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  1. My favourite moment is when he imitated that 'heol' in a cutest way possible..
  2. This girl.. how can she be so beautiful.. my heart..
  3. After reading all those analysis i was wondering if they r just hard-working co- actors who are comfortable with each other. But really thanks for your review i got some re assurance. I can't wait for my dcut now..
  4. Thanks for the detailed analysis . So I just wanted to ask that even when they are showing their professionalism, do they still give us that heart fluttering couple vibe ?
  5. Just checked cafe update.Guess they have started shipping prior to estimated date. Yey!! Can't wait..
  6. Hey guys.. those who have ordered dcut from yes24. Is the order status changed to 'shipment order complete'? What does that mean anybody knows??
  7. I hope this is just april fools joke.. but if it's true please don't take too long to come back..
  8. Happy 1500 pages of jiji heaven.. but why @pauliza and @masthu are mia? Guys you have biggest contribution in reaching 1500th page.. please come back. Our thread is missing ur posts..
  9. I have ordered it in this Feb yet mine does not show up in the order list.. so I guess it is just glitch in site.. Don't worry.. we all will receive it perfectly.
  10. Hello, i have ordered it recently so I guess it's comparatively new..so mine shows up when I use email link. Sorry for the confusion..
  11. Same with me.. but the status of order is showing pending delivery.. I hope nothing goes wrong since this is the first time for me to order something internationally..