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  1. Such a beautiful phrase.. is it mentioned by LCY? Which ep? USAFarmgirl:I once had love & happiness in the palm of my hand and without knowing it smothered it instead...
  2. We need to drink the water of oblivion river to forgot this so we can rewatch this from start.... Hellorain: Just saw episodes 41-44... geez my feelings are all over the place. Wth is going on... I read the novel until chapter 25, but can anyone who finished the novel attest that the script writers are being true to the rest of the story or did they scheme something into the drama here? Hide contents This whole GuJian + XiaoFeng momentum and her mistaking him as GuXiaoWu came from out of left field. I'm so confused and worried about the next few episodes, like will she realize this or will it all end with her thinking LiChengYin killed the love of her life when he is in fact the love of her life?? Like, okay, he isn't the greatest hero ever, given his long list of wrong deeds and decisions, but is there really no hope in a true Happy Ending at all?? God this is a tragedy within all tragedies. I might need therapy after this drama is over
  3. After rewatch ep 8, If i were XF I would also scare with LCY and I will not also believe him for what he has done to her in order to eliminate Dan Chi. jayyepeee: thanks for the spoiler of ep 45-48. It is heart breaking to see XF finally remember the past and her 2nd wish that LCY to kill GJ is come true. First LCY do not wish to kill GJ and now he really kill him due to his jealousy. OMG.. so sad... look like karma...
  4. Polaris7171: because LCY felt XF hatred when she prepare a knife to attack LCY when he get nearby. Well in deed a sad story.. 1st life time is when GXW and XF at Dan chi, then both jump to forgotull river 2nd life time is when LCY and XF at palace 3nd life time I thought XF jump again to forgetful river and she forgot but LCY not forgot till end XF kill herself.. So sad ending..
  5. Golden flower: This is my first drama watching a bad guy as a male lead. The guy was very bad.. He kill her grandfather and destroy her Tribe.. I was like wow.. How come he didnt consider the girl feeling? If the guy really love the girl, he shld forgive like the girl said in trailler... I forgive u.. Then the guy din consider he shi friendship too.. Such as sad ending... When i know that the XF really cant take it anymore and take her ownlife. Ep 10 the XF ask GXW to kill his cousin as her 2nd wish so he can have the feeling of losing but GXW din kill his cousin but after he forgotten 2nd time XF really kill his cousin.. Such a sad sad ending... Both guy like same girl. I respect GX (cousin) more as he din want to hurt the girl feeling although he know that he also like her from start.
  6. Today is my first day watching this series.. i just curious from the comment and news that this series is quite hits compare The Legends. I just reach ep4, well not bad... the actress played XF character did well... she was 28 years and the guys was 22 years.. 6 years different... the actress played well.. love it... Wah... when read the spoiler.. i was like waks? the guys really a jerk.. i also see the trailer.. what a sad ending.. haiz...
  7. Drink 2 Kong Kong pil not only cause her as a widow.. also she need to explode 5 times.. lol.. Alila Nguyen 429 Posted 4 hours ago I laughed at how ZY is like: “no divorce paper??” And MQ is like: “you are now a widow! Who are you gonna divorced from?” (angrily stomping off, probably because now he has to deal with the fact that she was someone else’s in record , at least with the divorce from her, it mean she denies her husband/the marriage poor our puppy, want ZY to himself in every way ) ZY: “drank 2 pills make me a widow -.-“. our heroine is pretty awesome, “I looked at you the whole night, and we “gave birth” to a son?!” And now “I drank 2 pills and it makes me a widow!”. Her innocent actions always have dire consequences that kill a woman’s “traditional reputation” (idk how else to describe it lol )
  8. Maybe pop.. due to happiness.. keep collecting money.. hahaha
  9. This is the one that ZY suddenly explode.. No fight then suddenly pop... magic... gone.. lol
  10. Love the preview 38. So funny.. Why MQ at zhi di? Golden diety is luo ming xuan.
  11. Pristineqi: which wuji? Yeah.. Their kissing were best of best.. Love their pairing... I can see their love sprakle... Rouzmary: yea... Eps 9... Cant wait to rewatch the ep 9 with sub... Thnks for the update. Yea.. Quite cool to see bai lu dress in man.. Wondering how xu kai felt when he fell in love with bai lu... Will he think himself as gay or secretly he know that bai lu was a girl and he will protect her during the training? Hahaha.. Hope there is more more more...romance rather than war politic..
  12. Mrsj3n, worth to watch.... Pls pls pls watch it... U will love them.. Alila nguyen: lol... hahaha.. maybe hoh... Btw.. anyone realized that the kissing scene in front of gate from night change to daytime? Hahaha
  13. his dot came back "im hungry i want bread." "there only a couple more km(?) before we reach out destination" "cant walk anymore" "then have some" (look at that smile- doting husband runner up) >>> How come the dot on QQX head comeback? i thought dissappear ??? so he back to saint again?
  14. "Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan kissing scenes are all WOW in my opinion . You can feel the love, the passion, the longing." yes... that what I feel too when I watch this. I feel their love.. flirting and longing... and.. i would like to see them play together as couple.. love their pairing..m
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