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  1. Hello everyone! I'm back after i heard about the support issues.. Okay.. I agree with everyone who against Rhisa's Jiji shipper international project.. I'm gonna be straight forward today.. First of all, you can't compare it with the one that shipper did previously for Jonghyun under Jjongaholics name.. That was totally different.. Jjongah couple was from WGM, and most of Koreans know about it.. It's logic that they have their shippers and supporters from there.. This is so true.. I know Rhisa and the others just want to give support for Hyunnie.. But please just think a lit bit of the consequences.. Hyunnie just recently started with her filming.. We don't want any inconvenience things happen to her while filming right? I hope you guys can understand.. It's not like most of us are totally not agree with it.. But please choose a wise title, a wise choice of words, anything that will be there at the food truck to not be any harm to anyone especially Hyunnie.. Not gonna comment more.. Hopefully both of the coffee truck supports will successfully delivered to Hyunnie without getting any issues.. *finger crossed* Happy Monday shippers! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o