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  1. Shyness is endemic within her family Thank you for the pics.
  2. OK, a question for all you guys who use to follow a lot of Korean dramas, is this usual? I mean, there are no ratings because the show's starting is scheduled to next summer, and they're planning second season? As time goes by, I am more and more confused
  3. Let's look at it from a positive attitude: maybe this makes possible for So-hyun to begin "Miss Granny" and then, just some months away... two KSH dramas at the same time! Meanwhile... guess I'm going to re-watch "I Miss You" or maybe "Reset"...
  4. My God, second half of the year? That's weird, it's just eight episodes long. I hope somebody give us an explanation.
  5. I've made an easy guide to read the webtoon, here: https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/424274-upcoming-drama-2019-love-alarm-좋아하면-울리는-kim-so-hyun-jung-ga-ram-song-kang-premieres-in-2019/?do=findComment&comment=21395574 I've only read the free episodes, so I can't answer your question. If we are going to bet and taking Kim So-Hyun previous works in account, I guess it's lighter than "School 2015" or "Page Turner", more on the "Ma Boy" tone. Drama will come, of course, from the more-than-expected second lead syndrome But I could be wrong, of course.
  6. Reading Love Alarm webtoon - basic guide Chon Kye-young's "Love Alarm" is hosted at Daum.net. Direct link is http://webtoon.daum.net/webtoon/view/joalarm Every cover is an "episode" (or what is considered an episode in webtoon's world). The default sorting is "newest first", but you surely want to read it beginning from the start , so it's time to click on this link to sort them by "oldest first"/natural sorting: Once sorted, it's done. You are allowed to read the first seven episodes for free; then it's up to you to register and buy credits for reading, following Soompi's guide or whatever tutorial you find after a "how to register daum" Google search (there are tons of them). You can jump to the next/previous episode using the bottom panel. Don't get mixed up (like me ) with the similar arrows for browsing through the comment's pages: Characters/drama equivalence Of course, we all know Jo Jo is played by Kim So-Hyun. She's the main female lead, the tiny girl with black long hair and big eyes. Song Kang's character, Sun Woo, is the tall guy with black hair and cold temper. Jung Ga-Ram is playing Hae Young, Sun Woo's best friend, as tall as him but showing grey shorter hair. Jo Jo's cousin (Go Min-Shi) is the red haired girl. She's easy to identify Il-Shuk (Shin Seung-Ho) is Jo Jo's male friend, the one with his head shaved on both sides.
  7. Actually, "reading" the webtoon it's not that hard. I've just read watched the first pages (free) and got some jokes: Sun Woo "betraying" Jo Jo when she was hiding from his friend, who wants her to do a stupid role on stage; Jo Jo's cousin (the bad girl in every high school kdrama) being insanely followed by an obsessed loser... Luckily, it seems there's some comedy apart from romance. It's refreshing to watch So Hyun in such that role; maybe it was "Let's Fight Ghost" Hyun Ji the last funny one she played.
  8. It seems there are no English translations.
  9. Keep visiting this thread, we'll have instant news when Netflix say something. Alternatively, you can follow Netflix feed ( https://media.netflix.com/en/prs.rss ) or keep an eye to their upcoming series' list at https://media.netflix.com/en/only-on-netflix#/new?page=1 . Probably they will bring updates on SN things like Twitter, Facebook and the like, but I don't have accounts on them.
  10. @fieza1871Not confirmed, but Miss Granny: https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/328517-✪-kim-so-hyun-김소현-✪-weekly-mc-for-under-19-mbc-survival-idol-show-✪-2019-upcoming-drama-love-alarm-✪/?do=findComment&comment=21253833
  11. LOL. There is more information about coffee trucks than the filming itself. "CF Alarm... there's this new app that warns you when somebody near you is willing to send you a coffee truck"
  12. So, if I've understood it, those planned 8 chapters are covering just a part of the whole webtoon script, is that so? (Crossing fingers for the audiences...) (Only eight episodes... it's going to end SO fast... )
  13. Teenage hating is something inevitable in the world we are living, like cold rain, diseases, mosquitoes (aaarrggh!) and so on. As Sohyunnie has said some times, it was painful when she was twelve and many brainless haters were doing harsh comparisons between her and KYJ. Now she is a mature adult and well aware of this haters fact. I'm sure she considers them in the same "league" as flu: something bad you just have to accept and wait for it to finish. It's a sign that you are alive. And haters are like influenza viruses. They share 99.9% of DNA and IQ Don't be bothered by them, Sohyunnie doesn't.
  14. Maybe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x1SjqMvOIc