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  1. @tibba lol at that bts. I was just watching it! KJS even covered his face with the box cover coz he was embarrassed. How darn cute is he?
  2. @mouse007 hang in there! It's going to get better after all the angst! @RobinM I'm just glad the Ahjumma hair is gone. I didn't mind the clothes as much. But then again, who is to say what YB's taste is like?
  3. @turtlegirl at least she doesn't have the Ahjumma hair! I loved it too when she was in YB's clothes. She should just wear his whenever they are at his place. Ah @tibba I didn't scroll. Now I see it. I was hoping that the reporter could just let it go, and for once, report favourably on YB. YB shouldn't have broken his phone, but dang, he was invading on his privacy! And it was an issue that YB is particularly sensitive and private about.
  4. @RobinM he does look like he is running away, huh? oh please don’t give us another fakeout. I may really throw something at my laptop.
  5. Ok guys @triplem @tibba @turtlegirl You all got me excited about a possible bed scene again! I went to enlarge the photo too and yes, I agree with u all! It seems like she’s wearing a vest over the flowery long-sleeved thing instead of the dress she wore on the date with MD. @RobinM @tibba now that you mentioned it, I guess it’s not a good thing for her to be head butting him in public like that. I just thought it could be a funny scene with YB countering her attack with something she absolutely cannot resist, like his lips. @tibba I don’t remember that particular reporter in the photo. He’s not the same one who released the story about YB’s mum. Wrecking my brain trying to figure out which one he is.
  6. I tried to translate the hashtags: #comforting_hug #chopsu_kiss #sunrise_kiss #heart-fluttering_pecks #patpat_hug (I think pat pat refers to the way that YB was stroking KS’s hair while hugging her) #attic_kiss #repeatedly (my dictionary translated it to repeatedly / in one breathe, so I guess to refers to the many many kisses YB gave KS) haha this is all I understood. I second you @heyyoooo! I need the bts of the kiss scene so badly!
  7. joonminfan

    guess the abs

    Fight poison with poison. So if you are poisoned by abs, just counter that with more abs. then everyone is happy.
  8. joonminfan

    guess the abs

    Sometimes in traditional Chinese medicine, we use poison to fight poison. So the antidote to abs poisoning is..?
  9. joonminfan

    guess the abs

    Oh our Oppa is very very fine indeed... I’ll probably be floundering here coz I don’t recall seeing much abs in the dramas I watched. Maybe I’ve been watching all the wrong dramas. I need some recommendations. But I’m still game to play!
  10. joonminfan

    guess the abs

  11. I absolutely love your imagination!!! now I’m just waiting for the bts of the kiss. I was trying to count how angles the kiss was filmed from, so that I know at least how many takes they took. But I got distracted. Even after watching it countless times.
  12. joonminfan

    guess the abs

    It’s ok, if @triplem doesn’t want Top Star-ssi, I’m next in line for Oppa! I’m a voracious fighter, mind you!
  13. Do Kdramas usually show bed scenes? I’ve never seen one before. But yeah I really want one more hot kiss. No more curtains or sunlight in the way please. The way they were going at it in the hideout tells me that it can be a lot more passionate and intense. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet kisses. But I’m sure there’s a lot of passion in our SoonBaek couple too. <— right back at you @turtlegirl !
  14. joonminfan

    guess the abs

    Haha I haven’t been around here long so I won’t know. Who was your original Oppa before Top Star-ssi took over temporarily?
  15. I want to see all that too, including the one that you deleted. ok they won’t show the actual thing but the stuff leading up to it would be good enough. sorry, I’m just all excited by the new Guess the Abs Event taking place tomorrow. I was wondering when the scene of KS with the grandma hair will appear. I was just imagining it to be at the end. She comes and sees the skinship, gets upset and then tries to headbutt YB again. But now YB has a weapon against her. He just puckers up his lips, and all is well again.