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  3. May I know what Sunny says at the end of the preview that cause Hyuk turns his head?? Thanks.....
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    @sushilicious You posted +2 in German thread.... +2
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  9. Hear, hear @Dhakra!!! Remember sharing is caring... Beside I am agree completely with @angelangie, we need a PROOF as in a PIC to know whether you got a German abs or German beer belly or even a German. You have been boasting non stop in our HQ thread about your gym activity, 190 plus height, yadaaa yadaaa blah blah blah...but after promised to ME to show it after a year, now you said never....pfffftttt!!!! @triplem We didn’t completely hijack this thread bcoz it still within the topic. German as in person, checked.... German as in language, checked... German as in Tutor, checked... @Dhakra did a tutorial before too The only thing that slightly out of topic is the gender which is no biggie....
  10. Because I requested a German abs???
  11. @Dhakra I also asking for a solid evidence that you really are a German. In Soompi we had seen and distinguished so many Korean and Chinese abs, so we need a German abs now....
  12. @Dhakra Apparently, there’s a German style of talking....How come as a German you have no idea about it??? Are you sure you’re a German??? I doubt it.... I demand a solid evidence!!! Because I noticed there were seem to be many non German who have more knowledge about German....