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  1. Haha said Jongkook's American wife's name is Julia. Maybe I'm being a bit delulu but that does sound a little like someone else's name....
  2. @spartaceluv98 Thanks so much for the clarification!
  3. There's also a small moment when JK helps Jihyo with her watch.
  4. Not SA but looks like Haha will be joining Jihyo! Also Lee Da Hae!
  5. Wow! Jihyo wore those caps for quite some time too. I thought they were sponsored but hearing that it was a custom cap and not for sale just shows how loyal jihyo is as a friend. Somewhat reminds me of how Jihyo has been wearing them same One N Only cap that has the letters covered. Both caps are worn not for promotion but for personal reasons.
  6. @tiglon I can't really remember the details but the other guy is a member of Turbo. They did a little skit when they appeared on Haha's web show to promote their album.
  7. I thought the same. Especially when the MC's brought up Han Ye Seul naming JK the most attractive member on MUD. Jongkook's witty response to that was my favorite though, because while making a joke he also made it clear that there was nothing to read into.
  8. I don't know her filming schedule or what else she might have planned for this month but I do know she'll be in china on the 23rd for a fan meeting.
  9. I wonder if this will have any effect on MUD. The PD's seemed pretty determined to keep that loveline alive. The timing is instresting. Just yesterday all the articles wrote of Jongkook picking Jihyo over HJY (of course it never really came down to a vs. as the headlines suggested) and now HJY openly denies a romantic relationship with JK.
  10. not really about SA just something i noticed while watching RM live right now
  11. Saw this comment under one of the articles about Jihyo's fan signing today.
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