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  1. I don't know the exact reason but I think this arrangement was made by his agency. Thank You(and Jang Hyuk too since Windstruck was popular there) was quiet popular in Japan so Sidus used to arrange a fan meetings for him alongside their other super popular Hallayu stars. It helps to maintain his popularity there and most importantly he promotes his dramas. He was very popular in Korea too but he never holds a fan meeting because he doesn't need to promote his dramas this way there. It's just for business that's why he have his Japanese fan meetings during/after his dramas air.
  2. MBC has been loosing it lately. If they'll keep postponing the drama they would loose the little remaing viewers. And what on earth that v live clip was?
  3. Swordsman ! Where are you Swordsman !! I thought they would start promoting by end of October. Half of Bad Papa is over and still no news of Hyukie's new project? Jokes aside I hope he 'rests' first and he also needs to have a 'vacation' like us commoners. Bad Papa must have been super tiring for him.
  4. I think only Korean speaking person can tell what actually happened. But one thing is sure that silly CTH and KJK got scolded. I think it's much more humiliating if HKM's wife scolded them because she is much younger than all of them. But JH added that he hasn't tried it once and I think it was HKI who added "So it is OK to go to Hyukie's house". Regardless of who it was the incident is funny.
  5. I just rewatched the portion on other sites. The subs are slightly different and on the basis of my limited knowledge of Korean words it looks like they were talking about HKM's wife and KJK said JH told them that it's OK to visit his house. I think KBS world subs are slightly off. I've noticed their inconsistency many times.
  6. I rewatched the portion and you are right it is not very clear whose wife chewed CTH and KJK. But I think HKM's makes more sense because he and CTH are actual drinkers in the group and JH had little kids at early days of his marriage so they won't be that inconsiderate.
  7. It was not like that. CJW found the filming experience so exhausting. That's why he rejected the offer. Movie actors generally find drama filming very difficult. Not everyone is so hardworking (read crazy) like JH. CJW says he find filming(both movie&drama) tiring. Actually CJW owes Hyukie a little bit more. JH suggested him for the bodyguard's role in TWDR. CJW used to be a supporting movie actor but I think it was first role for which he was 'noticed' by the wider audience. He is a very very talented actor but getting noticed is equally important to survive. It's funny but one of other guy Yoo Hae Jin is also Hyukie's friend. He is in 'shy group' and he is really shy.lols
  8. Thanks for the translated clips @azureblue7. I knew that he and Cho Ji Woong are friends since Chuno days but didn't know they were this close. Poor CJW he is such a funny guy but his marriage was 'ruined' because of 'sincere' Hyukie.lols And though it may sound weird to other people but I think JH aptly named him 'tasty' actor. I too feel same way when I see him. He is just magnetic.
  9. Awww Why does he always get injured while filming? Hope he recovers soon and glad that it was not a serious injury. I think it was from the day when he shooted for 18 hrs.
  10. No it was Hong Kyung Min's wife who got upset because drunk CTH and KJK barged in their house. Hyukie consoled them by saying it's alright to invade his home. That burly guy was holding the pills in one of the last scenes. But it's not clear what he is going to do with them.
  11. Yes you were right! But that sequence was unbelievable. Where are the CCTVs? Alarms? Etc etc. How could he easily break into the room? Why do the subjects need to be in the proximity of the medicine and the lab itself? I have million questions which will remain ananswered. But I'm concentrating on the good now. It is clear now SJ's constant nagging did not originate from her dislike towards JC but it was more like an indirect plea for help. JC ever so clueless(like most of men) failed to read the signal and blamed all of it solely on his inability as a provider. That's why SJ was always like "that stupid", "that fool" etc etc. She didn't actually intend to humiliate him but she was continuously provoked by his ill-timed(which we know a number of time was due to bad luck) actions. SJ and JC both have the tendency of turning a blind eye towards possible negative consequences of their actions when they think they are doing the 'right' thing. In this way both of them are not 'reflective' characters. SJ chose to ignore MW's actions and remarks which clearly indicated that he is meddling in her and JC's affairs. While JC is blind towards his dependence on the 'medicine'. He also thought it was 'right' when he handed divorce papers to SJ(we can partially blame C2H6O) at most inconvenient time. I think SJ must have been more expressive in the past but after unexpected turn of fate and JC's heartless reaction(All of their misfortunes aside, his wife had just suffered a miscarriage. He even didn't give her a shoulder to cry.) to the situation she had to toughen up. She took it upon herself to settle their problems. She knows that JC actually loves the family more than anything in the world but he is guided by his emotions. Till his defeat their married life had been a bed of roses but as the calamity striked she was able to see his true colours. He is not the great wall of emotional strength that every woman dreams her man has has be. The man who would put his pain aside in the pursuit of protecting his family's intrests. Now she is incharge of everything the chores, the child and even money. She thinks she is 'better' than him(which is true to some extent). She tries to be perfectionist at every front of her life. She puts the sense of 'duty' on the higher plane than the prospect of fulfilling her 'dream'. She is totally opposite of JC in this regard who stops being himself after his 'dream' is shattered. He is not so willing to find his 'duty' remotely enjoyable. SJ is realist. JC is a lost soul. SJ's real problem is she is not disposed to 'share'. She is unwilling to share her responsibilities, her dreams and her feelings (now even her room with her man) with her family. Even though she acts like a leader but she is not true 'leader' of the family. She is not a teamplayer (though she could have been in the past). She doesn't know how to exert her feminine authority up to full magnitude. I really felt bad for her when she blamed herself for not being a good mom. Even though their kid was directionless for some time but it looks like she has instilled good values into her and YS is talented. YS is not a spoiled brat. Her desire to be 'perfect' is over-burdening her. She could've just ask her 16 years old daughter to wake-up on her own(alarm clock exist). But she also had to take it upon herself. She could've asked her husband to clean his mess himself but she never did. Maybe her 'ego' stops her from requesting things from JC or she believes he should know it on his own. But in the end it hurts her more than anyone in this world. She thinks nobody cares for her which is not true. But it's true that nobody knows what she cares about. Now when she tried to chase her dream that 'scheming MW' gave her even deeper wound than JC. JC's judgement was marred by the circumstances and he actually loved SJ throughout their reationship. What's more that she loved him back (atleast at some point of her life). But MW on the pretext of his revange toyed with her feelings. She has nobody but herself to blame. Her long cherished belief in herself has been shattered. She knows that she can also be 'wrong' sometimes. Only person she can turn towards in this condition is JC(doesn't matter how much alienated she is from him). Even though he can't provide kind of consolation she desires at the moment but she knows even in their turbulent relationship she knows that his heart is truly with her. According to the editor SJ's writing is really good but does not suit the popular taste. So I think she needs to introduce a few erotic sub-plots here and there so that it can be more 'relevant' and 'intresting' lols. Her book's title is also in the desperate need of renewal. "One Who Came Spilling the Blood" sounds like a gory horror.
  12. Thanks writer for ending SJ-MW association and stopping SJ from looking naive/clueless. Can you please stop JC from being the drunkard of the century? He is supposed to be a professsional fighter !
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