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  1. To those who believe that there are supposed to be no Sunny and Wang Shik romance since the beginning Some in this thread and many in SNS are trying to say how Sunny and Wang Shik were not supposed to be couple, just partner with same goal...I just remembered today that Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk together presented the couple awards in 2018. Here's what they had to say on their love line.. Choi Jin Hyuk Jang Na Ra So they were presenting couple awards..CJH clearly told he wanted to have the couple award with Hwangu Mama and JNR clearly said though at this moment they're more focused in revenge than love but by next year they're supposed to fall in love. So she asked for support and interest from the viewers. If anyone is interested to see the video i'm leaving the link bellow. It starts from 1:26:30. So you see The Last Empress not only promised us Sunny - Wang Shik romance to the viewers but also to it's actors. Surely Choi Jin Hyuk and Jang Nara knew what they were talking about. So if the production don't want to go through the promise we'll know they had changed the story line at the last moment and obviously deceived us.
  2. I like them both..So it will be nice if JNR confirms it. The drama's possible broadcast is in August, quite far which is good for both as LSY has a movie to film and JNR needs a rest after completing such a long drama as TLE.
  3. Thought it is necessary to leave it here..Enjoyed there on and off screen bonding a lot..Will remain as a sweet memory. Credit: https://twitter.com/choijinhyuklove/status/1097359253528928256 https://www.instagram.com/p/BrFThlfBrU0/ And to lighten up the mood sharing a cute Dong Chi-Yeol Moo moment. "If you ask me my name later it'll mean you're interested in me! kind of a confession...That became too easy for me." Check for myself: Never tell men that you're not interested in their names!
  4. Dong Shik commented on his Hyung's IG .. Credit: https://twitter.com/choijinhyuklove/status/1097359253528928256 Love the bonding between them on and off screen. Ari also left a farewell messages with their pictures together of the last filming.
  5. flutterby06

    Joo Won 주원- Welcome Back !

    @booha, good to see you here. Thanks a lot for the translation! I thought he was in some kind of multinational super market or something like that. Oh so he's in us army base. umm..in us base after discharge..Has he been invited by some army senior, I wonder! @ecs707a, don't feel stalkery..many of thought he was in abroad too.
  6. I think Bin has been delivering more strong words since he got to reveal himself as Na Wang Shik..I enjoyed those moments a lot.. In ep 23 when he said to Lee Hyuk by the side of the falls "Jinja Saram Anida!" I loved the tone of it so much that I keep repeating it. Sadly we only get two episodes of that.....Sigh! Hyuk has gone too far to be redeemed in my opinion.. The writer really didn't need to show him that much abusive with forced kiss and choking Sunny. That's the second time we see him choking Sunny. He already has a twisted mind which are enough to prove he's an insane and immoral person, it was unnecessary to show his abusive self so vividly. But damages are done. If the drama now somehow try to redeem him and go lenient on him by showing another bright(!) side of him, I don't know about others but I won't be buying it. I've said it before, I definitely don't want him to end up dead..That will be too easy conclusion for his character. Yes I missed mentioning that. But like @katakwasabi said it's a bit too late for new reveal..Specially the ones we're not interested in. There are many things need to be addressed but writer seems to be very much focused in showing us new twist rather than clearing the existing one. @jbeanie1709, thanks for pointing out these important factors. I'd like to see how the Writer and PD clean this mess too. They've gone too far to back down just like that. It's disheartening in so many levels. While Grand ED's suicide is sorrowful but it really is a stupid twist. Even if we overlook how Sunny and Oh family had to go with all the trouble because of Grand ED's supposed murder, we can't ignore that Team Manager Hong also chose to suicide because of the aftermath. Isn't that too cruel to Team Manager Hong? I'm suspicious of this reveal.
  7. flutterby06

    Joo Won 주원- Welcome Back !

