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  1. Posted this last night but posting this here again to remind myself that today is Bogummy birthday! @LynneL may I know where he posted a IG Live msg?
  2. Happy Birthday to Bo Gummy! I totally forgot KST is one hour ahead of my time which is midnight now. May your dreams and wishes come true and I wish you every success in life!
  3. Counting down -2 days to HAPPY BOGUM day! I chose this pic because I like the cute Bo Gum with pouty lips. @Ick Kritz how do you differentiate between real and fake kiss?
  4. I also watched MDBC in April 2018 and since then never looked back on Pbg and Boyoo. That pic @LynneLposted shows him touching her face and treating her as the world's most precious lady. I am always touched by BG and of course Boyoo relationship.
  5. King's pail is the biggest! But queen and Hanna were pretty cool!
  6. Oh my that is so sweet. The secrecy between them. Seems like he keeps holding her hands. @bojuthe link u provided has lots of awesome pictures and the writer's feelings are totally relatable.
  7. @boju thanks for always giving us charming pics of Bo Gum. And I love those serious pics where he doesn't smile. But I also like it if he smiles. Ah conflicting views I know.
  8. Chingu, we will enjoy the scenic ride together on this slow ship. Do not give up, but pray for bbjx blessing to come true.
  9. Hi everyone I posted this on my ig yesterday but I thought I'd share here too. I really love BG and Young in MDBC. To me his smile is sweet and charming and he is amazing as a crown prince.
  10. Hi chingus, are you able to access Instagram? My app keeps crashing.
  11. I think there were too many comments that he could not ignore. So sweet of him.
  12. I will try to post bogummy photos too in my IG but because my IG is mainly on other stars it may not be daily. But I will still countdown with everyone excitedly and I am so happy to be here to celebrate his birthday (my first year celebrating with u guys) and also my first year being his newest fan. It is humbling to like and support someone like Bo Gum.
  13. https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/31/4-major-points-look-second-half-lawless-lawyer/ Lawless lawyer heating up! Fighting King!
  14. @boju the last picture of Bogummy killed me early in the morning. Indeed he has a clean image and pleasant nature which I am attracted to. That's why I like to watch him in variety shows like Youth over flowers where he cleaned up silently after everyone and was always helpful. He is someone that I support though much younger but he exudes a certain amazing charm. As for YJ, she is sweet and charming and they look awesome together. I am currently watching Hello Monster and enjoying the bad boy BG. What a difference between this role and MDBC. But one thing for sure is that he is convincing in his acting and at a young age too!
  15. Oh yes it is 2 trucks. I was confused because the translation on my IG is bad. Friends forever? Hee. Looks like the poke cheek photo is everywhere.