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  1. Hi, for all who think this ending is bad, its actually very good!!! It follows the original journey to the west tale where sam jang was rescued from the land of dead and Son Oh gong has the capability to change the “book of life ” and let her live for as long as he wants!!!! (Maybe another 100000 years?) Instead of them meeting on the streets after Sam jang is reborn or Sam jang revive and at most live for another 100 years? And also the way the writers ended Ah San Nyeo life actually made us pity her and after knowing Bu Ja was already gone long ago. ( Actually it wouldnt make sense if she can continue to live) So its actually the best ending!!! but im curious, WHO IS THE BABY HAHAHHAHA
  2. Maybe The child that resembles Son Oh Gong, it could be that Son Oh Gong died while saving Son Mi and the baby is his reincarnation? Anyways im still very curious as to why Son Oh Gong was locked up in the five elements mountain after being betrayed by a human