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  1. I read somewhere that the drama will be airing in 2020. Please tell me it isn't true :(
  2. I want to watch this for the cast but the trailer didn't capture my attention. Is this all about business and politics with very little focus on the romance?
  3. I seriously think you guys would make great reporters/detectives/researchers lol. I often lurk around the thread and read all the updates. I have nothing but praises for you guys! I saw Daisy updated her Weibo today. She seems to be somewhere in the mountains so I guess she has started filming too?
  4. Why are people already talking about the ending this drama started airing on 25th June and it's been only a week. How can it finish airing. Or is this a web drama and they released all the episodes online for some VIP membership and it got leaked? hope 4udrama keeps up with the subs. They subbed fast for ep 1-6 but suddenly stopped. I think they are focusing on Sweet Dreams. But someone needs to sub Legend of Yunxi too
  5. I am really enjoying this drama a lot. I'm happy they are taking the romance slow. There are 45 episodes and them not getting together fast means that they can keep up the comedic tone and also lessen the angst episodes later. I especially enjoy the dreams, the trio's friendship and the father daughter scenes.
  6. Thanks RPM. I just noticed your name and DP. Lol I just recently started following you on Instagram when I was searching for videos of OME and came across your account. Good to see you here too.
  7. Thank you for all the pics and updates! I agree. I think they don't want people's attention to drift from their current projects. So they are delaying the official news. Sweet dreams will end airing in July since it's 11 eps a week like the Princess Weiyoung lol. Not sure about Legend of Fuyao.
  8. Thanks table! I think it is also coming on Viki since they put the broadcast date 3rd July over there. And they put the official poster of the drama on the fan channel. DF also mentioned coming soon instead of 25th June so both will get it a bit late I think. Lol it's funny how DF and Viki always license the same C-dramas. Not to sound ungrateful but one of them could have picked Legend of Yunxi. Anyways really happy there will be English subs.
  9. Guys please keep sending the title request forms on Viki and Dramafever. It will take only a minute! Premier date is only 6 days away! https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/https://dramafever.typeform.com/to/vocj3m Today the press conference of Sweet Dreams was held. Both Deng Lun and Dilraba looked gorgeous! Sadly I am trying to attach the pictures via URL but I can't seem to attach them
  10. The latests series of pics that TVN has posted in the first pic with the railway track the girl sitting with the white gown looks like Reba to me. Next to her is a maid in pink and on the left the staff guy in black is walking by. It also matches with the fingersticking location thing on the other hand. And seriously thank you for finding the pictures. You guys should be detectives!
  11. I guess this drama will focus more on the struggles of Yang Mi's character and is female centric? Like Empress Ki? I wasn't able to see much romance from the trailer on the main page. Mostly fight fight fight. Hope it will be good! I like Yangmi since Ten Miles like everyone else in the world
  12. Spoiler maybe? (Idk how to mark it yet) * * * I very behind in this show as in still S1 but I hope handsome Uncle Moran will have his happy ending and will start liking the invisible girl instead.
  13. Yes one of the reasons would be criticism. Imagine audience getting angry that a character they liked is getting played someone else. And to make it worse he was in the original TMOPB as another character. But fans will eventually find out anyways. However if they receive criticism during filming it might effect the shooting and the performance of the actor. Another reason could be they want to keep it hush hush so fans won't swarm the place and shooting might get delayed and the cost of hiring additional security would be high I remember I saw a fancam of Reba during The Flame's Daughter. She could barely walk out of the set because she was surrounded by fans who were all trying to touch her. Or maybe they are afraid of potential spoilers. Fans can be detectives lol. I am just happy filming has started. Don't think Reba started yesterday because she was at another brand event for some yogurt.
  14. I just recently came to know about Xiao Zhan (the second lead in this drama) thanks to "Oh my Emperor" and oh my God he looks so manly in the trailer (and healthier) that I barely recognized him. I am his new fan and watched some interviews of his on YT and he seems like a down to earth and genuine guy. I had seen some stills of this drama ages ago and sad to know there's still no air date yet Li qin and Shawn dou both don't seem to have any luck with air dates. No wonder tears of heaven is still pending since ages ago.
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