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  1. meiil

    [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Wow I've been really hit by the feels with this cameo Now I really wanna a season 2 for BTIMFL
  2. meiil

    [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    From Somin manager’s https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk2LZTzAexs/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zthnmzsyqf1m IG trans: long time no see, weird married couple are here. Jiho (heart)Sehee
  3. Gosh Hyunnie looks absolutely radiant in these latest updates
  4. A source from the drama said, “Starting from episodes 17 and 18, the secrets surrounding Kwon Shi Hyun and Eun Tae Hee will be revealed one by one. The tragedies that 20-year-olds Kwon Shi Hyun and Eun Tae Hee have to face and their sad love story will draw tears from the audience. We ask for your interest and support as ‘Tempted” starts its second half.” Please don’t make it in tragedy for them like the others book adaptations
  5. Wookie spent a few days with his mates and their motorcycles
  6. Alright so that tweet translation was wrong, basically SJ threw another tantrum of hers trying to keep her manipulation over SH but it didn’t work. He basically told her to stop bc he won’t keep their friendship anymore if she doesn’t end her antics and SJ just told him about his dad having another affair only to richard simmons him off more...ugh classic richard simmons SJ move
  7. This first part is a little confusing tho... does it mean SH still wants to play the game to trick TH and marry SJ? I don’t think so tbh
  8. I’m dying to see the scene of Shyun blowing off SJ.. It’s about time!
  9. Dohwan is also at the train station set... I guess we can expect Shyun going after Tae Hee hehe Edit: and here they go
  10. She’s already back filming, kudos to this girl EDIT: looks like TH is departing/leaving Seoul (probably going to her hometown for a while) this reconnects with what @MinLyn translated early.