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  1. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Aheyyy @bairama.. You learn quite fast try more if you do liking the process, don't be burdened by the brand. I can see your own style too already tho.. Guess she will be smiling so big there -2
  2. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @dotonly I'm glad too. Starting my job since yesterday.. You're subtracting? Lucky me haha! @bairama finish your exam first then drama. Can see obviously it's you -2
  3. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    happy birthday to your little boy. Nice place, he should be happy to spend it with his mom hey @USAFarmgirl! Kinda wondering where you have got those stickers. So much of them, I see you as stickers bank too -2
  4. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    I'm not. Still in East Indonesian. My friends there, multiple eartquakes still occure. Pray for those in the area. I think I will volunteered there next week after I'm done here. Before starting work at middle September. Will take care cc: @triplem Sorry MIA mode again. -2
  5. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

  6. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @dotonly is zero your cousin, dot? Then zero on the way just like my new hairdo -2
  7. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Could be a thesis paper: Comparison of group name start from a, c, etc with b, d, etc willing to be in add/subtract game Majority of people come here with first letter to be in add team guess it's the thread magic tho, always enjoying the feels to be some little resistant @kokodus welcoming party of new volunteer @dotonly 626
  8. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

  9. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    @Lmangla hahaha well what I post is the travel spot (holiday!) so you don't have to worry about that. It's not survival mode -2
  10. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Yes yes. My sis was waaay before. She injured quite badly because motorcycle accident on Feb. She was fully recovered, then what I'm not telling is she injured her leg again while in school, the fractured leg needed to be gips again till 2 weeks ago. And me was having really good healing so it already disbanded and looks fully ok now @triplem island mode I guess @staygold haha no, it just me quite too long in big foot mode -2
  11. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    Exactly how's you? I get new job, will move to another company soon in middle of September. Now still go here and there in East Indonesian area before left, in island/jungle atmosphere. My sister gives me much heart attack gladly is doing really well, just disbanded her gips 2 weeks ago 556
  12. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    534 Hey @stroppyse nice to collide with you here
  13. abnoch

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Just like yesterday, that bittersweet beautiful day, the day I sang it to propose her..
  14. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    528 Ah I can't controlling myself again in this site. Spill here and there.. @triplem Btw will go to this with @CatchMine_ID soul
  15. abnoch

    Add and Subtract Game

    520 There is something on Friday. Don't want to be like this for the sake of you but it's really heavy. Seven months and it still feels the same