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  1. Loved the movie and I will love this. I love Seo Hyun Jin's acting. So all and all, I only feel love! : D
  2. I am officially frustrated with how nothing is unraveled!!! I Will keep watching, but I am so annoyed about the so many almost somethings amounting to nothing!
  3. My korean is basically that of a 2 year old, but I think he did find out today. He put two and two together. He knows that she is his first love, and that he had the wrong name. No Soo-mi wasn't her name.
  4. OMG, did he drink one of the pollen-drinks? because he mustered a lot of courage, quickly!
  5. I miss them, should've waited a couple of days before watching. Now I have to wait 5 days:(. And I love the second lead and the drama his bringing
  6. I'm expecting a lot of skinship, he seems like the kind that touches without a second thought :D. Accidental holding of her. Later on a deep hug. NO kiss though, seems like something we'll see first ep.9 or 10. Side note: love a poll
  7. I don't think so either. Just before they were talking about his "girlfriend" and she has hurt her lip, so he's probably going to wipe of the blood...But then again I AM with you :D, hopefully they surprise us!
  8. Looks like Jin Woo is moving to "the area"?! Wonderful!:D
  9. It sounds like Kim Dong Ryul's voice, but no idea about the song though. Found it:
  10. Anyone else fearing that MH might have something to do with death of SJ's daughter? Could explain him not wanting to be affectionate towards his own dauther, born the same year as SJ's daughter. It could also explain him saying "I'm not allowed to love her" and wanting to help her and support her. The guilt is to much for him? On another note, love the OTP and the bus scene was perfect! (but I also have a weakness for bus and train scenes :D)
  11. Does anyone here know korean, enough to translate the last three lines? Or everything.
  12. 50 min episode felt like 20 mins. So good!
  13. I think endings in the fantasy genre often are left for the viewer to reflect on subjectively. So, it really is how I viewed it and what I personally find to be a happy ending. With that said: In Black, he is wiped out entirely from everyone’s memory, she lives happily, just to remember him when there was one-minute left of her life. Him being forgotten by everyone, after everything he went through, felt unfair. So i was dissapointed and felt robbed with the ending. In Goblin, he is left all alone, waiting for her, for god knows how long. And we know she will be reincarnated again, so their happiness is short-lived. And the Goblin doesn't have much to say about their fate, I felt like, so all he does is wait and live forever. He will never interact with his best friend and sister again. So for me it was a very sad ending. In Hwayugi, OG found love, that in itself is a happy ending, a deity that lived for so long without love and to finally give love and get love was beautiful. He drove off with a smile, letting us know he’s going to get Jin Seon Min, not a reincarnation or SM, but the actual JSM and we know that the heavens can’t control him (so mission accomplished). I also got the sense that she was a deity or something else, because even OG couldn’t figure her out and she didn’t really clarify what she had become either. And we know they have a baby waiting, Ppalli ppali! I think much of my initial disappointment with the ending was that I was expecting them to have a “human” ending. But OG was never human, and I don’t think JSM was meant to live a human life. When she was “visiting” she seemed content only thing she seemed sad about was OG´s pain because of the geumgango. And for the other characters it was business as usual, meaning that what we saw was a chapter in their supernatural world. And MW got to meet his son and they will be in each other’s lives and he is truly friends with OG now, so a happy ending. Bu Ja’s ending was sad but she started of dead and at least her killer was killed, so sort of a happy ending.