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  1. @Transition Yuta's gesture is really sweet. My heart skips a beat Someone will be jealous hehe. Fans discussed that Tao and Takumi were weird, they kept each other's distance (because of rumor???) When Tao was a child, she was like a boy, strong, she wasn't girly. Baby Tao played boys's favorite sports. I saw a lot of pictures of Tao when she was a child. Really looked like a boy (even she had long black hair) haha Takeru said Tao is more girly, she has feminine image, very different from Rurouni Kenshin. Tao was shy when Takeru said.
  2. @Transition that's why I said "suspect" haha Other female stars came to Gene's and EXILE'S concerts, mention on SNS, tookand posted photos with them, but Tao didn't although she came at least 3 times. Hamabe Minami came and took a photo with an EXILE's member - Sato Taiki, who was her male partners in a shoujo movie. The way Ryota and Tao, and their friends keep "it" private, but still make hints secretly, enough to make fans realize and know that RyoTaos still meet still ate together still contact still think about each other... Too suspect. It's really something...
  3. @Transition haha I really think Ryota had some meals like that. That's why he really hates that way. Recently I often think this. Paparazi caught Tao ate with her female friends, Kento and Takumi. And rumor that Ryota ate with an older woman. But no rumors about Ryota and Tao ate together. Luckily, Ryota told us about the meals wi the Tao, so we could know they still meet. It's suspect.
  4. @Transition Hehe Ryota like to swing too. Honestly, I read again and again, but I don't understand the conversation on Genetalk haha I think couples always want to be close to each other, so they'll like to sit side by side, easy to hug, kiss, touch hands touch head, etc... Why opposite with couple outfits? @Transition
  5. Tao is so pretty. This style is better than her styles in most of dramas/movies. A body full of vitality.
  6. @Transition Let's wait for announcement. There are many Young Asadora actresses, and LDH have many actors. I still think Ryota and Tao can't easily reunite soon. Anyway, recently Tao's hairstyle always makes me think about Setoka.
  7. @setokaonii Don't worry about that. I notice Gene members often delete their photos on IG. They deleted many photos with brothers in Gene and LDH. But they're still best friends, brothers. Ryota deleted many pics about Anikoma, Tao, Gene, himself... So, It doesn't mean Ryota and Tao have problems. Like previous months, Ryota deleted some pics about Anikoma, Tao, Chiba, Tachibana's father but Ryota still mentioned he met Tao and Chiba, likedlearn from Tao to act, liked Tao's posts, still love Anikoma. I just think Ryota want to keep Anikoma in his heart, protect everything.
  8. I'm glad that everyone here realized "the problem" and agree with my thoughts. Thank you. I agree with @setokaonii For who complained or hate our thread, I want to say: this is RyoTao's heaven, shippers can discuss about who Ryota follows with our own thoughts/feelings as a shipper. It doesn't mean we are jealous or hate Ryota's females partners. Honestly, we discussed about Tao follows/doesn't follow male partners, Ryota follows/doesn't follow Shimizu or Sei...since last year. No one complains about it. Anyway, we won't talk like that anymore. I know some people hate our thread and RyoTao shippers while they still ship other couples, find hints, read other shipper's heaven on soompi or SNS. It's unfair. They can ship, why we can't? Or since it's Ryota, their bias, their "husband", so they hate us, hate Tao? Even Ryota and many artists in J-biz, LDH artists said Tao is a good girl, very kind,...some people still bash Tao, say she isn't a good girl like artists said although those people haven't met Tao at least once. They think they understand Tao more than Tao's co-workers and close friends? Feels like they slap their favorite artists. Haha We won't give up RyoTao like they won't give up their couples. We will ship them until each other announce about each other's lover. I talk too much haha. Should stop here!
  9. Na... I just wanna repeat thing I said several times before although I know you guys don't agree with me much. But I think it's necessary, especially when our thread is getting a lot of views I think we shouldn't notice too much if Ryota follows females or not. It's normal if he follows females. It's work, they're partners. It will be impolite if he doesn't follow, right? We should use words carefully, do not use "grateful" or "Happy" if Ryota doesn't follow someone. Thank you.
  10. @Transition thank you. Tao is so beautiful in those pictures. I love her style. Hope many luxury brands will choose Tao in the future.
  11. Ryota's valuation is 336.070 (I'm not sure if I understand it right, is it about money or score or something...?) The ranking of charity I posted before is used foe new rising Stars this year (in China). That's why Ryota is listed. No.1 is Zhu Yilong and many Chinese celebrities (from PD101 and web dramas...) There is the same ranking for most popular stars like Lu Han, TFBOYS,etc... I'm surprised that C-fans can do charities for Ryota I posted here that C-fans said they will do many things to support and promote, bring Ryota to many people. They really do it. They used ACTOR beside Rytoa's names.
  12. @Transition Honestly, TOMFORD is TF, not T haha Look at the hashtags on Ryota's post and others. Always TF. I just wonder Ryota couldn't make "F" or he really wanted the "T", many "T" haha
  13. Good news that Ryota takes 8th place in a China's ranking means celebrities can easily raise money for charity each year. It bases on Chinese fans's donation and Ryota is the only Japanese celebrity in this ranking. Quite proud of Ryota. He's really popular in China. From what I know, Chinese medias often celebrate an event and invite stars in charity ranking. I think they will invite Ryota.
  14. Here is PoL's rate: E1 2.6% E2 1.9% E3 2.8% E4 1.9% E5 1.0% E6 2.1% E7 2.1% I just wonder about "T". T of Tomford or T of Tsuchiya Tao a.k.a. TT, Gene called Tao "TT" before. Tao looks so beautiful recently. Hope she'll do well at Japan Record Award. Many fans notice Tao and Takumi were awkward after rumor. Out of topic: "Mare" will be reran in Japan. I'm happy. Tao posted a photo at this place. I also saw some pictures Kento at this place. Some TV programs talked about Tao in Mare, Kento in Mare, but didn't mention them together. I think they avoid Kento and Tao appear together? Who watched Mare and fans of Kento, Tao will know this place. I wonder if Ryota/Gene will watch it, 15 minutes/ep, total 152 episodes. The rumors make Kento, Tao and Takumi awkward. They can't be partner again.