    @ecs707a and @katakwasabi, I think he's still in Korea..The restaurant Kurosai_seoul most probably updated their IG about JW's visit. Can't find their link though. From coats to Hoodie..He looks cool. Btw, he started bombing his IG story before discharge.. He shared one with Lee Sewook, His best friend. It was good to see them together.
  8. I was so happy thinking they'd be able to wrap the drama properly with extension..but looks like they still adding unnecessary things and skip important ones. At this point I don't know if what I think, is what I should be thinking because the story and characters seemed to be changing bases time to time. Unnecessary : The old palace worker cameo by Kim Sumi. I thought that was such a waste of time. Enough with ED's comical scenes. That kind of filler is not at all welcomed at this point of the drama. They showed us new alliance of Wangshik-Sunny-Yura. While we know Sunny and Yura are now in a strategic alliance because they kind of share the same goal right now. But we all know it will not be easy for Wang Shik to work with Yura after what she did. I think it would have been understandable if Sunny is the one who convinced WS to work with Min Yura for now because she wants to bring down ED too. But sadly we don't get any scene like that. I do think Min Yura is now in revenge side. Her character looks quite stable after she knew the truth of Kang Ju Seung. But does she seem very apologetic for what she did before? My answer is "NO". She seemed to be wavering a bit when she last saw Dong Shik. But that's it. I interpret it like this-Min Yura knows she was wrong to do what she did. But she doesn't know how to apologize-apology will not be accepted either because what she'd done is not forgettable. So she keeps taking NWS-Sunny's side. Min Yura seemed to got it through her head that she could've lead a life that she dreamed of if ED didn't mess up with KJS. She said to Sunny that she now has some things (taking revenge on ED) to do. Many here seemed to be talking about how Seo Kang Hee is the main villain.I still think ED is the bigger one. ED is the type of person who never directly killed or touched anyone still manipulated/ordered others to harming the people she wanted out of her life. But somehow with her comical scenes she seems to be loosing her status as a pure villain. At the end of the drama If I see SKH is shown as the main target I'd be very disappointed. Because The Last Empress is supposed to be about how Sunny brings down the Imperial family with the help of Na Wang Shik . I'm already confused how they'll continue NWS's revenge without the appearance of NWS in the screen..If I see that there's no bringing down Imperial Family I'd be very very disappointing. To me it'd be pointless. And Lee Hyuk...Lee Hyuk is still being Lee Hyuk. He keeps showing many faces-but one thing remains same. He's continuously being selfish and unapologetic. He still thinks he has the right to do the things he did. He thinks Sunny should not do anything , to stay alive. what he does not think is that if he help Sunny to bring down ED, problems could be solved easily. He threatens Sunny for trying to reveal the truth as it involves him but he works with Yoon to uncover Seo Kang Hee because he knows SKH is the one who killed So Hyun. Yes..He may genuinely want Sunny to be alive (be it because he thinks he needs her or he actually loves her) but his way of doing that is so very wrong and selfish. Because now I know we may not see Wang Shik and Lee Hyuk's face off anymore..I'm now holding onto opening scene and ending scene of the episode 24. Sunny seemed to be resolved to crush them all. If I don't see the continuation, I wouldn't know what to say about this drama. So.... Oh Sunny, Fighting! Go, Crush Them..
  9. flutterby06

    Joo Won 주원- Welcome Back !

