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  1. Omo omo this is soo damn cute!! I m loving it!!
  2. Lol!! What's this?? Y do u need this KMH?? R u looking for settling down??
  3. Sorry for the late notice.. I was lost in his handsome looks for a while.. I saw this n came back to reality. What's with this hand lolz!!
  4. Shawn Dou 窦骁 Official Thread

    Happy Birthday dou dou
  5. Guys I need to say this.. It's not only us who is soo confirmed abt our couple.. I see in IG too many ppl r confirmed abt them.. Even dramacouples speaks as if they r truly in relationship.. Gosh!! Soo many ppl r loving MinWon.. Hope for them to be true!!
  6. Me too!! I m gonna live without expectations.. Coz our couple never fails to impress us with surprises!!..
  7. I m too drooling on him.. He is soo cute.. Soo handsome.. *fangirling*
  8. Omo he looks soo mature n hot.. He truly looks gorgeous.. Gosh!! He totally looks like a matured man enough to marry.. This color n clothing reminds me of their first date in HS..
  9. I don't think I will be in shipping business for a while.. I love HJW.. But controlled myself not to ship as I had one failure.. But still I m here in this ship.. If this ship is successful, I might think of shipping others.. I m not shipping mode for my favorite actress in china.. I m just supporting her projects.. So if this ship is successful, I might ship her with the actor I have in mind lolz
  10. I have to thank u.. Today I myself felt really answered to many questions which might have been regarding JCW n HJW.. Now I know I m totally over them.. I fully with MinWon n I know it.. Yes it was all netizens speculation due to similar IGs.. But still HJW denied it publicly.. We can see dramacouple n other shippers practically tagging HJW n KMH in their post plus HJW liked pics of Shippers remember.. I m soo much into them.. Hope I m not heartbroken.. Hope the ship is safe n sound till its destination that is marriage !! Let's keep praying till they r joined together forever..
  11. I don't think JCW ever mentioned abt interested in dating or marriage.. He only recently mentioned abt dating before going to military.. But KMH isn't like that.. I feel KMH is more matured than JCW in this matter.. KMH has a certain picture to what he wants.. But we can't see that in JCW.. I don't know KMH n HJW r dating or not!! But KMH gives me vibes of confidence than JCW.. I admit I still love the intense chemistry that JCW n HJW had in EK.. But offscreen, it was just the same vibes as she had with LSG.. If asked if he wud like to date HJW, I don't know what he wud say.. We can never say anything.. Example SJK laughed at the rumors of him n SHK n said they were noona donsaeng.. But what happened u can see!! We can never be 100 percent sure abt anything.. We can just go by the feel n vibes.. Till now I m getting best vibes for MinWon..
  12. For international fans it's open by 19 only.. Only for SK fans it's open now!!
  13. As a previous tanyang shipper, I know abt them very well.. It was JCW who was very playful with her but she wasn't much.. We can see it in many instances in their BTS.. For the first time I saw HJW leaning over a costar that is KMH.. JCW n HJW had northcape CF n photoshoot after EK.. They were really very popular that time.. I think there were many fanmeeting n etc.. Plus if she had close relationship with him.. At least miracleyoom wud follow him or keeneiho.. Or Ellen.. If something was to happen it wud have happened long ago.. LSG too is very similar like JCW.. JCW is close n playful to all his costars but doesn't follow anyone In IG.. Even HJW.. P. S. We never know what's in future lol.. Let's hope for best!!
  14. Ur a pillar for me!! Ur #justsaying made me light again