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  1. Shawn Dou 窦骁 Official Thread

    From survivor to healer pic Ten years late pic
  2. No he didn't.. That's y we r grumpy abt it.. We r expecting him to throw it away soon!! I want him to throw it in her face when he succeeds!! Gosh!! That scene will be worth watching!!
  3. Yes I too think the same.. He must be leave that cheater forever n never think about her!! I really hate her n that ring!!
  4. It was look which showed he is coming out of his bitter life n is ready to experience the sweetness life has to offer.. I m eagerly waiting for the episode Now!!
  5. Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    520 to yingbao!! Ctto
  6. Welcome to the club chingu!! I too feel it's just the beginning of their chemistry.. I hope the writer would start up their story at least by now!! Me too.. The look of SP blew my heart away!! That was the first they had friendly convo too!!
  7. I have been waiting for the preview n finally it's up!! We can see the DSW n SP OTP progressing.. Its gonna be fun to see DSC n DSW argument over not to have crush on her.. N gangster gang is gonna make more fun.. Plus who is on phone?? Is it her hubby?? Or someone else??
  8. I love his nagginess!! I have never seen any costar of jiwon so naggy with her!! He is the first brave namja