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  1. @setokaonii Since I like Tao, I can't see other girls's beauty. I don't know if people here have the same thought. But not only me, there are many fans (boys and girls) said they only like Tao's beauty, want to look Tao all the time without chagrin, can't like others even when others are more beautiful/more perfect than Tao. Tao isn't too beautiful, she doesn't have perfect appearance like other female celebrities, but her appearance makes people feel cosy, Tao has sincere vibe. She's loveable. Everything she does, cries, talk, etc are sincere and simple. Tao lives without trends and luxury things, very different from other celebrities. People said Tao can make everyone (both bad people) become better. There were some facts said a handsome actor don't respect females, his behaviour to female artists are bad and aren't sincere, but he really respects and notices, learns from what Tao does, always says great things about Tao. He only does it sincerely for Tao. That's the inner beauty Ryota said (Transition posted it before). Ryota said more than a beautiful girl, he likes a girl who has inner beauty. That's why when people like Tao, too difficult to like others more than Tao.
  2. A bouquet from Tao to Gene's concert in 2016. Remember Ryota posted an entry on his mobile blog where he mentioned Tsuchiya Tao who acted his little sister Setoka, sent flowers to him and Gene's concert. Here is English translation of that entry with a picture of Ryota plus other bouquet from Tao. Tao's name was on bouquet too. https://miryolovesjapan.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/generations-katayose-ryota【update-111216】/ Hm...So Tao sent 2 bouquets to Speedster 2016.
  3. @Transition Tao really has princess vibe. Haha I just wonder why many people (both celebrities around Tao) mention "princess thing" to Tao? After Prince of Legend appears. I read somewhere that Marie Iitoyo appears on Gene koukou TV? Is it true? I found but couldn't see her on Genekou. She is Tao's close friend. It was posted some hours ago. For some reason I can't ask that user. I think we should wait for Genekou.
  4. Ryota is handsome and cute in making. I just notice the nickname they called Ryota...
  5. @setokaonii thanks for your information. What Ryota said in his ptb makes me think about Tao. @Mizuno Ami welcome to this place. I'm glad to see new member here. https://vmagazine.com/article/teenage-dream-ryota-katayose/ Ryota looked so cute in this video. Read his English interview in the link above.
  6. @Nguyễn Thanh Thư welcome to this thread Drama Cheer Dance ended. I miss Rockets and Wakaba. The story was quite good. But I wanted Rockets to dance more and more, with many battles and uniforms. Not enough for me Ep 1: 8.5% Ep 2: 8.6% Ep 3: 6.6% Ep 4: 7.3% Ep 5: 5.5% Ep 6: 6.1% Ep 7: 7.1% Ep 8: 6.6% Ep 9: 6.8% Ep 10: 7.9% Average rate: 7.1% The drama had good result. Rate was quite high in Japan recent years for all different dramas, all channels, Cheer Dance also get many good reviews and was chosen in top 5 favorite drama in Japan this season. About Kasane, I heard fans who watched it said no bed scene in movie.
  7. Kasane doesn't have many screens at box office when it started. Just 215 screens. In Japan, movies often get over 310 screens, difficult too see movies have under 280-300 screens. Anikoma got 252 screens and Hachihana got 315-350 screens and they were promoted more than Kasane. This time, there are 2 movies under 300 screens. 1 is Kasane with 215 screens, the other movie (I don't remember its name) has 252-270 screens, and it earned more than Kasane, I saw it was no.5 or 6 at box office. The screens and expenditure for filming/promotion will decide how much it earn, how popular it is. Except academic films. This kind doesn't need to earn money, they need prizes and not popular, suitable for everyone. I notice movied are no.1 bix office, earn over 1 billion ¥ often have more than 300 screens.
  8. Our thread gets over 150.000 views now. I think we will get 200.000 views in 3-5 months
  9. @Transition Tao looked really beautiful in new commercials and shows. Kasane earned over 124.901.600¥, 91342 moviegoers after 3 days Anikoma earned over 165 million after 3 days. Finally total was 932 million ¥ Hachihana earned about 263 million after 2 days. Total 2.8 billion ¥. I check box office in 2016- early 2018, other movies were no.4 or 5 with same results. I mean Kasane could be no.4 or 5 at box office if it didn't meet big projects at this time. Now I just want Kasane can earn over 800 million ¥. It will help Tao's career better with good projects, without shoujo and ikemen. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4283394068061518 Ryota was in Shanghai on his birthday and saw fans's gift. Please read what his message to fans in video. Anyway, he really had an amazing 23 years old like we thought.
