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  1. Stills of CFY and SYR in the Ever Night launching event 20171108. They were look like kids right? Boyish, girly, and extremely cute! Cr. As tagged.
  2. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Thx a lot @caranita i want more more article like thisssss please Well some similarities with CFY, I also cant sleep well on plane, i just too cautious, small thing can wake me up easily, sadly. And i also dont have games in my cellphone, and dont play PS or xbox LOL, i prefer to read (but i dont have the same level book worm with him and different level of genre too LOL), watch, listening to music or sleep LOL. He really likes to learn. I am more and more adoring this boy!
  3. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Yeah i also confused which couple i should support, OYNN CFY or OYNN LHR, they both LHR n CFY are young talented and mature, how lucky OYNN! As for DEX, i keep surprised seeing her photo, she is really mature! Not like SYR, the way they took their selfie also different, DEX looks so mature like an adult, and SYR looks like teen. I think when we together with someone, the more we feel comfort with, the more we will become our self truly, no need bother to pretend to be someone nicer or worse, so i think we know what kind of person CFY is when he is with SYR and OYNN.
  4. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Can you give the video link @rhaps? What happened when OYNN found out CFY was lying about his height???. Yeah i also watched one video regarding the reason why CFY took Secret Fruit movie, because he likes OYNN , but still not confirmed by CFY himself (of course LOL). And I think only OYNN that like John Mayer, CFY no. I prefer to think that CFY like Sam Smith, since he couple times seen singing his songs. And CFY also like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody LOL. He is really something! And yes it was me who said CFY always want a little sister, that's why he expected to get a girl in 想想办法 reality show, but he's just too tough just to get a lil girl LOL, end up he get twin boys haahahah, and proven, he managed taking care of them
  5. Havent heard anything about it, but i always think they will use CGI for Hao Tian SS, and for close up scene, maybe SYR can use a chair to make height gap smaller, but sometimes rumours in entertainment business are quite well proven, so we will just see about it, so far there is no news about new cast for Hao Tian SS.
  6. Yeah the 1st one is better than the 2nd one, but i like Elvis Han n Sabrina Chen, love their enemy chemistry LOL.
  7. I only can read the first line, 哥,别走了!means big brother dont go!
  8. Found this cute SS from BTS. Cr as tagged.
  9. Wow part 3! Hopefully will as good as their 1st and 2nd, the casts still the same
  10. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Look at this Check out @DC40263111’s Tweet: So yeah CFY's height now officially 190 cm or more
  11. Look at this LOL Check out @DC40263111’s Tweet:
  12. Hahahaha, yeah i did the same thing for some scenes that i think they dont do much to the plot, but after rewatching with my family i have to endure all scenes LOL.
  13. It was a clip not a scene, you can find it first in ep 31 when NQ start the journey to wilderness in Tang Academy, SS run to give black umbrella to NQ, and after sometimes hugging n crying, SS left and NQ stare at her with this clip show up. Also on ep 47 when NQ n SS fighting, after NQ coming back home alone without SS, he remember SS with this appear.
  14. Our night time with NingSang. Living in poverty but happy. Cr. As tagged
  15. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Turbo Liu HaoRan 刘昊然

    Video of LHR 5th anniversary debut. We are always wait for your next project, until the next next next 5 years and more... https://fx.weico.net/share/58161830.html?weibo_id=4339539227370592