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  2. Geum is sad but still handsome. Thank you so much @jeonghyang for the gifs! The red guardian deity looks funny, can't wait to watch this episode!!!!!
  3. It seems like, tvN is spoiling us with more Geum-Nam pics! Can't wait for episode 11, I feel like it will be really really goooood.
  4. Guyyys! Is this Seo Ji Hoon's official twitter account? btw! I found this thread on twitter! He is so awesome!!!!
  5. @aoikarin HAHA it would be an indeed mind-blown twist if the Master of the Northern Star is Geum's mother!
  6. My thoughts after watching episode 10: I thought I was going to hate the Professor but no! I really feel sorry for him. To whoever that says Yoon Hyun Min can't act and can't give justice to his role, that's not true, for the past episodes I see how his acting grows in this drama and as the story unfolds his past reincarnations, I really felt the sincerity of his character. And for this episode, he is charismatic enough that instead of searching for more Geum-Nam moments, I see through his character. Though I love Geum and I am clearly smitten with Geum, and I honestly believe, even from the start that he must be the husband, it didn't stop me from silently hoping for the past few episodes that the love between the Professor and Ok Nam might blossom somehow just like what the red fairy said last episode. So now... I want to know how everything else will be unfolded since we are already in episode 10. Fighting! Anyway, this episode is fun and the scene where Professor Jung is driving too fast and Geum running for them is really cute haha! --- By the way, here's kimkim's new posted pic on his IG!
  7. Reading from all these frustrating comments, seriously, I really want to watch episode 10 now!!!!!! I want to feel the anger, frustration too lol haha
  8. I've only watched episode 9, still waiting for subs for episode 10. But am I the only who is liking the drama happening now? I mean, I also ship Geum and Ok-Nam, but for me, it's nice to see them heartbroken before they get back together xD But you guys are right, the stories of the sidekicks should be lessened, since it is already episode 10! I think they should extend the number of episodes please! xD As for the flow of the story, I think it's good and still interesting, it's confusing sometimes but it's good, just give more scenes for Ok-Nam pleaseeeee! lol. Anyway, I already know the husband so what interest me now is Professor Jung's past! I wanna know more about fairy Izy and the betrayal part!
  9. Nice thought! Why Ok Nam didn't know the punishment? I thought Ok Nam knew that Geum sees her as a young lady but no she didn't! I even thought that the reason why they can see Ok Nam in young form is because they are all immortals, but your theories guys were absolutely correct. Whenever Geum is beside her, she looks young!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. now now now, I feel like I'm going to be broken hearted for the Professor. But still team kimgeummie!!! hihi ----- Professor Jung is super cute! and really handsome as well