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  1. Am I allowed (Do I have the right) to send them a private message on their weibo only for introducing myself and saying that I love them, support them no matter what... or is it only for something important ?
  2. @ crystalclear18 Thank you for all. I will follow your tips.Even if I am shy, I can become a warrior when I am determinated. I would like to write my letter in french and in english. I am ready to go to the airport. Should I give you my Weibo, Instagram et Twitter accounts ? You can forward them to CPF. Should I give you a picture of me ? The matter is I am a french vietnamese. I am happy that you can help me. On facebook and Weibo, do JY and ZZ read the post themselves ?
  3. Hello everyone, I live in France, near Paris, and I'd want to say to you that I will do my best to see YZ and ZZ, if they really come here. I'd like to have your help to guide me during the fashion week. Gros Bisous. Big kisses.
  4. Hello everybody, it's the first time that I write on this forum and I am sorry for my very bad english. I am a french fan. I just want to thank you for all your posts and your analysis, even if I don't understand all what you say. I am a silent fan but who loves our two boys. The post of arisushiuri made me feel so... sad and perhaps a little guilty. I promise I will follow them and support each of them in their projects, and protect them the best as I can. I can't do anything more than love them. I managed to register on weibo to follow them thanks to the pictures of their profil image but not yet on tencent because it'written in chinese. Someone can tell me teir WeChat or QQ IDs, please ? Thank you guys once again.
  5. It's a great idea but I don't understand indonesian. Very sad. I'm a french fan and I really like read all your comments and your dreams or wishes for KSH. Big kisses for all of you.