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  1. After watching the last episode, I can finally understand why Tin can eventually fall for Can... They're basically Naruto & Sasuke , but with Can being a tad noisier than Naruto.
  2. Now I start to understand why Tin could like Can. He said he doesn't like people that want to use him and people that keep secrets from him, and Can is exactly not that kind of people (although I must say Can's smart enough to 'use' Techno for food, but that might just be because Techno is even more ngò then Can).
  3. Oh Ae... Searching that kind of stuff w/o at least going incognito and closing everything before you go. Amateur mistake! (Although he IS an amateur )
  4. I love how the sweet music just abruptly stops when Tin enters. So evil!
  5. Because beach = shirtless time & get wet time & "there's many hot guys so I can get possessive and jealous" time.
  6. Just learned about this from the FB group... This is so CRUEL!!! How am I supposed to pick one!? (There are a few others btw... Still can't pick in any of them...)
  7. Yeah, I really don't know how TinCan could happen. Like, what does Tin see in Can? I think the problem is that Can has been 80% comedic relief so far; we haven't seen him tackling serious issues. So that's why I still haven't found anything endearing about Can, but I'm waiting until the day it changes. This is the same with Techno, btw. He has also been mostly comedic relief, so I'm still not attached to the character.
  8. Btw, I'm impressed how Pete's mom just goes, "you and Ae will want to f u c k and I don't need to see that, go get a new apartment".
  9. The editing seems like it's trying to make Ton looks jealous at Au and Mork, but I don't trust the editing anymore. Also I completely forgot that Ching exists at all.
  10. What if they cast New Thitipoom as his boyfriend. It'll be funny, him going back to his 'old boyfriend'.
  11. Thinking in Pete's perspective, he probably doesn't realize how expensive his gift is. See, when you like someone you want to get them the best things, and sometimes rich people don't even realize they're giving you something worth your entire salary . Especially someone born rich like Pete; his definition of expensive would be very different from other people. I love how Ae is so straightforward (well, not 'straight' anymore, but gayforward isn't in the dictionary )
  12. That means, if we get a season 2, they'll finally start eating seaweed snack or soy milk or what have you.
  13. Me too! I don't know if Tin can understands Can's babbling. I don't read the novel, but he seems the type that'll 'ignore' Can unless he's saying something actually important.
  14. Of course... Why didn't I think about that!?