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  1. My totally delusional and irrational shipper's take on the flurry of updates of JCW (some by him, but largely by his friends) is that for this vacation, he has alot of time on his hands to hang out with his friends since NJH is busy filming. Let's recall the last vacation where he was spotted at the theatre and there was nothing much else of his whereabouts. His friends were all incredibly silent. Why? She didn't start filming yet and he was spending time with her? HEEHEE. Also, she regularly likes her friends/ other SP people's instagram posts but has not clicked like on any of his for some time. Why? If they are just friends, it wouldn't be a big deal to like his posts right? Obviously I could be absolutely wrong but hey we are always guessing until we get confirmation right? Have a nice day everyone!
  2. HAHAHA thoses are some hilarious comments!! I particularly like the "you won't become this exhausted if feelings weren't involved" NJH is definitely more affectionate from the start whereas JCW is more reserved. But I do think that's the way she is? She seems naturally affectionate with people - you can see that with how she interacts with the crew and also with the other actors when they were doing the commentary for the DVD. Although, I'm sure after awhile, JCW could not help himself LOL I KNOW RIGHT. I FELT LIKE SUCH A VOYEUR INTRUDING ON A PRIVATE MOMENT. The sounds are super intense. Thanks for sharing @khalinkikyo @songsongdiehard! Yes the eyes show everything and the way he looks at her is just so dreamy. And the handholding and hugs are like It is not even just a quick squeeze but pretty extended handholding and hugs right?? These two! My heart can't deal with it!
  3. Oh yes! I just finished DVDs 15/16 and noticed how they bundled her so tightly once the shot ended. From the onscreen shot you can see she is wearing something strappy - maybe a camisole or just a slip? Thought I would likewise just share some quick thoughts on 15/16 - I've never really watched any BTS for other kdramas so this is new to me. I'm surprised by how much work goes into single shot. For example, when Ji Wook takes Bong Hee home. It wasn't really a long scene in the drama but the work that goes into in to get the right angles is quite incredible. It also makes me squeal seeing her and him so close to each other so early on in filming. Of course I totally hope that they are dating and will get married and have the cutest babies but just watching the BTS makes me think that they really share a good working relationship - collaborative and mutually respectful. Many times you see JCW helping NJH up, giving her an affectionate pat on her shoulders to encourage her and that's really nice to see. I haven't really watched any other BTS so I wonder if this is normal between fellow actors or just specific to these two. If you guys have seen other BTS, perhaps you can shed some light on this. As I mentioned previously, the laundry basket kiss is super intense. JCW is obviously feeling it (he wipes sweat off his top lip after the kiss lol) and kinda makes it obvious that he feel hot. Although I am not sure whether he meant temperature of the set or the passion of the kiss. I don't speak korean and have no idea what they are saying so this is just based on what I see. I also really liked when how they would give each other a big hug and lots of pats of encouragement after each kiss. The set seems like such fun - lots of laughs and PD-nim has the most infectious hearty laugh so I think it must have been great fun for them working together. Hope the rest of you trying to order the DVD get it soon!! Have a nice weekend everyone! Also, our baby girl is so pretty. I love seeing her insta updates!
  4. Yes this!! That little smile he had when they stopped kissing! He looked so pleased with himself! I was like what is up with that??? Unfortunately, the shot was cut right at that point and you don't see any further reactions post kiss! Darn!
  5. My guess is she put her arms around him because during the rehearsal for the kiss, PD-nim told her to turn towards her oppa and she turned into his arms and put her arms around his waist. Although... we will never know what happened UNDER the blanket!!!
  6. So... some quick thoughts on the 27 mins kiss montage... DID ANYBODY ELSE FEEL LIKE A TOTAL VOYEUR?? Re the first kiss - lots and lots of kissing sounds (!!!) Re the laundry basket kiss - The intensity of the kiss is real. He is definitely the one leading the kiss and the way he holds her face and how he kisses her is so intense and sexy OMO Re the hospital kiss - Not much observations here other than the fact that his ears are red even though it's largely just a peck on the lips! Re the court kiss - I wonder why these clips had no sound and they put background music over it. This was my favourite kiss in the drama simply because they finally reconciled after so long and they both looked extra gorgeous in the scene. What is with the kissing and smiling JCW??? I cannot stay rational you guys! Seriously though, the kiss montage shows just how hard it is to get a pretty kiss scene with all these takes and angles. JCW and NJH did really well to create the prettiest kiss scenes I've seen in all the kdramas I've watched! Will try and watch the rest of the DVDs and update again! x
  7. Hi guys could someone let me know which disc the 27 min kiss scenes are on? I haven't had the time to start on the DVDs and would like to focus my attention on the appropriate disc! Thanks to everyone who has shared comments about the DVDs! When I first ordered it, I thought I was being crazy - it was kinda expensive and it's the first time I have ever ordered a DVD box set for any kdrama. Having received it, I must say the quality of the special items are excellent and everything is so cute. The little ID cards for Ji Wook and Bong Hee are hilarious! I think it is definitely worth the money! Even my husband who questioned my sanity (from time to time) said the DVD box set was quite a nice piece to get. HEE
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