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  1. Park Eun Bin, Seo Ji Hoon, And BTOB’s Yook Sungjae In Talks For New tvN Drama Feb 21, 2019 by D. S.kim More actors are in talks to star in tvN’s upcoming drama “Man Who Bakes Bread” (literal title). “Man Who Bakes Bread” is a romance drama based on a Naver webtoon, which tells the story about a cat who can transform into a human and the cat’s owner. Previously, it was reported that BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is in talks to take on the role of Hong Jo, the cat that sometimes becomes a man. On February 21, reports stated that Park Eun Bin and Seo Ji Hoon are also in talks for the drama. In response, Namoo Actors said, “‘Man Who Bakes Bread’ is one of the dramas that Park Eun Bin was offered. She is currently reviewing the offer.” Seo Ji Hoon’s agency similarly responded, “It has not been confirmed that Seo Ji Hoon will appear in ‘Man Who Bakes Bread.’ It is one of the dramas he has been offered.” “Man Who Bakes Bread” is written by Joo Hwa Mi of “Marriage, Not Dating” and “Introverted Boss” and directed by Lee Jong Jae of “100 Days My Prince.” The drama is set to premiere in the first half of 2019 via tvN. (I want both Seo ji hoon and Yook Sungjae ) But I don't know about Park Eun bin.
  2. Drama premiere 14 Feb, 2019 @0ly40 Officially available on youtube. (It may not be available in some countries but by using VPN app you can watch it )
  3. Jung jae won Appearence confirmed NAVER news I'm so happy with his casting ❤ His character Second lead as idol star and may be Brother of Ryan (Kim Jae Wook ).
  4. Any subbing news......? I'm curious to know about him. With new teaser I think he's also linked to dark side.
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