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  1. they went to watch DO's shows as well. Hyunnie could of went to wookie's final fan gathering but she didnt...or did she...hahahaha
  2. isnt it odd how hyunnie and DO had interviews together after the drama wrapped up and had "gatherings" afterwards while wookie and hyunnie NEVER DID!!!! ooooooOOOoOoOoOOooOooooo sneaky sneaky hahahahaha
  3. Her new drama is sooooo gooood. i love it. and its easy to follow for being a historical type of drama. i totally recommend it. Wookie is going to be out soon. cant believe how fast time flew. ahhhhh
  4. i waited to watch 100 days. wanted to binge watch couple episodes to see if ill like it. and yes i do like it. its cute, funny and easy to watch. love it so far. now i cant wait for the next episodes. Dramafever is killing me...making me wait hahahaa you guys should watch it if you havnt. its worth it
  5. MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA that video of DO asking Hyunnie to send a video greeting aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. i love how we are still commenting on this thread. even when the drama stopped a while ago. August is almost over and we have 4 months till end of 2018 aahhhh 2019 will be a great year!!!!
  7. all these throwbacks are making me miss them even more =( i can do this!!!! he will be out in 2019 right? aaahhhhhh
  8. me still confused and dying...i dont know where this easter egg is...stilllll.....lol.
  9. so who here can read korean? i have those books that i got from the DCut and since i cant read it im willing it to give it to yall. its such a waste for me to have these and collect dust. i should of listened to my Aunt to not forget my korean writing but i got lazy bleh sorry i cant give you all but the books (the script reading one) i can give it to you. first person that responses ill give it to you. of course no international. sawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwy hope you understand. and please make sure you're a nice, rational, sweet shipper. =))))))))))))
  10. @babyval22 Me too!!!!! i was picturing him screaming like he did on running man. OMG that was so funny. Horror!!! maybe i do want to see him in it...hahahahaha i do wish he would do more variety shows. but i know that he did mention that he doesnt do them since he isnt that good at them. =( i think he should still go on them. and screw the haters.
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