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  1. I've avoided to share my thoughts and feelings so far out of tolerating and understanding. I think reminding everyone to keep to the topic which is forum rules is not too much. But I see there are some fans who persists in purposely not understanding and going so far as to provoke ppl with posting couple pics when we've already said there are ppl who doesn't enjoy shipping and they also know as much. I think who it is knows themselves. I'm not going to name names. If you ppl want to continue such a 'tone' in this thread, I don't find any further need to share any more 'intellectual' posts here in the future as well. I don't see there is any 'intellectual' posters who can engage me enough for more deeper discussion than the usual shipping talks or fangirling talks which, sorry to say, I'm not interested. So this will also be my final post, until or unless the tone changes around here. To those who want to continue to engage me with intellectual talks can PM me separately. Adios.
  2. @Farbod Asha there is no bullying going on or war in this thread. I don't know why you need to copy that here. Like you said, some like to ship YSY with person A, then another with person B. Definitely no wrong with it. But to prevent war, that's why it's best you bring such shipping talks to the shipping thread. That is the purpose of having shipping thread. If everyone wants to just talk about shipping in the actor's individual thread, why is there a need for a separate shipping thread in the forum? The reminder is just for everyone to adher to the forum rules and keep to the topic of the thread. There is no war so far because ppl are very tolerant and doesn't want to voice up to make things uneasy here. But it doesn't make it OK to ignore all the time and continue with shipping talks in this thread. Mention it once or twice about your preference is OK.. But to keep talking about it in YSY thread is not right. There are ppl who are interested in only YSY here.. Ppl who don't like shipping.. Different ppl, different preference.. Let's just keep to the topic in this thread which is YSY, and leave shipping talks in the shipping thread. That's the purpose of having a separate thread in the first place. Ppl of similar interests can discuss there. Refer to forum rules #6. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/337649-k-dramas-movies-actors-actresses-forum-rules/
  3. It’s not about serious or not, it’s out of topic. You are not the only fan of YSY. You ship him with someone, another fan will ship him with someone else. This goes on, some ppl will get hurt and worse case scenario we get fan wars. Why else do you think shipping thread exists? Some ppl like shipping irl, some dont. Respect each others opinions, and keep to the topic of the thread. You are free to ship to your heart’s content in the shipping thread, so feel free to create a thread and like-minded ppl can share your opinions there. This is not about limitations.. it’s just how the forum works.. so better keep to the rules so everyone can be happy..
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, there arent. GP is really not that popular at all. To give you an idea, look at the number of hearts (likes), in the MOA Naver Post for HwiHyun Couple. It has the lowest number of likes out of all MOA Naver posts, only 234! The highest number of likes for MOA post is instead, their first post, bts pics of when YSY cameo in a TV Chosun sitcom prior to GP drama. This post generated 648 hearts (likes). https://m.post.naver.com/my.nhn?memberNo=40654167 Articles about GP rarely trend on Naver, and average likes is only about 100 - 200, often lesser. Here’s a link to one article about YSY that has highest likes (179 likes) in this week so far: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003249421 This link is today’s article with the highest likes so far (only 78): http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003250894 Although the comments are all positive, I think the point here is not about the content of the comments, but how little interests these articles generate. The comments are usually from the same group of ppl, recycling their comments one way or another, and if you look closer, you’ll find the same ID too in all articles. This should tell you that the comments are just by a small group of ppl/devoted fans who’s out to write positive comments, but they dont represent the real ‘reaction’ of viewers in Korea. As for the international fans, i think if you visit viki, and other sites, you should be able to see how few comments there are, and how little interests there is about GP drama. Even in GP thread, it is always the same user who posts comments.. that should tell you the reception of the drama Internationally. Lastly, a reminder to @kaytesarang and @87yua . as well as everyone on this thread, this is a YSY thread, not a shipping thread. If you want to ship YSY with any particular artist/celebrity, perhaps best to create a shipping thread separately.
