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  1. Sharing with you guys the pictures taken at IU Singapore concert. Please enjoy.
  2. @lols quick I can't wait to watch KB with subs! I should have live stream coz there was too much action. I am glad they enjoyed themselves and it was a great show! @chi13lou I love your chants! Let's continue to pray for the glorious moment!
  3. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode to come! Episode 151. They will dance bbibbi.
  4. Our King staked his claim. He said Nae Jieunah Let's celebrate!
  5. Chi, should add on to your success rate 18. Jieun to continue appearing in public with her good friends (her V-D lunch date with YIN and her appearance with JG on KB) - CHECK Watch Knowing Brothers tonight! Support them always
  6. Yesterday was the best day of my JoonU shipping life. First, I bought the tickets to IU concert. Second, IU won Apan award. Third, the teaser for KB was out! Fourth, one of ML songs was sung at Apan! It's like everything good comes together all at once! Fabulous! 13 Oct is a day I will never forget.
  7. Maybe can ask the Admin or mods. So far I don't think can be changed. Success for MA once again!
  8. Final post for tonight. May the cast of ML always be happy and may our JoonU ship sail happily!
  9. Credits @meahri_1 Credits Marylin Mass attack video 1 and 2 Everyone is welcome to repost! Spread the love! Last pic coming up at 11pm KST!
  10. Happy 2nd anniversary Moon Lovers! Thank you King for being the greatest JoonU shipper of all times!
  11. For now I don't think so. I am so touched by his actions! And both of them were online after midnight yesterday! Being the first to post King! His post captured the themes of friendship love and family very well. @glamlove123 sure! Let's use the hashtags of #mlshr2ndanniversary
  12. Chingus, mass attack has started for today! The theme is love and we are using this caption: "I have loved you for a thousand decades, and I'll love you for infinite years to come. The hope of holding you again gets me through the loveless lifetimes where pain, heartache, and rebirth steal my memories of you. Always coming back to the faith that love conquers time and space. You, my love, are the moon and I the starry skies, we will always find each other across the divide." Please use your own hashtags if you are posting on IG!
  13. One more day to go till 29 Aug! Chingus, the theme for today posting is LOVE!