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  1. Good catch! I think it would be good for Hae Il to overcome his guilt over the children he killed, because seeing how he was so affected by the words of his former team leader, another encounter with that evil man may render Hae Il of being unable to function normally and think clearly.
  2. Yeah, the price is quite reasonable. Sometimes I wish I had a life where I could just fly off anywhere I want. I’m just waiting to see clips of the fan meeting.
  3. I also just finished watching the episode. I loved how he kept on going and didn’t give up. This is the kind of man I like! And they said he spent 7 hours in the cube. At the end, I also heard someone comment on how Oppa seems a little different now. I guess with the 5 months away, he was able to reflect and re-evaluate what is important to him. Gotta sleep now but will watch the videos you posted tomorrow @triplem!
  4. Translation of caption: PM Ep 199 - Screenshots Cutie Brain KJS has returned to PM, and as I watched the show, I felt that JS has really changed after 5 months of soul purifying on the island. He no longer gives up easily on the mathematical problems that he isn’t good at, but would use his own method to solve the problem step by step. Despite going past the time limit again and again (I must say that the production team’s punishments are really great), he insisted on solving the problems. ”Ant” JS insisted on going on his own path, and maybe he spent more time than the others, but in the end he walked out of the cube using his own effort. JS did it. Just like he said in his interview that he would think about what PM means to him, and when he comes across questions that he doesn’t like or isn’t good at, he will not just stop and watch the rest solve the question, but try his best to participate in other ways. He really did it. When I saw his handwriting all over the floor, when I saw Ant JS finally solve the mathematical problem, I cried. And even Tyler was so touched by JS’s efforts that his eyes turned red. Thank you JS. Thank you our Actor Kim. Now I’m so excited to watch the ep!!! I knew that Oppa would keep his word and always try his best to solve the questions, even when they are really tough. He’s such a wonderful MAN.
  5. I couldn’t get the live stream at all! Tried endless times but had to give up in the end. Shall watch it with subs if it’s out tmr. I’m so glad Oppa looks alright. Still our handsome, sexy Oppa. Now I’m excited for RM. They should have gotten HSJ in too!
  6. Yes @triplem! Oppa is going to be on RM! First pic: According to fans, today’s filming of RM - one of the guests is KJS. Could it be that his agency saw (our) messages, and arranged for him to go on RM? Everyone, don’t forget that later at 11 pm, to watch PM live! Second pic: 18 March RM filming Expected guests are KJS and LYK who acted with JSM in TSYB and Maids respectively.
  7. I hope it’s just the angle. He already lost so much weight for TSYB. I thought he said he was going to binge on food while taking a break? I hope he ate lots of healthy, nutritious food and had lots of rest to recover his health.
  8. Update from Oppa’s stylist. Translation of caption: Date: 17 March 2019 Stylist updated IG, and from the look of the clothes, it seems like it’s the day of filming PM. Stylist said: Spring is here. Spring has arrived. Maybe it means that because JS is returning to the small screen, spring had arrived, with flowers blooming. Everyone, don’t forget to watch the live telecast of PM tomorrow night (Monday)
  9. I’ve been reading some news here and there. Seems like more and more celebrities are getting involved. But I don’t know who JJY is?
  10. Yeah I was also wondering about that. Sometimes, things can get lost in translation though. It's good that's he coming back. He is an essential member of the cast because every one brings in different things to the show. Can't wait for Monday!
  11. Translated the IG photo cation: "Problematic Men" Date: 13 March 2019 Everyone, our "Brain Cutie" is finally returning to next week's PM! JS is trapped in a maze/box, and has to answer questions correctly to escape and be known as "The Problematic Man who has remained true to his original aspiration". Next week on 18 March (Monday), remember to watch "PM" live and welcome back our "Brain Cutie". When I saw the preview, I was very touched and cried. JS has heard his fans' wishes. Everyone wanted him to return to "PM" and after much thoughtful consideration, he finally made his decision. From now on, I hope that our "King of Intuition" can emerge victorious! Can't wait to see Oppa back!
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