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  1. Yes @paulina79 and @chi13lou it has been 2 years. Time flies and soon it will be MLSHR 2nd anniversary!
  2. Be patient Chingus and only spread love! Believe in our ship always! To love, to hold, to cherish
  3. BG looks much more refreshed and relaxed in this latest shoot! Again coincidence with YJ's shoot. I agree with everybody's views and I think they were really lucky not to be in the paparazzi spotlight after MDBC. I strongly believe that they are close friends at least and in contact with each other and also BG was there for yj that's why all these months he didn't take on filming projects. BG is a good man and I certainly look forward to their good news one day. But of course fans reactions and etc can be quite scary especially BG is adored by many fans. Boyfriend was supposed to air in December but so happy it's been brought forward to Nov! 2 years has passed since MDBC.
  4. Counting down to 29 Aug! Wonder what surprise will the cast give us!
  5. I saw @LynneL post on park park couple so I assumed everyone knew. It's park seo joon and park min young. There are many rumors on their dating until it gets a bit intrusive. I just want Boyou to be protected and free from unnecessary troubles and they can continue to focus in their careers. As a fan, I like their interactions but I'm worried if their dating news breaks out what will happen. Both of them are still so young and their careers are so bright. Although I secretly wish one day BG will be with YJ but it will have to be done with care. I will definitely respect their private lives and support them in their careers. Lovely coincidence for both of their shows to air in Nov!
  6. Actually I would prefer our Boyou couple to be protected. The pressure and stalking of park park couple is really getting a bit too much. Heard that the reporters are stalking them too because fans overly posted about their Instagram posts. Though I like park park couple too but I'm hoping Boyou couple will have peace so that they can continue to focus on their careers.
  7. Thanks @hellostargazers57 for dropping by. It must be the chant that both of them updated their IG one after another! I was so excited! Count down to 2nd anniversary! Not sure why my post doesn't show. https://ig.me/2aroi7te2WIunKu
  8. I love your post on patience Chi. Let's patiently wait for good news which I can feel everyday! Everyday with you!
  9. Hashtags suggestions #mlshr2ndanniversary OK I'm bad at hashtags but please suggest if u think of any In the meantime get ready for 7 days of postings
  10. What should we do for the anniversary? Ok I have this small idea that I borrowed from another K-pop I like. Shall we for one week up to 29 Aug 2018 post your favourite JoonU or Moon Lovers pics in this thread? If u post on IG, just copy and paste here. If u all like tis suggestion can suggest some hashtags or captions
  11. Chingus, MLSHR 2nd anniversary is coming soon. Shall we celebrate in this thread and in the drama thread? Suggestions are welcome please!
  12. @soereey I know you wrote a lot. But may I just ask what is the main message you want to say taking into account this is a JoonU thread for JoonU shippers? I know you are not happy with some shippers on IG, in that case please take it off Soompi and go to IG. What will people think when they read this thread, and what is this in fighting all about? Fighting between our own fandom? Will we JoonUs be laughed at? Just as you mentioned we should not be affected by others comments, don't be too affected by the edits that Joonu so perfect posted on IG. Just take it as a normal piece of fanart. And you don't need to feel bad or guilty about other fans reactions because there will always be reactions no matter what. Just enjoy the crumbs that come and good news if any. This is the most neutral piece of advice I can give. I am not a senior of the thread like akinahana and I didn't start shipping JoonU since the start of ML, but I just like looking at fanart on IG and enjoy their interactions.
  13. Chingu don't ever give up on Instagram or soompi, we need to stay strong together right?
  14. Frankly I'm sick of pirates snooping around here and having so much interest in even our hidden content chat. I have reiterated that this is a shipper thread, of course we speak freely about who we like here, jg, je and joonu. If whoever doesn't like to see what we post here they can just ignore the existence of this thread. Why go to such extent to misconstrue information. I'm really sick of joonu shippers being blamed for everything. Why do we need to be blamed? Is it wrong to ship joonu?