    Looks like he's having good time..
  10. Thank you. I know I tend to get a bit protective of characters I really like..I keep talking in their defense as long as I think I should. It was nice talking on behalf of my new favourite drama couple Sunny-WB. Their character chemistry touched my heart. And of course it was a delight to watch Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk together on and off screen. The schedule excuse, no appearance specifically on extension everything indicates a discord. I'm sad this happened in TLE. I hope CJH will take a rest pick a nice project because he seemed to be very busy in last half of 2018 with DJ and TLE. He seemed to be not a fan of action gener as he said so in interview. So most probably he will pick a rom(com) drama next. If I'm not too busy may be I can join in that thread too there too. About fangirling for Joo Won's drama, I can't wait. I hope the love line there would be amazing too so I can ardently talk in their defense. Edit: It looks like Oh Arin uploaded some pictures of last filming as a farewell message to CJH. such cute pictures!
  11. Awww..these two.. Gave such amazing performance for The Last Empress! Wish more great dramas for them ahead..
  12. I think I would be displeased if same thing happened to Shin Eun Kyung who plays Empress Dowager. Because she's one of the important character. If she was gone just like how CJH appearance ended, drama would definitely loose a part of it in my opinion. Because I'm a devoted TLE viewer. It's not just Choi Jin Hyuk fans who're upset about this mess. Drama fans are dumbfounded by this news too. So it's not just about CJH thinking he's the male lead. Even if you don't recognize NWS as male lead, his story is the base of why this all started. His mother got killed, Sunny became the alibi..NWS and OS wanted revenge. That's how this story started. Any particular actor fans are drama fans too.. most of us are primarily a drama fan then we found our own favourite actors/actresses. If you say that you're basically a drama fan and see no problem in sudden major character gone without a proper conclusion it doesn't make sense to me. A drama fan would definitely like the drama to be able to tie it's loose thread to entertain us properly. Yes, all the actors did super cool acting in TLE..The trio, Shin Eun Kyung , Lee Elijah, Eun So Yi even the child actors. All of them worked so hard for four long months but now such sudden change in the drama wouldn't be favourable. The drama production will definitely be criticized and the actors hard work as a whole may not going to get their deserved praise without restriction. As a drama fan I'm sad for that. My sentiments exactly. In last episode, one moment Lee Hyuk chokes Sunny the next moment he cries for her. One moment he burns Sunny's evidence, next moment he works with Lee Yoon. It's time they pick a side and make him stable in one character. I was planning to talk about this but this happened.
  13. here we're hoping that Na Wang Shik would have a happy ending..But look how the production has treated CJH! He (not only just him all actors did ther best from their position for TLE) went through so much hard work for this character, I'm sure he didn't want to end it like this! Now that you mention it, the fanmeet is on Feb 28 (One week after the episode broadcast). It is quite far while the last filming will probably end in two or three days. The fact they're saying that CJH's apperance ends in a particular episode also leaves many questions. Usually when a character has to end due to the actors schedule, they give that character a proper clouser. But TLE couldn't even give us even that scene (underlined) is because his appearence is restricted till episode 24. Does that not indicate a discord?
  14. I feel so sad that we had to see this..that CJH has to go through this! Hey @booha, when's the fan meeting?
  15. I can't believe it..What should I call it..unprofessionalism, negligence or insincerity! How could they do that to us viewers or the whole team who're doing hard work since oct/nov of 2018, almost four long months. How could they just give us such a major character mess up! The extension was in talk for a long time. Surely they're aware of CJH's schedule..If it conflicts with his schedule they could film his scenes earlier..why didn't they do that!His agency mentioned in their statement that the production of TLE knew about this schedule..that means the PDs didn't make arrangement to resolve this situation. From the pictures of Jang Nara in Lunar new year, it can be easily understood that part of episode 22 and 23 were filmed before Lunar New Year. They'd plenty of time to hurry filming CJH scenes.. They can film that damn Kim Su Mi cameo with ED to show us nothing important but they can't film more CJH scenes in advance! Do I have to believe it!? The fact that this PD has history of conflict with his lead actress in previous drama Return just makes me more bitter. Can't help but think there's something more than schedule conflict. The whole situation seems so very suspicious...aargh..I hate this feeling. Thanks for that gif @Super Gal99. That sums up my feeling right now. I was thinking of talking more about this week's episodes..But after seeing this mess, I feel so dejected now. If anyone is more sad about this situation, I beleive it's Choi Jin Hyuk.. He couldn't give a proper farewell to Na Wang Shik. I will be still there to watch last two episodes expecting to see Sunny crush the Imperial Family. But I'm not excited anymore. I don't even feel like watching the latest subbed episode.