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  1. *waving* to all chingus.... well-said @rori0711, PSH has been working hard to show the audience a different acting style and challenge herself to multiple roles. To me, an amazing actor/actress is someone who is not afraid to get dirty, ugly, daring and immerse himself/herself in the role and get out of their own comfort zone. She is now out of her own shell, thou not totally yet so we should give her sometime to try more. She has been doing so far so good. As she grow, we as supporters/fans grown with her too. It is definitely our greatest honour and privilege to witness her growth - be it ups and downs - she takes it all ! MOTA is the first but will not be the last of such topic as feel that more script-writers will improvise their own stories using MOTA as an example. It was with great courage for the script-writers, director/producers, actors and actresses to choose this project not knowing the reaction from the audience and end-result (Motto: Just do it!) They may feel like stepping on land-mines but continue on, keep level up
  2. yeah @tr6z I wonder too but looks refreshing Does this means she is not Ryo's model anymore?
  3. Did not expect the ending this way! Most games, apps and programs are developed with bugs or glitches but never this deadly End up both the Chas, JW and his secretary are bugs!!?? Turned into white powder after stabbed by the knife... but if JW is a bug but Emma did not stabbed him successfully and he had reached Master level so he "survived" and continued playing? Does this make him a virtual person? I think the problem/link and 5th bug is Su-Jin (JW's ex-wife) who circled around JW and Mr Cha. But she redeemed herself by standing tall and proud with the donation of everything to the Uni where Prof Cha teaches etc. 6th bug is Go Yu-Ra's attention-grabbing, drinking-problem and gold-digger character makes me want to slap her every time she is on screen. She thinks she can control everyone, everything and manipulate all ! Even her manager can't stand her yet continue to work for her She married rich men in the drama but last one is old enough to be her father Wonder if you girls find any bugs?
  4. Many thanks for this... PSH knew it all along and that is why she chose to do the movie "Call"! I think when it comes to her work, she see who she has not work with but would like to work with and learn from them. Let's continue to support and show love for her
  5. Thou our lovely PSH is not the main character in this male domain drama, she still and will always give her very best!!! Once she accepted a drama or movie, she will pour her heart, soul and time into the character to show her supportive fans a different side of her and allow us fans to see her on screen. At the same time, supports the whole production team, actors/actresses, minor roles etc. To her, every role - big or small is important and crucial. It is all these that breathe life into the drama or movie. She does not mind if her role takes a back seat so long as others shine brightly and she is contented and happy This is why she is our lovely PSH Let's keep supporting her
  6. hi @nefartum_29, yes they have start filming... our girl has not much rest
  7. Happy belated New Year to all chingus!!! Hope you enjoyed the countdown in your home country or wherever you are... Our poor girl went straight to film "Call" without any rest my heart aches for her hope she can rest in between the filming as health is very important Also, just wondering if she is still with CTJ?
  8. They are still filming the drama now??!! Finished all 6 episodes and it gets more and more mysterious... Seems like Mr Yoo and Se-Ju (Hee-Ju's brother) got stuck in the game.. people around them think they are crazy... waiting for the nest 2 episodes
  9. good morning Chingus. Ok, i watched 3 episodes and re-watched Ep. 1 yesterday cos the story did not say how they (Mr Yoo and Mr Cha) have the contact lens. Maybe i missed that part out or it will be showed in later episodes... Overall, the drama is refreshing as I feel like i am in the game, thou i nvr like this type cos made my head giddy Mr Yoo's colleagues in Seoul are so funny and his assistant too. I laughed so hard at PSH for breaking the washroom cubicle's door and her younger sister called her idiot for not signing the purchase agreement earlier. But Mr Cha's death is a mystery...
  10. hi hi, @nistymaj01 yes, I'm just in time and my head is spinning & heart is pounding hard cos of PSH. She has so many appearances and we are so lucky
  11. Konnichiwa, Chingus! I am back from my vacation Missed all of you and PSH 1st few episodes Hoping I can catch-up soon, got to find the correct link to watch the drama thou While I was away, our lovely PSH had so many public appearances she still looks so lovely and cute, at the same time, ladylike and sexy How are you all Chingus?
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