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  1. @babyval22 im talking about the scenes that are IN the drama. and some touching in the BTS are part of the scene so they are practicing. but other touches are them just doing it on their own...hahaha. you can tell which ones are meant for the drama and which ones are for themselves. been busy with work and mommy life that i keep forgetting to write here and forgetting what i was going to say =P so when i recall certain things ill let you guys know. you can always ask as well.
  2. i forgot to mention this but the PDnim mentioned in one of the Dcuts or was it hyunnie who said it....but anyways the PDnim is known for taking video shots of hands and feet. it tells a lot with just a little gesture. so if you noticed they did quite a lot of hand rubbing and feet movements. he likes to capture those image. =P
  3. another year to go and he will be out. time does go fast but not fast enough. =(
  4. hello im finally able to give some feedback about the Dcut and all the other add on clips that we didnt get to see. the disk showed us a scene where in the end of the court kiss scene Wookie had a smile the whole time he was kissing hyunnie. after the Director said cut wookie just burst with laughter. hmm wonder why....but it was dang cute. also the scene (where we were only able to see a pic of) of her packing her things and leaving wookie's house after him giving her some time off, she was walking away and you see wookie in the car....=( he was so sad....you can tell the character just wanted to stop her from going ahhhh. with all the kissing takes they did im surprised her lips wasnt all chapped and sore hahahahaha. you can def. tell that they were fully aware of the camera being filmed. you see his eyes locking to the camera and being careful and also Hyunnie. they were very comfortable with each other throughout takes. its all jumbled in my head so not even sure what to say. you can ask and ill answer. aahhh wish i can share pics or clips =(
  5. im enjoying the Blue Ray that i have received. even though i still dont get the "egg" thing ...lol the Drama Sets have some parts that wernt shown on the actual TV. they added few scene here and there. just like PDnim mentioned on one of the specials they had to take out some scenes cuz of "time" but im glad they have few in the drama. also you have to watch till the end. they added more scenes. im only on episode 5 or 6 now but ill give my few take when im done. of course few here and there ill make a comment. for those who asks "is it worth it?" i say yes....lol for the few scenes they have cut out and for the extra scenes in the end......oh yes!!!!
  6. does anyone know when Namiji's new drama will air again? thanks
  7. blue ray is the BOMB!!!!!! but the regular one is good too girl. look at the bright side you saved money.....i had no choice but to get Blue ray =P
  8. so i was thinking ....and i heard this somewhere but isnt it true that Wookie doesnt make comments thats not true? something like this...so if this is true ...my crazy thinking here....he is not saying that he isnt dating anyone and isnt dating hyunnie...cuz it might be true. he doesnt want to tell a lie to his FANS. he is very humble to his FANS. cuz if it wasnt true he would tell his fans that he is for fact not dating and hyunnie is just a costar. he wouldnt let his fans just hang. so its better for him to NOT say a thing ....dont want to lie and dont want to have hyunnie in "danger" just me....crazy thinking hhhhhaaaaahhhhaaaaa
  9. hope you guys dont mind me coming back and forth and making comments about the Dcuts. if you're getting annoyed let me know and ill stop. i forgot to mention that during the cast talk about the drama that originally Mr. Bang was suppose to die but his character was loved by so many fans that they kept him alive. cute right...lol so instead they just had his character stabbed and come back =)
  10. so i watched the DCUT where the cast were watching the drama to talk about it (2nd time) and i did hear it right. they are talking and at one part they are saying hyunnie should call "oppa" not sure who they are referring to but in my mind im going to pretend its wookie in the army. and in the scene where Hyunnies character was waiting for wookie to come home after dropping his ex off the killer character says to her you meant you really liked him in that scene right?? and hyunnie says aigoo no no...but laughing....aaahhh i need to rewatch this to make sure...lol and also hyunnie mentioned that the suit that wookie was wearing when he caught his ex and his friend in the room was the same suit that he wore when his ex showed up at his house in the morning. its the scene where hyunnie pretends to be his GF. Hyunnie said that she doesnt think a lot of people noticed it but its the same suit he wore on purpose. if you missed this part check it out again. =P ok back to work
  11. i wish i can play the DVD for you guys...like have my phone on the TV and live stream it...lol im going to continue 2nd time to see if i missed anything.
  12. so im watching the special and disk 15 and 16 again before i give you guys my final take on them and also some details. for those who dont have the DVD to illl let you guys know few things. things i noticed: 1. Wookie is well aware of the camera that is being filmed for the DCUT. so does hyunnie but more wookie. (this is prob why they are still careful) 2. wookie mimicks (copies) a lot what hyunnie does. its cute. when she is stretching he starts to do the same. so cute!!! 3. they talk mostly about the scene they are about to do and have a very good understanding when they practice the lines and such. but sometimes you can hear them talking about non work related. about shows and other little things. 4. he for sure takes care of her. it seems so natural. sometimes i think hmm maybe im wrong that they have something going on but when you watch certain scenes or what they say makes me think....noooo they must have feelings for each other. he is too extra with this co-star. 5. wookie and hyunni and the director have a very good relationship. 6. the first disk in the special disk is where some of the cast members are watching clips together and talking about it. at one scene the actor (killer actor) makes a comment about dating or wookie and hyunnie?? i have to rewatch this part. thought that was an interesting comment he made. ill let you know about this as soon as i get to that scene. if someone knows what im talking about please let me know. 7. speaking about that actor (killer) when you watch him in the special and also some BTS he seems...hmm...a little rude. not sure how to explain. or maybe this is me. jump in with any of my comments. im watching it for the second time to make sure im being rational now...lol
  13. umm...o...k. thank you posting pics....as long as i get to see hyunnie or wookie here im fine with it.
  14. what if i watch it on TV? my Laptop doesnt play the blue ray argggg.
  15. what is this easter egg you're referring to? did i totally miss it?? hahaha