  5. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0003336419 Actor Kwon Hwa Woon (acts in drama Switch, profile http://asianwiki.com/Kwon_Hwa-Woon) had an interview and talks about his friendship with YSY. Portion about YSY: Q. 본격적으로 연기 활동을 시작한 과정을 설명해준다면. Q. Please explain the process of how you started in acting. “경기대학교 연기학과로 진학했는데 진로를 두고 고민을 많이 했다. 주변에 물어볼 사람도 없었다. 휴학도 하고 요리를 할까 생각도 하고 흔들리다가 일단 군대를 갔다. 제대 후에 학교 동문인 윤시윤 선배와 친해졌다. 서울에 올라와서 돈도 없고 머물 곳도 없던 어려운 시기였는데, 윤시윤 집에서 1년 동안 같이 살았다. (윤시윤이) 이미 배우로 활동하고 있을 때였는데 바쁜 와중에도 내게 많은 조언을 해줬다. 막연하게 기다리기만 하지 말고 다양한 경험을 하고 작은 영화에도 열심히 참여하라고 했다. 어떻게 연기를 해야 할지, 어떻게 살아야할지 방황하던 시기에 큰 도움이 된 사람이다. 내가 잘 되면 꼭 보답해야 할 사람 중 하나다." “I was enrolled in the acting school in Kyonggi University, but i left the course and had lots of worries over what to do. There was no one around for me to ask as well. I took a leave of absence from school, thought about whether i should learn cooking, as i was wavering over my choices, i decided to first join the army. After discharged from the army service, I became close to my school sunbae YSY (YSY is also from same uni). I came to Seoul without much money, it was a tough time, i lived at YSY’s house for a year or so with him. YSY is already working as an actor, despite being busy, he gave me lots of advice. Dont just wait vaguely but try to experience everything, whether it is a movie project, just join and work hard. At a time when i was wondering how to act and how to live on, he was a person who gave me great help. When i do well, he is one of the people i will need to repay (his good deeds).”
  6. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003039431 LOTJ casting and grouping confirmed. 1st half: Kim Byung Man, Park Seong Gwang, Park Sol Mi, Park Jung Chul, Sung Hoon, Tony An, Apink Kim Nam Joo, Wanna One (both) 2nd half: Kim Byung Man, Kangnam, Lee Da Hee, YSY, Jang Dong Yoon (actor in A Poem A Day with Defconn), Shinhwa (all 3) YSY will appear only in the second half of the LOTJ in Sabah trip. Each half is about 3-4eps long, total 6-8 eps per series of LOTJ. The guests in each half dont meet up. So you dont get to see Wanna One with YSY/Shinhwa, for example. Guests in 1st half will arrive in Sabah first, and after surviving for 3D2N, then they’ll wrap up and leave. The 2nd group will then join KBM and they’ll go to a different place in Sabah and start part2 story, surviving for another 3D2N.
  7. It is Sabah Malaysia. This is the original article about LOTJ team planning the next trip to Malaysia with Kim Byung Man and is working on casting at the moment. Subsequently, YSY is the 1st confirmed cast. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=052&aid=0001136100 title of the article reads: [단독] '정글의 법칙', 다시 말레이시아行…5월 출국 예정 romanized: [dandog] 'jeong-geul-ui beobchig', dasi malleisiahang…5wol chulgug yejeong translate: [Exclusive] ‘Law of the Jungle’, back to Malaysia.. expect to depart in May
  8. Well, as we know, donggu is a devout Christian. He always prays before eating. And he also previously mentioned how he is a good church-going boy since young. Christians are known not to believe in such ‘fortune telling’ practices. Although this is for variety show only of course, but maybe Donggu didnt want to have his fortune told in accordance with his religious beliefs. Best to respect that, if that is the case.
  9. blackberrypie

    [Drama 2018] Eulachacha Waikiki 으라차차 와이키키

    http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=081&aid=0002908457 news just broke.. LYK and JIS are dating, have been in a relationship for abt a year ady, before waikiki...
  10. That event is like a quiz with several questions. So the picture u saw with moon Chae won is one of the questions. The qs are those 'pictures', ie. Of the following, who is not a character in drama Daegun. Answer would be Moon Chae Won, of course.
  11. @ckdrama she’s good, but not good in emotional scene = not good. Anyway, this is the page for YSY. If you want to talk about shipping, ie. they’re comfortable or not, i think you should go to the shipping thread. Likewise for those other talks about shipping Yura with YSY.
  12. Not bed scene. The director said ‘cham-jari’, which means sleeping location. If you’ve watched enough of 1N2D you should be familiar with this term ‘cham-jari bok-buk-bok’, which means game of chance for sleeping location. ‘Cham’ means sleep, and ‘jari’ means place/location/spot. Bed scene is also called ‘bed scene’ in Korean, or ‘chim-dae jang myeon’. ‘Chim-dae’ means bed, ‘jang-myeon’ means scene. But within the filming industry, they use the english term ‘bed scene’ more commonly than korean term. If you’ve watched how the actors/actress called it when they talk about bed scenes in korean movies, you’ll hear the use of the term.