrying about XF). LCY became so cruel because of the throne and jealousy that he did not understand that he killed GJ. Sorry to be honest I am happy when I know that in the end LCY killed Sese and his family for revenge. Sorry Sese, you mean nothing to LCY. Because of this, I understand why the death of XF is a proper punishment for LCY . Although I honestly want them together and have happy life if remember their past love story TT
  12. I also do that, teaser for ep 14 15 is too sweet to make it impatient Last night there were very many sweet scenes. YZ's CEO is an aggressive husband, his wife can't block the kiss that insistent hahaha. PD-nim is like preparing a sweet lunch before we see a big conflict next week Everyone here hopes for a happy ending , and this BTS video makes me sure they have a happy ending even though next week it looks like there will be a big conflict
  13. The better the second female character is not too tempting, so not spoil the harmony of the main couple hiihiii finally on Thursday, hopefully tonight's a lot of sweet scenes. I really like this husband and wife interaction, a husband who is cold outside but aggressive inside and a funny wife is sometimes careless
  14. ohh it's a pity if that happens. I just saw a few clip of this drama on IG. This couple is very sweet, I am interested in joining this drama. This is the reason why I am more careful about seeing C-drama because some and most of what I watch ends up sad or floating and continues to season 2 (it's a bit tiring)
  15. I was surprised because this aired last night, I was very confused by the broadcast schedule. But it's okay, as long as they don't reduce the number of episodes that air all of the cast are very close in BTS videos, especially the two main characters. not surprisingly this drama is going well, hopefully this drama has a good and exciting ending
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