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  1. @setokaonii that’s why you should invite them to our thread (if they know and can use English). This thread is a heaven for RyoTao shippers. Many hint, sub, information...here We need Japanese fans haha
  2. @setokaonii nice IG story. I know you are sad, but you did right when deleted post. You're very nice when saying "sorry" to the fans. We should be careful. Do you think love omamori is dangerous for Ryota? I really want to post about love amulet of Ryota but I couldn't. I worry about problems for Ryota, Gene, LDH. What do you think? Keep it in this thread or delete it?
  3. @Transition I noticed n posted here before that the way they talked were strange, shy after their first kiss scene I always to think that kiss wasn't only Onii x Setoka kiss, but also a chance to make Ryota and Tao realized something between them. Their relationship became closer, better a little bit while they were still "brother and little sister" About Tao's pic with something looked like omamori. I hope someone can use app and zoom in with good quality. I tried many times but can't.
  4. @setokaonii How you see it? Too small. It's red? I remember love omamori is a pair. We talked before that we need to find girl who keeps red version?
  5. @cwkwkhp2 thank you very much. I'm not sure about some sentences in that blog. Luckily, we have you, who knows Japanese. Really need someone like you I read it before but I forgot to translate the sentence he mentioned Takuya too. Sorry Takuya So the ikemens came to Ryota's house. They're really close.
  6. Hello I'm back haha Thanks @Transition and @Dramanoona, @setokaonii. You keep this thread active. I wanna post this entry since last year but many things make me forget it. Here is the link of Chiba Yudai's line blog last year. He mentioned Tao, Ryota and Anikoma. https://lineblog.me/chibayudai/archives/13141988.html Translation: edited Hi everyone. "Ani Ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu"is released today. Since the first time I heard this title,my affection for this movie deeper day by day. I've worked with Tao-chan 3 times in "Ouran High School Host Club", "Kuro onna Kyoushi", "Anikoma". During the time that I've known Tao, I always admire her effort and her constancy. I admire her effort and talent to find something good in everyone. About Anikoma, this is the first time I've acted a Playboy role. Quite suitable for me, right? (laugh) Anikoma's team always give me sweet feelings. All people are great! We (ikemens) have become closer than when movie shooting. Onii's house is comfortable.Really awesome! I often go to Onii's house with Sugino. Taku-chan,let's go together when you have finished a tour. Tommorow is the day I will meet everyone again, when movie "Anikoma" coming out in theaters. I'm so exciting. Let's watch Anikoma, everyone! If you think it's sweet, you should watch it with your friends. This movie is too sweet enough to make me embarrassed. Thank you! See you later! No wonder that Chiba admires Tao's effort. There are many artists admire Tao. And Ryota admires Tao too. Chiba said Ryota and Tao are quiet, that's why Chiba and Sugino joked, play together. But when watching BTS, and with Engsub, we can see how close Ryota and Tao were. They talked, ate, laughed, did massage exercises and played games/sports too much together, naturally. About Anikoma's last chapter. Too hot, too sweet, very hot, 19+ Too hot, very hot for young readers, most of them are school girls haha But I think think those scenes are normal in manga, especially shoujo. I watched some shoujo movies, school life had hot scenes, bed scenes so I think it's possible in new sequel of movie. But surely they won't take hot scenes like manga. It's...
  7. @Transition I see haha I know Anikoma had a lot of fans in the world. The Anikoma's trailer had more than 23 million views on YouTube. Some months ago, it was 17 million. I thinh it will be 30 million in the future. I know box office's results don't mean the movies are good. There are many movies/dramas just some people watched but it's perfect more than popular movies/dramas.
  8. @Transition @setokaonii I don't say or think Anikoma is bad. I love Anikoma too much. I just talk about results of movies. Hirunaka earned 1 billion JPY, and it's from a famous manga, good script. No wonder it had good result. Miura Shohei is very hot in Japan. And the main actress is hot in Japan. Even I'm not her fan, but I know She's young and beautiful, no one bash her face, doesn't have many haters like Tao. Alan is more famous than Ryota at that time. Anikoma is from a very new manga, wasn't famous before drama/movie out like Hirunaka. The mangaka isn't famous, she's still new. The manga had About 3-5 episodes when drama was realeased and 6 episodes when movie was realeased in theaters and it had many silly situation, incest, that's why there are too many haters. J-netizens bashed Anikoma too much. So 926 million JPY is too good. Honestly, 1 billion or 926 million isn't different too much. Both of 2 results are too high for movies (not only shoujo, but many others kind of movies). Honestly, last year and this year, many famous live action movies from manga, blockbusters of Japan can't earn over 400-500 million JPY. Flop too much. About movie's accounts. Hirunaka has over 99.900 followers. I followed it last year, If I'm not wrong, it had over 100.000 followers before, and now under 100.000. Twitter had 129.766 followers. About Anikoma, IG had 170.000 followers, now it has 162.000 followers. Twitter has 209.193 followers, it had about 270.000 followers. For me, Anikoma.is the best. I watched Hirunaka no Ryusei. It's cute and ok. But honestly, not as a shipper or fan of someone, as a viewer, I only feel chemistry between Ryota and Tao, they're perfect of perfect. Like Ryota and Tao didn't act, they are real.
