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  1. Hyunnie!!! Thanks for sharing, chingu! Omomo, if she visits our thread, she would just see lots of kisses, kisses and kisses! LOLOL! Yay!!! Happy 1500 pages, chingudeul! *finger hearts*
  2. Ah, promised myself to keep my expectations low for the DVD but hope we get BTS of this, too! ctto
  3. Wow... 10+ pages in just a weekend. I thought you guys received your DVD already and that I missed out on all the spazzing while feared that mine was lost in the mail. LOL. I'm late to the party once again like a turtle. hehehe. I see there was a bit of a turbulence some pages ago. For me, I'm just happily cheering namji on the sidelines- together and individually, and letting fate take its course. #keepsailing Thanks everyone for sharing all the goodies and updates! And about that DVD! Just thankful for the SP Team for their hard work and including all those bonus materials. Hee! Cannot wait! Are we finally gonna get a BTS of this? Please, PD-nim~ ctto
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