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  1. Gosh.. so our little party is attracting a lot of unwanted guests. These People really seem to have a lot of free time on their hand which they should be utilizing in analyzing their otp interactions instead of lurking in wrong thread "accidentally". It's a shipper's thread so stop being salty about what we are writing about "OUR" otp. These moments are reality accept it or not. Just because you are disappointed doesn't mean they are going to be changed. It's so funny how these haters are also not ready to move on from jiji just like us.
  2. Thanks for sharing this with us.. 0917 was definitely one memorable day not just for you but for all of us. Thanks for your hard work girl and thanks to all of them who were involved in this project. It was such a wonderful journey for us..
  3. Wahh you girls are amazing!! Seriously it's been a while since we have moved 2 pages in a day.. Really miss those old days when we would spazz non stop about namji but well we all know real life is important too. Just here to tell you girls that not going to jump this ship anytime soon especially after witnessing all those heart fluttering moments in dcut. No matter how many months / years it takes for confirmation our love for namji is just increasing with each passing day, contrary to what haters think.. Loved your posts @luvforever and @MoonlightSerenadethat was a funny story but well we all are goners when it comes to namji.. Right now just enjoying HDH and wookie's constant updates (thanks to his musical). Baby girl is doing amazing job in her drama as usual. Hope she is now enjoying her student Life. And our soldier is going to be back soon. Just 198 days more. Till then we all can enjoy rerun of SP and dcut and hope that someday our "20xx mission sk" turns into reality
  4. A very happy 24th birthday to the most beautiful girl. So happy with her update. She looks so pretty. Hope she enjoys her special day.. And happy 400th day to our hardworking soldier. Only 222 days to go. Happy to see them both happy and glowing in their latest updates..
  5. Happy first anniversary to our beautiful Namji heaven.. We were so scared of the draught season when our captain was about to enlist but our couple blessed us with so many hints that we are still here spazzing non-stop. We are lucky shippers cause everything came to us at the right time just like our otp.. His enlistment, his vacations, her drama, the dcut, her recent photoshoot, his army musical audition... All these events helped us going strong even after his enlistment and before we knew it, we were already halfway through.. Just a few more months and our captain will be back.. Since everyone has already shared beautiful images and gifs bringing back memories of our couple, I am just going to thank you all for keeping this thread alive.Really happy to be part of this goner family.. Love you all!!
  6. My favourite moment is when he imitated that 'heol' in a cutest way possible..
  7. This girl.. how can she be so beautiful.. my heart..
  8. After reading all those analysis i was wondering if they r just hard-working co- actors who are comfortable with each other. But really thanks for your review i got some re assurance. I can't wait for my dcut now..
  9. Thanks for the detailed analysis . So I just wanted to ask that even when they are showing their professionalism, do they still give us that heart fluttering couple vibe ?
  10. Just checked cafe update.Guess they have started shipping prior to estimated date. Yey!! Can't wait..
  11. Hey guys.. those who have ordered dcut from yes24. Is the order status changed to 'shipment order complete'? What does that mean anybody knows??
  12. I hope this is just april fools joke.. but if it's true please don't take too long to come back..