  9. @Transition Thanks for your translation and the link of Anikoma's BTS. Ryota looked at Tao while she was sleeping and waited until she woke up. So cute *cough* Yes, Ryota often mentions Tao even she wasn't there, in interviews, shows... @setokaonii Thanks for your information. Yuta is always cute. I like this "Setoka". Did Ryota fix Tao's hair like he fixed Yuta's fake hair softly? GENE's programs/concerts... often tease Ryota or appear something about Anikoma (Sora, Onii, Setoka, mention Tao...), but they don't do like that for Hirunaka no Ryusei (Alan's movie). Honestly, Hirunaka had better result at box office (over 1 billion JPY and 1 million viewers at box office). and everyone said the movie is good, better than Anikoma. Hirunaka was No.2 in top favorite/good movies in 2017, while Anikoma was no.9. About Anikoma, the movie earned 926 million JPY at box office. It's a high result, better than everyone thought. It wasn't flop haha. Quite close to 1 billion. (Not include DVD/Blu-ray result even it sold out on Amazon, No.1 selling DVD/Blu-ray in Japan (we posted it before ). 2017 was a good year for Tao. She did well in movies, box office and met Onii Ryota *cough* Most of her movies got good results at box office. Her movies weren't flop like everyone said. 8 nen goshi no hanayome: 3 billion JPY (super hit in Japan) P to JK: over 1 billion JPY Anikoma: 926 million JPY Tori Girl: 166 million JPY Total: 5.1 billion JPY for 4 movies in 2017. It's a very good results for young actors/actresses in Japan. Only Tori Girl didn't have good result at box office. But it got too many great reviews from fans, non-fans, even people who don't like Tao before. They said it deserved to have a better result at box office. But there were many big movies at that time,and Tori Girl wasn't from famous manga, wasn't romantic, no harem or ikemen/prince. They said the movie is very good, funny, good acting, the cast is amazing especially Tao and Shotaro Mamiya. Yukina is too cute and tomboy for me. I love this role. Their chemistry is awesome. Many many people become Tao's fans after Tori Girl. They said she's really cute and great, tomboy, special in her role Yukina. Someone's fans said Tao is flop, her movies/drama are flop. Tao is the reason makes dramas/movies/ their ikemen flop etc... They should stop complaining like that When their ikemen, beautiful girl didn't have medium or good results recently, not to be listed on top box office last year, this year, got many bad reviews for the movies and acting. Especially after super hit in Japan, Hachihana, J-netizens stopped bashing Tao's acting, her personality, her look. Tao got award for Excellent Actress at Japan Academy Awards (Japan Oscar) this year with older actresses like Aoi Yu, Gakky, Masami, Yuriko. No one complained Tao didn't deserve to this award. I don't say Tao is better than anyone but Tao isn't a bad actress, bad personality. about Ryota's new project. Hm... too many ikemen I'm dead haha
  10. @Transition thank you. She is holding E-Girls's single, dvd and photobook "Pain, Pain" in the picture Tao posted a photo with DEEP's album, she gave them compliments, especially about Sora. but she didn't do that with Generations T_T I hope she will do it soon.
  11. @richanlovesjapan Welcome to this thread. I'm happy too see a new member. About Ryuto and Setoka. Here is a short story/backstage of Gene at Anikoma stage. They tagged Tao's IG and the name "Setoka" for Ryuto. Fans said after Anikoma stage, 1 or 2 days later, on music stage, Ryuto still introduced him as Tsuchiya Tao. And everyone laughed. Ryota said this is not Anikoma's stage. I think Ryuto wanted to tease Ryota, that's why he chose Setoka/Tao to act.
  12. About "Setoka" in Genekou, I'm quite sure it was Yuta. Haha this pic is cute. Tao was pure, like a baby, looked around while Ryota looked at her like a lover. And his hands... Hm...it seems like LDH staffs always keep Anikoma's unifroms? Mad Cyclone and now Genekou. And Don't forget this "W Onii" pic at Mad Cyclone concert with a comment of Reo "Setoka, arigato (thank you), Setoka" I saw Alan and Yuta in uniforms of Alan's shoujo live action "Hirunaka no Ryusei". I wonder if they also re-acted that movie? Because I only saw Anikoma parody and fans only talked about Gene acted Anikoma, not mentioned Hirunaka.
  13. @Transition thank for your sub. Not only Tao notices Ryota's hands gestures, but also Ryota noticed Tao's hands gestures. the finger flick to Tao's forehead wasn't in the script? Did Ryota and Tao create those scenes of siblings? I like the hammock scenes. It's cute how Ryota said "it rubs your bottom, so embarrassing". He's a gentle man.
  14. @Transition Don't worry, I don't mind anything
  15. @Transition I notice the last times Ryota put like to Anna IG was Apr 9 (post about CINEMAFIGHTERS-LDH's movies, Alan is one of main role, other LDH's artists), twice in the early of Feb, one time in January. I don't care about who he puts "like" for, both females. Because it's normal, Tao also puts "like" all in her following list. Sometimes, he also puts like for Ono Ito IG (Tao's best friend in Anikoma and real life) and others... But rarely, not much like the way Ryota often puts like for Tao IG.