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  1. It's for his image clearance.. Thank god!! His agency didn't leave him in the midst of the chaos!! He can be better after his enlistment
  2. Eun woo's fans were busy cutting of Soo hyang from atelier event pics!! Amaris didn't do it.. They posted the pics of both!! Die hard fans of Eun Woo r very scary!! No wonder Soo Hyang looked very stiff during the event.. She avoided contact with Eun Woo much!! I hope she has a new drama soon!! I can't wait to see her in something new!! But still DoRae will be unforgettable!! Hope to see them as DoRae again if there is a season 2!! Edit: Eun Woo seems fresh n happy while returning to Seoul!! I have never seen this bright smile in his airport pics
  3. @monica63 if what u said r true then I m jumping with joy!! Hope we get more events where we can see them together!! Hopefully a drama together too!! Edit I saw pics of Eun woo returning to seoul but didn't see any pics of ISH returning? Did she return or stayed back?
  4. Ok let me check it out!! Yes they are like father n daughter duo.. She also mentioned in previous episode that whether ok nam likes kim guemi.. Jeon seom seems to be involved with that weird camera guy!!
  5. #OurGlamorousTime plus hastags of ZLY n JH
  6. Did ok nam know that her hubby too can hear animals talk? Coz she always said he was a human!! But when she heard that Guem could hear animals she thought him as a fairy.. If she knew her hubby had same power then she would have thought him as a fairy too!! Still now I didn't see jeon seom getting involved with geum romantically!! Plus she knows he has feelings for her mom.. Soo falling for him would be a little.. She isn't leaning towards the present professor, she thinks of him as her hubby so she does that.. But ones she discovers that he isn't, I don't know what her feelings would be!! I m pretty much confused.. I don't want a love line between jeon seom n geumi..
  7. Might be!! Coz I feel her past hubby n Kim Guem both r reincarnation of dubhe.. Edit: after the post in the next page.. I nearly forgot that the woodcutter used to hear animals talk like geumi!!
  8. Professor said he bathed with her n remembered that ok nam used to call him to bathe in human world!! Where her real hubby didn't!! I guess Prof remembers the moments of Ok Nam n her hubby as he used to follow Ok Nam around n then he said he felt sorry for jeon seom as she didn't have a father.. He didn't say her as his daughter!! He might have followed Ok Nam 'S family in the past.. But it's clear that Geumi has precise memories of the events plus he has magical powers.. Oknam guessed that her hubby aka the woodcutter was reincarnation of dubhe!! Geumi is a immortal too as he has powers, he might be another reincarnation of dubhe like woodcutter.. My assumption as I didn't read the webtoon !!
  9. @Yongzura nowadays noona dongsaeng couple r slaying it chemistry wise!! I m very much open minded in this.. I would love to see more of GuemOkNam scenes coz they r very cute P. S. The fan art is soo adorable!!
  10. I have been a silent member of this thread coz I m not deep in this drama.. But my heart leans for Kim Geum- fairy love line!! Hope Kim Geum is the end game!! I feel soo much chemistry between SJH n MCW!! I m having heavy second lead syndrome in this show!!