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  1. Zhao liying confirm married with feng shiao feng... omo... big news for me.. happy for them
  2. So the little girl that talkin to tang yue (jm son) is mu ci and liu ying demon princess. I dun remember this in d novel. Yea.. at least the immortal destruction tribe has last descendant.
  3. thehumantree: pinky, greenish... So far 2 only... Hahaha
  4. Currently i am watching Because of You by deng lun. Not bad his acting so funny.. jdnle : yea.. XF said he never heard abt that pil. He thought that JM just make excuse. He din believe JM explaination.
  5. jdnle : ep 5 when jm dress in girl, jm said she dress in girl to make him happy. XF overjoy when think JM like him. Ep 6 when JM feed him ling zi with her mouth to his mouth.. Finally ep 7, when XF hurt by qiong qi and before pass out he remember his conversation with his uncle that he already fall in love with JM and will do anything even sacrifice his life for her. Phada : she did mention about that pill. I forgot which ep cos still raw. Later will rewatch again..
  6. And someone asking about the age... I think ep 44 when moon god birth day, kuang lu father sing a song about the 2 sons of heaven. One is 9 year (maybe 9000 years) and the younger one is 5 year (maybe 5000 years) then JM is 4 year (=4000 yrs) Hahahaha bluerosear : he know. JM confess that because of the pill, she doesnt understand what is love.. But XF dun believe.
  7. dramacraze9006 : thanks for the spoiler link. Love it love it... Btw.. Abt one of the picture.. XF in black hug JM in blue dress in d demon world. Actually is ep 58 to 59 where JM dreaming and dream was capture by dream beast.
  8. Yea... RY ask JM to come back to heaven. JM replied she was doing fine at demon world. (reject to go back to heaven) XF: majesty do you know that we already married? She is my underworld queen... Lol..... RY: how dare you take heaven quee? Lol.... XF so proud that finally he win over RY.. Correct me if my translation is wrong..
  9. Snake pretend as RY He keep saying mei er... JM alrd know that is pu chi http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4279914787206880
  10. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4279925360776125 Flower given before back hug
  11. Personally, i would said phoenix suffer more than JM. 1. He fall in love first with JM. That time JM dunno what is love. 2. He will do anything to make her safe. He even follow her to mortal world in order to protect her from his mother order to kill JM. 3. XF need to wait 5000 years before JM revive. The longing for love, desperation of love,waiting for love to come back need to wait for 5000 years. The seperation feeling.. Gosh.... I cant imagine.. Its like torturing... Kimchi Sweet Potato said: Personally, I used to think they suffered equally. Now, not so sure..
  12. Thanks for the spoiler. So ep 60 -61 is the wedding. 62 battle. 63 revive, wedding and baby.. I need more love dovey ep..
  13. "Also, they're giving Pu Chi a love story so late into the story. Like, why are they doing this to us now?! We're trying to just get our OTP's scenes from the novel without a rushed ending! " I just saw the raw ep 55-56. Hahaha.. Pu chi first love actually SH. Lol... I think otp want to show that SH character is bad not because of empress. Since begining SH wanna approach the empress and make a good impression. I think SH love power..