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  1. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    562 @dotonly said goodbye. @bairama received her message that the account will be deleted soon (my sis has log in problem she only read by email). If only dotonly read: I'm sorry too, and thanks for all. Hope can see you around again somewhere. Wish all is well
  2. abnoch

    Soompi love feast

    Thanks for tagging me @Dhakra @packmule3 (hey how are you genius maam. Long time no see). Honestly it is so embarrassing for me to be (still) here. Yeah, I'm that desperate boi with no f filter in this site haha. I'm surprised by myself too. But all the supports and helps are generous, sometimes it helps a lot more than this harsh real world, better than nearest people (obviously except you my lil sis @bairama). I'm sorry and thankful a lot. Well I can learn a lot too what lady @CatchMine_ID likes from here, and it was quite successful. This forum adds a bunch of new fun moments in our relationship, beautiful memories cc: @USAFarmgirl Then... Food? I will recommend Indomie Jumbo Stir-fried noodles roasted chicken flavor. Still The events are already ended and I see people that I want to tag here. Here I attach a song for this love feast, I think it's total match. Love the simple concept yet genius. Currently favorite to calm down Thanks @Lmangla to let me possibly blab this out with this event
  3. abnoch

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Hope they can include lyrics caption in English, I like it - Well, break off the replay sign, Seafret - Loving You Yes, loving you, not losing you.
  4. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    I try to watch some, with sis we've started watching Item and that 2nd couple of Goblin. Want to start watching Tunnel when I'm ready. What are you watching these days? -2
  5. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    556 Man this hits me like a fast train. I'm just scrolling down the YT I'm not that prepared
  6. abnoch

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    bro @Dhakra I clicked wrong and ended in your page haha Listening to this.. Yeah. I'd rather
  7. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @Lmangla yeah. Fighting us. Well, just know that @bairama is really good in savings. One message for you here too sis: enjoy. -2
  8. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @sushilicious hey thanks. Me and sis are searching for Item now, today is the first ep. release right? @Dhakra haha they are a bit crazy, how can they treat a crazy patient too? At least one of them is really nice bro, uhm so yes.. Kinda fun. Lol @Lmangla fired. But it's good, I know they will be mean so it is verified. Preparing to apply some 674
  9. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Things can be a total richard simmons. Thank you are here @bairama -2
  10. abnoch

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Hey @staygold, hope you like it too Spirit @Ameera Ali you can do it .
  11. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @dotonly yeah @kokodus don't know why too, hey thank you there @mouse007 thanks yo. Better, well things are crumbling need to be organized again haha Anyway, hope you all are doing fine -2
  12. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    646 Hello. Thanks for all the support and prayers
  13. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Our uncle will be here tomorrow. Her friends are sometimes here. Thank you @Lmangla @kokodus -2
  14. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Bairama had brain concussion. We didn't know it till one and half day at the first hospital. And here she moved, to another hospital. ICU. Coma. Here as close as can with her and still doing anything for mercy. I'm sorry if this update ruin the mood but I'm desperately want her to be ok.. -2