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  1. Haven't been posting here since the story become very confusing. I must say, Tee comes with a lot of emotional baggage. From what I've seen so far, he's a problematic kid from a broken family. Given this background (and his age), I'm not surprised by what he did. Still, this kid need a professional psychologist, not a boyfriend...
  2. But what are they going to feed each other then? Regular not-advertisement food? Surely not! And what about those "you've got ice cream in your finger/lips/d*ck, let me lick it for you" moments? Surely you don't want them to disappear!?
  3. Ae's niece is the kind-of-Yiwha here. She did pretty well on her first appearance.
  4. Yup, not happening. You can even tell that Ae looks at her nonchalantly, unlike how he looks at Pete the first time.
  5. Not really. GB also need lube (although it's not as vital) since there's a lot of thing than can make women 'dry'. Not to mention, some women can be very tight, in which case extra lubing is a good idea. Generally I would recommend always bringing a lube just in case.
  6. Yeah, but it can be hard to find a proper lube. Like, they sell condom everywhere but not lube (even though lube is also an important part of safe sex).
  7. Aww...
  8. Ae is sooo innocent. He looks like he's flirting, but is actually oblivious on what he's doing. Meanwhile, Pete looks innocent, but I bet his mind is not. Can't blame him though; nobody can resist ogling Ae.
  9. I just realized that Pete will be Ae's first kiss (it's right there in the trailer but I just missed it all this time somehow). So Ae's a total virgin. XD
  10. Demisexual means not having any sexual interest in anyone until you've formed a romantic relationship. So what I was saying is that Ae probably isn't looking for sex at all until he becomes close with Pete.
  11. Eh... I'll say Ae's a demisexual. He doesn't show much sexual interest at all (as shown by his total lack of interest in porn). It's only after he becomes close with Pete that he starts to ask his roommate about 'doing it'.
  12. If there's a season 2, pretty sure Pond will be 'converted'. (jk, we have enough couples as it is)
  13. Agree! I don't think Pete is feminine at all. Naive, child-like, never get any dirt on his hand, but not feminine.
  14. Amazing first episode!!! Why is this not more popular... Anyway...