  10. @setokaonii awww pictures you shared are too sweet. Ryota's face and eyes were really sweet. If it was Tao, I'm sure he will be sweeter more than with Yuta I like the scene Ryota trying to kiss "Setoka" Yuta. Sweetttttt I feel sometimes (about 3-6 months), Ryota/Tao & Gene drop hint to tell fans that Ryota and Tao still have good relationship. After Anikoma promotion ended, Ryota and Tao didn't have same activities. August 2017, Mad Cyclone, Tao and Chiba, Sugino came to concert. And Gene re-acted Anikoma's intimate scenes, they chose intimate scene, not normal scenes and Tao was watching. On Ryota's birthday, Ryota and Ryuto mentioned Anikoma and Tao on IG live. Ryota said Anikoma left a comment to say happy birthday to Ryota, and the number "23"-nisan (Onii). But Ryuto said "Tao-chan is watching us, is it OK?" Hm...why Ryuto thought and said it? Did he know "something" or he drop hint for us? Yuta cosplayed Setoka in Genekou tv, but he chose "Tsuchiya Taeko", not Setoka or Tachibana. Why he chose "Tsuchiya" in Tsuchiya Tao, hint? January, Ryota sent flowers with special meanings we discussed before, came to watch Tao' stage and they took pictures with matching clothes, very close, and do the same pose of Anikoma and PLUTO. United Journey in this year, they re-acted Anikoma's intimate scenes again. And amulets Ryota had, Tao's role in Cheer Dance gave amulet"daijoubu" to a boy... I think it's real hint from RyoTao to us.
  11. "Kasane" is no.9 at box office. I think it's not bad since there are many big movies with top stars, big promotion. Honestly, in Japan, it's too difficult for a movie with actresses are main roles, without handsome actors and romance from shoujo. But Kasane got a lot of great reviews about movies, especially Tao's acting. That's what I want. Tao is noticed as a real actress with her good acting. Not stupid roles beside young handsome actors who has a lot of young fangirls. 2 girls are beautiful.
  12. https://t.co/44gSezbvtb?amp=1 RUMOR: GENERATIONS will join NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen this year. They missed it last year. i hope Gene will surely join. I really hope Tao will join too. I always love her performance in 2016. it's great if Gene and Tao watch each other's performance publicly, or a collaboration will be better.
  13. Ryota looks so cool in Valentino 2018 AW Collection
  14. I really like this umbrella. Sora, I think Hayato knows Sora has special meaning for Ryota *cough* Poor Hayato, too cute, especially when he was angry. Haha. I thought Ryota will.choose this umbrella is the best gift. About Kasane, my friend who said it was no.15, now it is no.10 at box office. @shinkaimakoto A famous animation director, Shinkai Makoto watched movie "Kasane" and he praised the movie, praised Tao. It's good to see many people, both who used to hate Tao's acting, both celebrities, famous movie/animation directors, mangaka, praised Tao too much in Kasane, and 8 nen goshi no hanayome before. Shinkai Masato is best known for directing Your Name, the highest-grossing anime film of all time[2] and was listed by Variety as one of 10 animators to watch in 2016.
  15. In 2017, Kento also had a dating rumor with his female manager with some pictures of them, where Kento and his manager were close. I can't use "intimate" here. I think they don't have anything to call "a couple". I mean even when nothing happened, media still call "date", "couple", make gossips. That's why fans should be calm with those rumors. If we see kiss/hug/house photos, we can believe rumors. I hope people stop bashing Tao. Honestly, I really don't want Tao works with young handsome actor/prince until Ryota appear. I know some fans don't really want Tao works/loves flower boys. it's better if Tao works and loves elders, not "flower boy/prince" with a lot of young fangirls like Kento, Ryota. But, since I saw Ryota and Tao together, i can't help but ship them so hard. This is the first couple make me ship so hard, read and analyze interviews/pictures/etc everyday. I hope fans of handsome male celebrities won't bash Tao if she becomes someone's lover or partner in work. Tao, Kento, Ryota, Takumi... are young, they are not perfect. And they are equal. Deserve or not deserve, it's not thing outsiders like us can say. Love only have 2 people. Let those 2 people decide. It's their life, not us. Why fans think their idols will be happy with beautiful lover and don't care about personality? Fans, who are they, why they can decide who will be their idols's lover? Not only Tao, their boys sometimes don't have good acting or sing well with busy schedules, appear too much. Not only Tao. So why they always bash Tao? In J-biz now, all artists can become next Kento, next Tao. I hate to say it but it's true. Especially Acting isn't an easy work. With busy schedules, they can't focus on acting, can't read and understand the plot. And most of scripts in shoujo are bad to understand and hard to make people love it. Many people hate actresses because of the script/role. Especially Tao has many haters since she isn't young and beautiful in their eyes, they said Tao's voice is fake, plus her silly roles in shoujo, many people bash her and say Tao doesn't deserve to have (handsome) boyfriends. Sometimes I hate this world, I just love my Tao.