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  1. I don't know how this will end but here's my version of the ending: Sunny and WS worked together to get revenge and fall in love while doing so. After the imperial family's true nature is revealed to the people, they lose everything. LH, YR, ED and the Nanny all go to prison for their crimes. Sunny adopts Ari and WS reunites with DS. Sunny and WS end up together. Sunny, WS, Ari and DS and all together as a happy family. The End.
  2. Okay so I had to drop this one because of CJH not being in the finale. Here I was rooting for Sunny and WS to end up together and he's not going to be there in the end... I just don't understand, why be so greedy to extend the episodes when they knew his schedule? So what exactly did they do with his character in his last episode? Who is the bandaged guy? WS? I will say the cast did a phenomenal job but the writing of this... it just felt like they keep adding to it to keep the plot going.
  3. So he's just going to be a coward to the end, huh? Also why am I seeing people excited for another kiss? Okay, so you're alright with him forcing/hurting her? Hmm?
  4. It's just some of the comments that I've seen... Look I don't care if this man is emperor or not. He still hit somebody with his car. Was it an accident? Yes. Is YR more at fault than he is? Yes. But! Did he check to see if she was still alive? Nope. Did he call an ambulance or report it? Nope. What did he do? He and YR just took her body and dumped somewhere and hid the evidence. Then orders for the son to be killed as well! That's what he did wrong, okay? He has no right to be angry or feel hurt because he had it coming and he deserves it. He might have been neglected and deceived throughout his life but he is still responsible for his own actions, royalty or not.
  5. @pad-hari I'm waiting for it to be added on like Kissasian or YouTube, I just prefer watching on those sites instead.
  6. Waiting on English subs for this but how is it doing? Also who is the best guy, fans are rooting for? And I don't know who is who, so explain who you are talking about!
  7. It'll be 3 years this year since ML. Anyone, has there been hints of Season 2? I'm still and never will be over this show!
  8. W, genius! In Hyun's Man, haven't seen it yet. But MOTA? One of the best dramas I've seen until that ending. Writer... Seriously! I can't even understand myself! What was that?! Huh?! What was that?!
  9. Okay so while I do love their interactions, I don't get it. Like when CY goes to being YK, he's all nice and will protect BQ but when he's CY, he seems like he hates her and wants to kill her.
  10. I LOVE THIS SHOW (This is pretty much me while watching it) Also have character descriptions been released yet?
  11. Is the OTP finally happening? Are we finally getting down to it? Because it took long enough! And how is the Emperor just now choosing to be a loving husband? He had his chance! I admit it is kinda cute but he's crazy and honestly after all of this he deserves whatever Sunny gives to him because the woman came back with a vengeance.
  12. @enigmatic_zephy I'm not discriminating. I don't excuse JW's actions but SB should not be hitting a crippled person regardless. Also a man should not put his hands on a woman for any reason (pushing is one example).