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  1. Loving this drama! All the cast are good in acting including the little girl. I think PY is possessed by PID and PID actually wanted to possess HP in the end, when HP's psychic abilities are unraveled/unlocked. I think HP could also be the key to vanquish PID once and for all. Maybe HP’s psychic abilities are more than he or anyone knows , since his powers were locked since young. So PID could be trying to turn HP’s power into his benefit instead of against him. Mateo is good, but poor Mateo is getting weaker with all the exorcisms he had done. I hope Mateo doesn't die in the end...
  2. Oh @icemaid that just made my imagination go wild.. if you know what i mean..
  3. @Gravityoflove you should also watch LYY in the short mini drama 'You Drive Me Crazy'. She's good there too. In short, LYY is a great actress and im glad YSY gets to work with her! She can look cold and tough in Tunnel, and sweet and lovely in DJ. Such a chameleon actress! Im sure YSY learn loads from her and is enjoying himself for sure, despite playing double role and being doubly busy.. he also praises her acting, saying that it mesmerizes him so much, he didnt event realise time flies! The best compliment really! Hope to see more of this lovely couple onscreen and offscreen!
  4. Reliving one of the earlier bts.. while waiting for kiss scene bts..
  5. Above all.. i really like their common but yet exciting 'love play in the office'. They really acted it well. Who hasnt 'eyeplay' with their crush in office/school before? Hahaha. So common, so relatable, and so efficient. No need extensive 'skinship' to get you all excited. The 'imagery' is enough.. perfect partnership LYY-YSY!
  6. @icemaid agree.. beautiful song! As if KH is SE's home.. and SE is also KH's home.. these two are such perfectly matched character wise! The writer is a great one indeed! Really thanks for the beautiful story.
  7. Rewatching one of the many great hand holding scenes.. hahaha!
  8. @rachelyun indeed they are! So cute! I just rewatched the whole eps again.. thr kiss scene gets to me everytime! i hope we get more soon.. and BTS!!!
  9. This poster said it the best! Best happy ending! Hahaha. The way LYY look at YSY and smile.. thats the 'brightest smile' ive ever seen! And this:
  10. I also duno how. Will have to learn.. but posting pics in soompi is such a chore.. haahaha
  11. Nope.. but i'll like to swarm this page with pics and gifs of them.. just to pay homage to them! They have the saddest history, but sad history can also be the point which pulls them tgt! Im sure 'fate' is involved here somehow .. its destiny! And destiny is something YSY believes in alot.. Destined by God.. arranged by the heavens.. match made in heaven! From LYY 'almost' got casted in Mirror of the Witch (which was a wonderful and beautiful drama, even with Kim Sae Ron), to YSY joining 1N2D as KJH's replacement, then LYY reportedly dating KJH.. and the unfortunate incident last yr.. and now, LYY is working with YSY who she almost crossed path with before she dated KJH, and who is KJH's replacement in 1N2D.. its all so bittersweet.. but rather than thinking that's a hindrance to their developing relationship, i think that actually makes them closer? Because YSY is bound to be told/advised by his fellow 1N2D members to be extra nice to LYY, the person closest to their beloved hyung before his unfortunate incident.. and LYY would likely find comfort in growing to know the ppl who KJH also loved.. its a treasured connection for sure!
  12. More.... i duno how many times i replayed this clip.. hahahaha..
  13. Hi @vvan23 thanks! I miss posting too.. but i dont like 'unpeaceful environment' due to certain reasons.. but this space is for likeminded ppl who ship LYY and YSY! Two wonderful and cute actors! So only likeminded ppl should be here! Hehe. Sometimes i duno if i love LYY more or YSY.. ahahahhaa.. maybe LYY. Her eyes are just so beautiful.. and her voice kills me everytime! DJ is really my life drama!
  14. Well.. cause when a couple really love each other, they spent lots of time tgt, so they grew closer and grow to resemble each other, in mannerisms and later looks.. our gravity couple must be match made in heaven! Hahahaha. They already lookalike though they havent spend as much time tgt as the 'normal' old couples... its also why some ppl say pet owners sometimes looks like their pets... we tend to mimic the ppl we love & admire! These two must really 'love and admire' each other sincerely to be able to take such a perfect selfie!