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  1. Hmmm... speaking of black and white effect...... we know who likes B&W effect too
  2. So true @adi2019jiji they are so comfy comfy. Comfort level 200% and they both said that they dont know each other very well before the drama started filming. soooo suspicious.. who needs eyes when your hands can do the talking these clips were taken during their photoshoot. comfy level OVERLOAD! my classic fave GIF haters are gonna be haters forever. Nobody can change what these 2 shared while filming the drama. So happy for both of them coz they were able to work well with one another. I think both of them would say that suspicious partner made a difference in their careers.
  3. @babyval22 Because practice makes perfect! everytime! Aristotle was right about these two! LOL cto
  4. So true @daloula ....... even the innocents wont buy that!!! the way they kissed and their body language is not even for parental guidance. The kiss BTS in youtube speaks for itself. LOL
  5. IKR! Well, they are just protecting their talents, I dont blame them. But I dont want to jump from this ship!!!! waaaaaaaah
  6. YAY! some parts of JSY's interview has been translated by lighthoney1610 credit to lighthoney1610
  7. Thank you mods for treating everyone fairly. I am sorry for replying to a malicious post instead of reporting it right away. Nobody has the right to belittle anyone just because of differences in opinion. I will try the best that I could to uphold the rules and regulations of soompi at all times. Thank you for taking immediate actions and kudos to all soompi mods for upholding justice with fairness and consideration.
  8. True..... JSW has been in the industry for so long that he has sort of mastered his craft. As for YSY and JSY, I am sure they have more to learn and characters that they want to portray. Also, the success of the drama was due to the collaboration or cooperation of everyone. I am Satisfied with GP’s casts. Truth be told, YSY and JSY’s chemistry also worked out for the drama, despite of many hating JSY to be paired with YSY. Kudos to GP team, they deserve that vacay.
  9. Come one come all! I'm joining the celebration!!!! Happy Anniversary to us NAMJI shippers!!! Its time to party!!! cto
  10. I second the motion. Its just preferences chingus. do not read too much between the lines. When in doubt, think back to our happy place
  11. Just happened to read this. [Interview] 'Dae-gun' Yoon Sik-yoon "I feel proud to work with Jean-Seon, a wise person" http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0003359074 Professionalism at its best
  12. True. I am so happy that they reached 5%. Many people doubted that GP team would reach this rating. I guess people care too much about the free hugs! LOL In the end, GP was worthy to watch eventhough there are a lot of haters who wished for a different actress to portray jahyun’s role. I applaud JSY coz she did her best to deliver her character well and YSY is a supportive actor. I guess he brings out the best of JSY. For NG and LK, the actors did very well. I think that JSW really developed his craft well and has become a versatile actor, considering also his experience also in the industry, he can portray a villain and a protagonist very well. im gonna miss GP, but RL calls, and be happy to have watched such a gem drama.
  13. I am sorry that this drama doesnt sit well with you. Everyone has different preferences anyway . But doesnt every drama has spoilers? Even if they reveal all, I still would watch it. IMO, this drama is a keeper, at least for me.
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