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  1. I know there’s like 70% that SH will break JH’s heart for episode 15 but there still 30% that I’m hoping for it to be the opposite. A part of me is hoping that SH will be brave enough to fight for JH and prove that their love is true and sincere. And maybe she’ll talk to JH’s mom and try to change her perspective regarding their relationship or JH could try changing his mom’s view. Really hoping for their happily ever after.
  2. I think I’ll skip watching ep 14 for now maybe after the series end lol. I just couldn’t take the heartbreak in ep 14, watched the raw vid and read the recaps but I’m still not ready to watch the episode with subs. Couldn’t take heart ache for now
  3. For the first time, I’m not excited to watch ep 14 with eng subs. I don’t like how puffy SH’s eyes are the whole episode. This episode feels very heavy for me, not looking forward to rewatch with eng subs later. I just want next week to come soon, i want them to have their happily ever after. They deserve happiness, SH deserves it.
  4. I’m honestly annoyed of JH’s mom even from the very beginning, among all the mothers she is my least favorite (considering the two are really evil) I don’t know why (maybe because of her voice?) but her mom just have this vibe that I can’t seem to like. Anyway, SH’s gonna break JH heart next week and possibly time jump for the finale? Was actually hoping that SH will listen to MJ but yeah love is chivalrous.
  5. I understand JH’s mom but I can’t help getting annoyed by her hahahaha really I’m not feeling the moms in this series. Based on the preview, is SH gonna do a “WS move” where she will have a fake affair? Or simply break up with JH. But anyway, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna break up and have separate lives but after a year or more they’ll meet again and have a happy ever after. JH gonna be a professional photographer for sure.
  6. Is it just me or anyone else notices that the man at the cafe who puts JH memo upfront was the same old man from the hotel in cuba (the one who got the taxi for SH at ep 1)? The cafe was clearly not part of the hotel. Or they recycled the extra?
  7. Not really sure until next week lol but the design seems ordinary for it to be an engagement ring plus they are still in the early stage of the relationship so i just guess He was a pretty good kisser in reply 1988
  8. I didn’t see the guard caught them kissing or was i really focused with the kiss
  9. I can’t wait to watch it again with english subtitles hahahaha. He finally addresses her in informal way (was waiting for him to call her “soohyun-ah) but i still love it! I don’t think I could sleep tonight, still can’t get over that long and passionate kiss *fans self
  10. Omg the kiss! Everyone’s been asking for more intimate kiss/scenes and they gave us! Thank you so much to the writer, the director, song hye kyo and bogum, the entire encounter family!! Hahahahahha i was overwhelmed by the kiss, one of the best kiss in kdramaland definitely, my first time to see song hye kyo to have that kind of kissing scene and she didn’t disappoint me! The balcony kiss! ( we all know what happened next right? Lol ) Couple rings next episode! Can’t wait for next week. Best episode yet!
  11. Hoping to see a wedding for SH JH at the end of the series but i guess it’s far-fetched knowing that the title of the series is Boyfriend lol
  12. Already wishing for jan 3 to come anyway Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  13. I don’t think WS and CS as end game will ever happen. I believe that CS never liked WS even during their marriage, cause when you’re forced into something it will lead you to losing interest in getting to know or learning to love WS. With CS personality it’s kinda impossible for her to like WS even if she’ll discover the real reason why WS divorces her (they’ll become friends though). I think that it will be happy ending for our otp not the usual happy ever after though but the kind of ending where they’ll meet each other again in cuba ( we still need to see the note JH wrote!) , the garden is obviously a special place for the both of them so we will gonna see the garden at the end of the series for sure.