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  1. Eng trans of ISH interview Sry mods for posting next to next!! I didn't check out that previous one was mine!
  2. Gosh!! I love this.. This rating promise is defo good one!! P. S. We get to see DoRae again!!
  3. icyphoenix

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    Zhao Liying is sweet in a ruffled mini dress at the Danz Group 20 Year Anniversary Celebration in Guangzhou. #ZaniliaZhao #ZhaoLiying #赵丽颖
  4. Such a simple last scene but my heart is struck in this scene
  5. Cute fanart of MR n KS P. S. I guess we went too much with our flow.. Anyways all the cast r just the best actors we could get.. Hope everyone has bright future projects!!
  6. I guess I m very childish in this lolz!! But still I want season 2 with same cast.. Rightly said.. We never know what's going on in their real life to say definite things!!
  7. Hahaaha u stole my words chingu!! Well!! I too don't want something more between them!! Crazy much! But I don't like JWR with CEW
  8. @pad-hari I only know from vlive of ISH that it will be in mid October probably .. But they r checking out schedules for the cast I guess.. Hope we get the location abt it soon!! Hope all cast go to vacation together!!