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  1. Ohh..mhyyy..finally our long awaited one;...but seeing grandma left by her precious ML makes me so sad..( dontwory gradma..I will teleport there and accompany you). Love the conversation between ML and Rong.. Rong calling ML big sister., ml said it should be auntie or call her mother I think? But rong said she has a mother and ml is not her mom.,so ml just said call her daniang?(not sure). Ml asked why she hvnt sleep yet..rong wants to see ml.rong wants to harm ml with her little stick.at last rong said she likes minglan.( thats only my undrestanding haha just trying) Anyways why everytime gty laugh..im hearing like santa clouse his face when he saw rong sleepung on their bedon their first night.
  2. Present hereand also Daniang's supposed to be victory celebration that turns out into dillema hahaha such a funny scene cracking up on my bed
  3. Same here,,since im already 4 yrs here in sg..I already learned some, thats why when I watch it raw... still can understand some words then connect it....
  4. So I just finished ep 29 . Rulan is really an energy relieverlove this girl...still watching ep 31 raw, but my eyes explored already on the 35/36 trailers...I promised myself not to watch any spoilers for me to enjoy the show but I failed again..seems like PROMISES ARE REALLY MEANT TO BE BROKEN..
  5. As for me; this is the first time Im watching a male lead with this kind of situation;the reason I accepted gty easily bcoz I have already prepared myself long time ago when this show hvnt aired yet...through reading some infos abwt gty's character over the net..now,cnt w8t for what more he can to us,and I love how caring and sweet he is to his daughter... cant w8t for them w/t minglan te be a family soon.
  6. Ohh haha your right;thats why TSOM I think will be a special drama for them. As of me Im always on a ship thread of li ying who ever she will end up..I will wholehearthedly support it.....glad that she already found the right man for her..
  7. Haha we shared the same feelingif Im hundred persent excited for their interaction on tsom, them Im more thousand persent excited for their interaction behind the scenes..I just love seeing them being together..since we ddnt have much coverage of them during their dating days
  8. After watching ep 19/20 with subs...really feel sorry for GTY;when his father died Im already into it, my tears almost dropping;but with stepmoms words,added by the annoying brod. My tears literarry backed off Im just so frustrated with her;my blood is boiling while watching that scence...and that useless brother; why isnt he the one to cough blood and died since he keeps on coughing... And to maniang; she should be added to the lin courtyard since they all get along in terms of acting pitifullness...as if she cared about the twins...once a gold digger will always be a gold digger will do everything/any evil scemes from tooth to tooth.....cant wait for her ending....but as of now; Im just going to prepare myself for more of her evilness...I know..theres more...
  9. No tom and jerry in the latest eps..a.k.a Molan/Rulan Rulan bickering with molan is my everyday vitamin..reminds me when I was teen also fighting with my big sis... so glad that ML is now out of her shell, not totally though,,but almost therethough not understand a thing in ep 18, I salute her for handling the situation well with that, maniang girl,,,( everytime I see maning face, reminds me of yang zi's face). Happy for the rating,,,lets all pray that it will go up up and up for the fw.eps. Btw Im holding up and trying hard myself not to read the spoilers on the discussion I hope I will last long and survive...
  10. After watching interactions between QH and ML,,,I dunno if its only me, but I dont feel anything on them, like having a SLS...maybe bcoz Im so eager to watch her interaction with GTY ep 14 is just so funny... I just read the above interview,,and I knew it that this drama can be reflected into real life..I mange to watch everything without fastforwarding eventhough some ep's got me sleepy...(Coz I watch these around 9pm though)...bcoz I want to understand everything without missing anything, that's why when Im watching it raw,my eyes is focusing on each charcters face..I want to see their emotions...verry well...and while I watch it with sub; my eyes is on the sub. Some viewers/commentors that this drama is very slow, but for me its ok. Some also out there insisting that This drama is an Idol drama...(like what the eckdo they have a common sence?).. Ok thats it for now..untill the next ep.. And congratulations for breaking 1% rating for the latest ep..jia you...
  11. heatherbee

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    Congratulations again to our soon to be mom li ying...
  12. You can also go to google,just search Zhi fou Zhi fou..pinyin and english lyrics were there.
  13. heatherbee

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    Congratulations again,a happy day to start a new year...now excited for their new family member comming
  14. That's good then, they finally announced it..question is how many months already? Read somewere that the due date will be march,( well i will b one of the happiest since my birtk month is also march) and she's carrying a boy. Ohh..well regardless if its wether true or not,soon we will finally see a little shaofeng/little liying..so excited...congratulations to the happy family,,,and that photo of them is just so precious..that will be their actual scene in real life after liying will give birth....
  15. So glad that its doing good online,hope for the fflwng ep..the ratings will also go up...DLE is rocking though,I a saw LAFR everywere but havnt check it out yet since Im religously watching ML. That video is on my playlist though..been plating it nonestop since it came out..and finally memorize liying's part..and finally sing out loud and clear in the bathroom..lol Need to rewatch ep10 eng sub tonight since I only watch it raw last night...that molan and her mom really getting into my nerves...