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  1. Lmao I really laughed out reading your View!! I thought the same!! Yes he is brother's kid!! I think his mom n him were forced on his present father so he had let go of TH's mom!!.. SH is true heir of the family as u could see the grandma putting pressure on his father to train him up to take up the heir position.. I think his father has resentment coz of this.. He might have despised his elder brother n his family.. So looking at his son, he might be hating him!! I m waiting for the subs to understand it!! Coz I felt it to too soon for lovey dovey stuff to start.. At least one or two episodes need to be focused on his courting.. Everything can't be done in haste.. As we say" haste makes waste".. Covering up many stuff isn't important as delivering some stuff effectively.. Hope the don't make it like"too much cook spoils the food".. I hope writer sets up his writing properly for each episode!!
  2. Shi hyun's father might be biological parent of Tae Hee.. Gosh!!it's messy!!.. R they really gonna put the stuff!!
  3. @17ncbm thanks for the second pic.. It looks like minhyuk is marrying n his brothers r happy for him.. I m nostalgic.. I want MinWon marriage after this!!
  4. i don't know.. But still I wanted her to be little bit more brazen.. I could see her melting up instantly.. Is it coz he did little things like her father.. But still she let her guard soon as we could see her imagining him in the bus stop standing n waiting n etc etc!!.. She didn't get to know enough stuff abt him till now.. Just some facts provided by her friend!! I would love to see them as friends before lovey dicey relationship!!.. I want Tae Hee to understand every sides of Shi Hyun even the sides he hides.. *complex*
  5. I m really confused right now.. I direly need subs!! She knows that he was with her friend's mom n had some link up.. Still how could her friend too encourage her with shi hyun even though she knows abt him n her mother.. Just for linking up with Se Joo.. I felt that point to be cheap.. The way she just told as her friend loves her she can't!!.. Her character didn't seem different from the other lovelorn girls of shi Hyun!.. I m totally not satisfied.. I wanted more scenes of Poker faced Tae hee n Tired of his attempts Shi Hyun..i will be happy if it's fantasy of our shi Hyun!! P. S. The editing is still bad.. The transition between the scenes r still messy
  6. BTS Yes I too felt the same.. I wanted Shi Hyun to fall for her first.. But in preview we could see some moments where he is little drawn to her.. But still I m not much happy with this soon falling of Tae hee in Shi Hyun's web!!
  7. I really loved this scene.. It felt like parallel worlds.. When Tae Hee's mother n Shi Hyun's mother were embracing in love n Soo ji saw it n her mother was in despair coz she has feelings for shi hyun's father n here tae hee n shi hyun r having their romantic moments!! Finally we get to see some serious See Joo!!.. The blow he threw for touching soo ji completely showed his love for her which he is hiding.. I felt sad for his mom.. Some more scenes of seduction
  8. Clips For short update https://www.bah-doo.com/great-seducer-live-recap-episodes-5-6/
  9. Seeing this pic reminded me of our past delu Kinda similar!!
  10. Moon ga young IG update Min Jae IG update Woo do hwan IG update
  11. That's very suspicious!! I don't know y he unfollowed her..it made me really suspicious coz he was a religious like giver of jiwon!!.. The only female celeb he followed was jiwon I guess.. I really felt he followed her way back before minhyuk came to the picture.. U remember the friend hsngdan_ who also follows jiwon as made his account private lolz!! There is something really suspicious!! But we never know it might be our delusion too!!
  12. Hahahaha I would be happy to see MH with bouquet.. It's time MH be the bridegroom!! The theme is making me delu lolz!!