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  1. Some spoiler for this week eps https://fx.weico.net/share/48141046.html?weibo_id=4316117252210019 True true true, the chemistry between the cast also may affected, despite the seniority and experience as an actor, chemistry is hard to get.
  2. Omg as i read the novel spoiler as i get more nervous and worried, if the production team dont have CFY to continue EN S2 or maybe S3, i dont know what will happen with the series, since NQ character is getting more and more complicated because of his status and condition in future. Main cast for NQ is very crucial, dont think Dylan Wang cant execute this, i hope they will use a strict audition to get a proper main cast. The same with CFY, he started his career with awesome projects like secret fruit and EN, i hope the next project like the Awakening, and others will have the same standard or higher. Wishing him to do filter for any script offered, not just to fill in some spare time between his works and school schedule. Hopefully he will ask for advices from his parents. Just my two cents Oh btw i found this in Instagram, credit @isecretfruit.
  3. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    This is the Secret Fruit Event, CFY with his mom, and Ou Yang NaNa with her mom too, there were discussion about CFY diet back then, he lost 32 kg when he went to USA for study.
  4. Hahaha omg the woman talk without the need to breath LOL, but thank you for the suggestion @kkrystal, honestly i dont speak english fluently, so i need subtitle, when i hear the audio without reading the chapter, i completely blind LOL. Thank you again chinggu! Really appreciate it! I cant wait the time NQ bump into FuZi in the brothel, 2 days left huksss.
  5. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    yes I think his appearance resembles Kris Wu and Dylan Wang, but each of them has their uniqueness to differentiate.
  6. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Thx @nnnju, Ah his brother is ChenYuAng i thought just 2 words Chen Yuang. Yes his brother more look like his father CKG.
  7. LOL you are right, but i just cant read on gadget too long hiks, so i become LiManMan for this. And i cant stop watching EN even they are still raw, i got poisoned by CFY charm, and can only be cured by watching him LOL #shameless. Btw this in bts for one of my fav scene! Debate scene between NQ vs Qu Ni Master to save MSS, CFY really did a great job. Maybe someone can translate this one or find the engsub for all the bts LOL. https://youtu.be/hzRqwW_kZg0
  8. Thx @thartie and @rhaps for the explanation. So because NQ learn to cultivate when he already in Jiang Hu, so everytime he kill or beat someone, his name will pop up and invite another opponent, more over NQ is the only FuZi disciple that still live in city not in the back of mountain like his brothers n sisters. And of course being famous as Mr. Thirteen beating LQ and loved by Emperor, the only disciple of Master Yanse, no wonder so many opponent attracted, poor NQ. He is not looking for trouble, but trouble find him. I wonder what will happen when XiLing and YanGuo know that NQ destroyed LQ, i havent read the novel yet.
  9. This is BTS where First Brother and NQ chit chat about 天书, i like this scene very much, NQ act like his age as little brother, feel safe, learning something and make a joke with First Brother, and First brother also act like big brother who will always take care of his little brother. http://m.v.qq.com/play/play.html?coverid=rpup19lfbuf2skc&vid=k00297h42c1&ptag=2_6.2.2.17137_copy Ah btw i have a question, from the beginning until now, and from before NQ can cultivate until now, why everybody said NQ is weak? Either his friends or foes, isn't he excellent in combat? Or there is other meaning about 'weak'?, not just refer that he is still a newbie in cultivation world, and he only got 10 from 12 accupoint are opened.
  10. LOL i have the same exactly habit as you @rhaps! The days without EN, i fill it with rewatched my fav scenes and eps with engsub. Ya i like the sound effect especially when NQ's fire sword get on LL' shield, i think i hear "死吧“ or "JEDAAARRR" sumthing like that LOL. And the final scene when MSS send Talisman Fu to help NQ, he also give the best expression and screammmmm like he got tremendous power and he cant hold it.
  11. It was on ep 5 or 6 when NQ n SS witnessed 小黑 dead body being dragged by the imperial guard. On the night while NQ brush the blood trail on his main door, SS found small pocket about Lin General Massacre investigation left by 小黑 for NQ. After that NQ rushed to the crime scene and picturized how 小黑 dead.
  12. Oh yeahhh rightttt the action scenesss!! That is a superrrrr bonusssss!!! How come i can forget that huksss. During the wilderness, it is not Ever Night ---> Oh why is that @rhaps?
  13. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Yeah i just found out that too, i think she once played as limochou in richie jen's yang guo adaptation, and other film, yes she is so beautiful, CFY got her beauty side and manly side from CKG
  14. Not reading pages from this thread i feel so much left behind. Cant quote much, but i agree with @thartie @rhaps @UnniSarah and @kiara_bleu. I always accepted all movie and series based on novel adaptation, although yeah got lil dissapoint here and there, but i think as long as it has least 80% faithfully to the book, i'll be okay. I know how hard to translate someone imagination from writing become 100% faithfully to be watchable. Yet with some addition of NQ-MSS scenes, NQ hitting SS, and etc..., oh well i still accepted, maybe i just too easy to pleased LOL. Because what important for me is, the plot that at least 80% faithfully to the book and the casts. And Ever Night give me more than that, beside they were least 80% faithfully to the book (CMIIW i give the score after reading some explanation from novel reader, since i myself havent finish read the novel) and succeed to cast beautiful and talented actors, also they added so many natural breath-taking scenery, and last but not least, they have great ost! So I just enjoy the series, enjoy reading the novel and reading this thread, and bonus got to know you all in here, so happy! Just my 2 cent
  15. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    His last update on weibo, yes he is in Hang Zhou, it is full of snow, and he reminds his followers to wear more clothes. He is handsome aaaaaahhh LOL https://fx.weico.net/share/47861686.html?weibo_id=4315069502233465