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  1. We were meant to be together but writer tear us apart I don't know When did you start living in my heart? I don't know The reason my heart flutters when I see you You can pass me by because you Forgot about me Because until you remember I will Wait for you My love, look at me Do you still love me? My love, look at my eyes and tell me A heart full of love can’t be hidden Don’t ever forget the truth that I was By your side Don’t erase my heart that could sacrifice Everything for you @boradori90 I think that's why gong myung decline the offer. It was same as his previous role.
  2. After watching this drama I'm totally disappointed not only because teamMinho. But seriously this drama is one of worst drama I had ever seen. Best Casting and highlighted drama theme doesn't make best drama. THIS drama can not be called as best or not even good or simple story. The writer create the whole mess. Writer have nothing new and repeating past . There are not only few but so many similarities between two scripts. Hurting and highlighting of second lead , even the accident scene (both min Ho and gong myung had accident ) and outing etc. Just by adding medical theme writer rewriting the drinking solo characters (but drinking solo was still much better than this) - Atleast No confusion and no negative shading of character purposely. It's not the matter of who's first and second lead. But it's all about injustice happened with Jang Dong-yoon as Min Ho. Before this interview I'm not that much upset but now I'm more upset at highest level thinking about what happened to him was purposely done. As for drama poster Lee joon hyuk (as Dr ye) First on the position and Jang Dong-yoon in middle and Lee yoobi last. But Lee yoo bi was the main Character all over the above, drama based on her You who forgot poetry -An aspiring poet must make a tough choice between her dreams and making ends meet, but just because she's put down her pen doesn't mean the words won't find their way back to her. SO she was main lead among the all leads and having third or last position in Poster. So how can we judge priority from first and last position to consider main lead..?
  3. @sansukini-_- thanks for your post. I knew this they purposely destroy his character . From the starting it was him but whatever happened with Min Ho and Jang Dong-yoon really made my heart more hurt. His character poster quotes you have to look for a long time to love.......... He was the only one in this drama who's emotions and feelings touched my heart and made my heart hurt. The pain reflecting in his eyes really unbearable for me. He was always shown hurting and crying so much . This drama disappoint me alot more than any drama I have ever seen In every way. ( the time when bride of water god drama disappointed me I was hurt so much but atleast secondary characters save that drama and my heart. ) Because writer and PD made this decision no need to ask about low ratings. They choose to destroy the drama himself. Just because the character was shown bad doesn't mean he doesn't deserved to be loved.
  4. JANG DONG-YOON AND Yoon shi yoon heading to SABAH, MALAYSIA FOR shooting sbs law of the jungle - Members - Shinhwa (Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Andy Lee), Lee Da-hee,Yoon Shi-yoon,Kangnam,Jang Dong-yoon
  5. Naver news gugudan member Mina will be playing the role of Jum Soon, the daughter of Sun Ock Nam and her husband. Although she was reincarnated as a tiger in her current life, Jum Soon manages to become human through training. After being reunited with her mother, she spends her days switching back and forth between human being and lovable cat. Jum Soon is also hiding another secret—after coming of age, she ends up becoming an enthusiastic writer of steamy fiction.(soompi)
  6. Im posting today again and again because may be its gonna be last day to post , with a broken heart I'm not gonna open this thread tomarrow. Im not denying truth I know there's no chance for my ship but still it's like a prevention for me to bear the Ending pain .
  7. From the starting to end journey of Minho and bo young..............
  8. Do you remember The time you love me Cause I still remember everything We're in the same town But you're nowhere to be found So tell me now Do you ever miss me? How could you just walk away Is it that easy to forget me? Now there's nothing left No evidence That I was ever in your life But I'm still the same So why did you change? YOU WHO FORGOT ME