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  1. @Transition thanks for your translation. Our Tao seems to be more stronger and confident than before. She can talk her opinion, she doesn't worry anything. She still does what she need, she doesn't care if everyone bash her. I hope she did like this in 2016. Tao is a good girl, no wonder all artists like her. Haha many fans ship Anna x Tao, me too
  2. After the gossip Ryota went out to eat with older woman, now Tai went out to eat with boy. I believe Ryota didn't date that woman and Tao and Takumi are normal friends. And Tao, Takumi were with friends. I think it was Ito's birthday party too since she is Tao's best friend and Tao often meets Ito. Remember Tao oftenà joins Ito's birthday parties. About private room, even when all people are females arti or males artists they always choose private room, right? They are artists, they can't sit and eat, talk publicly. And both normal people can choose private room to eat comfortably. Why normal people can go out with friends (opposite gender), but artists can't? And many times paparazzi caught Tao goes out to eat with her females friends (artists). Till now, no proof about KenTao or Tao-Takumi. I don't think Tao's opinion is wrong. Why normal girls can go out, joke, do anything with their friends who are boys, proud of that type of relationship but females artists can't? Unfair!!! About haters who bash Tao because of this gossip, bash her look her age, I don't have anything to say.
  3. I'm not sure but (maybe) on Jul25th, Tao and K.e.n.t.o, EXILE, E-Girls will join FNS. I wonder if Gene join too. Quite sure Tao will appear. https://twitter.com/yuringoou/status/1016447361009086464?s=20 Hm...I don't think Tao and "someone" will appear at the same place.
  4. other video where Gene interacted with the actress from Cheer Dance at CDTV Gene's song:
  5. Cheer Dance's actress and Gene at CDTV. The trailer appeared on screen and the actress talked and learned to dance Fly Boy Fly Girl with Gene too I hope someday Tao will.
  6. The way Ryota watched "Mabataki", I think he really knows and likes this song. Hachihana is very popular in Japan, many artists watched it, both some members of E-Girls watched it. So I'm sure Gene watched it too. Sadly, they didn't focus on Ryota anymore when movie's scenes (Tao) appeared. Just Alan LOL. And focused Ryota again after movie scenes disappeared. So both Kento and Ryota watched Tao on-screen at Music station? I saw a video that Kento and Gene were on Music station stage till the end. I think Gene and Kento were shy with each other. I'm quite surprised to see Ryota answered the question. Kento looked so shy when hearing Ryota talked. Kento didn't know who he should look (Ryota & Mandy). I saw Kento and Ryota looked at each other and smiled, they ended very fast, they were shy. So cute, both of them. Ryota and Kento are same age, Virgo, prince, gentle, mature and older than their age. I think they can be good friends. I'm sad a little bit when Ryota didn't post a picture where Kento and Ryota in one pic. Mandy posted some pictures, and there was a pic Gene with the Kento. Mandy also tagged and mention Kento in his post. Reo posted and mentioned Kento too. On Twitter, Reo said in real life, Kento is more handsome (1 million times) than on-screen. I'm happy to hear Tao will join FNS. Gene (and many LDH's artists 3JSB, E.G...) joined FNS 2016, 2017. I hope they will join FNS this year. @Transition thanks for your information and keep this thread active. Same style (hoodies and pants, colors). So cute. Like I said before, Tao's style and Ryota's style, their colors are the same after Anikoma's promotion, especially since 2018.
  7. @Transition thank you very much about Shanghai International film festival. I'm glad to hear Tao got many good reviews and her movies had good results in Japan and other countries. Hope Tao will have many fans after these movies. I'm quite surprised about Tonari. People bash Tao too much when she is main role. But after watching the movie, most of them praised Tao. I didn't read or heard about any bad mments for her. So I believe Tao had a good role. Hachihana is great, a big hit in Japan, more than 2,2 million moviegoers, earned 3 billion JPY (more than 3 billiion because the movie is still coming in Japan theaters now, audience want to re-watch it, so Hachihana didn't stop in cinemas), Tao is the youngest artist in nomination list for best actress at Japn Academy Awards 2018. A lot of people cried after watching this movie. So I'm not surprised if Hachihana is no.1 in Shanghai International films festival
  8. Song "Y.M.C.A" of E-girls was chosen as one of song for dance battle in Cheer Dance (Tao's drama). It's also a GENE's song. But Chia Dan is a drama about girls, and one of E.G's member (Anna Ishii) is a supporting role in Chia Dan, so I understand why they chose E-girls. Today, Gene performed "Y.M.C.A" for a baseball battle at Tokyo Dome.
  9. @Transition It feels like Ryota didn't say to Sakura tree. Like a girl he loves *cough* Tao *cough* Like we said before, Ryota & Tao & Anikoma are fate.
  10. @isacristine I love "handgrip scene" and also think it wasn't in the script too. Quite similar Ryota's style if he wants to help the one he loves. @Transition Thanks for your sub. Rytoa and Tao so cute, so close. I love the way Ryota teased Tao In BTS, Ryota said Tao looks like polar bear. And when I watched PtoJK's bts, Kamenashi Kayuya brought out a white polar bear doll and asked Tao if she likes polar bears. Tao didn't have any special reactions, she just said Kame should go to bed (Kame and Tao were making a funny parody of PtoJK, 20 years later). I wonder about polar bear, related? Some fans notice Ryota and Tao were really close and natural with each other, but they were shy and awkward after kiss scene at the church. Does anyone here notice Ryota's face when he said to Tao that "there's only 1 day left that we get the chance to meet"? I think Ryota was thinking something seriously. He wanted to talk something to Tao, but he couldn't/stopped. His face was serious at that time. But Tao changed the situation when she listed "last scene, bus scene" We talked before about last kiss scene at the sea. We guessed if it was a surprised kiss, Ryota didn't know about it and he seemed to want a deep kiss but Tao lips "out" too fast I notice they didn't say anything about last kiss scene, they just used "last scene".
  11. @setokaonii that’s why you should invite them to our thread (if they know and can use English). This thread is a heaven for RyoTao shippers. Many hint, sub, information...here We need Japanese fans haha
  12. @setokaonii nice IG story. I know you are sad, but you did right when deleted post. You're very nice when saying "sorry" to the fans. We should be careful. Do you think love omamori is dangerous for Ryota? I really want to post about love amulet of Ryota but I couldn't. I worry about problems for Ryota, Gene, LDH. What do you think? Keep it in this thread or delete it?
  13. @Transition I noticed n posted here before that the way they talked were strange, shy after their first kiss scene I always to think that kiss wasn't only Onii x Setoka kiss, but also a chance to make Ryota and Tao realized something between them. Their relationship became closer, better a little bit while they were still "brother and little sister" About Tao's pic with something looked like omamori. I hope someone can use app and zoom in with good quality. I tried many times but can't.
  14. @setokaonii How you see it? Too small. It's red? I remember love omamori is a pair. We talked before that we need to find girl who keeps red version?
  15. @cwkwkhp2 thank you very much. I'm not sure about some sentences in that blog. Luckily, we have you, who knows Japanese. Really need someone like you I read it before but I forgot to translate the sentence he mentioned Takuya too. Sorry Takuya So the ikemens came to Ryota's house. They're really close.