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  1. Chapter 14 of "Awakening" is finally up at FFN and AO3 .
  2. Chapter 13 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  3. Chapter 12 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  4. Chapter 11 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  5. Chapter 10 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  6. Chapter 9 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  7. Chapter 8 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  8. Chapter 7 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  9. Chapter 6 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3. It's XingYue vengeance time!
  10. Chapter 5 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3. I hope you enjoy it.
  11. Chapter 4 of "Awakening" is up at FFN and AO3. As a bonus, I've posted this pic from Angel Chua's blog since I figured that the few of you still here might appreciate it: I've already saved it for...writing inspiration purposes.
  12. Chapter 3 of "Awakening" is up on FFN and AO3.
  13. Okay, so I lied about the Valentine's Day thing. I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day anyway, so I guess it seems fitting that I'd end up posting today instead. Olympics + good writing assignments + rustiness + laziness does not equal a fast posting time. Chapter 2 is ready now, though; you can read it on FFN and AO3. I hope y'all like it.
  14. I write best when I'm facing a deadline, so I'll go ahead and say that I plan on posting the next chapter of "Awakening" on Valentine's Day so that I'll actually get off of--or sit down on, in this case--my lazy butt and actually write the thing. Just to whet your appetites, here are the opening two paragraphs:
  15. I could say way too much about this, but I'll just ask you to fantasize about how many "brooding YX" scenes they could've fit into 7 additional episodes of PA and leave it at that. Hopefully this one will give us a more satisfying ending. (Which it should, since the bar is so low.)