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  1. Keep reading this thread and the Love Alarm one. KSH is a national star and you can be sure once Netflix give us a date, it will be known even at North Sentinel island. There's Elif Ataş here inspecting every bit of information about Sohyunnie in the net. And about virtual castings... I'm not sure the fandom (netizens) is mature enough to watch Yoo-jung and So-hyun in the same drama, without starting (again) all types of flames and wars. Maybe when they're 30 years old.
  2. OK, if they assure it... And about Netflix, no new news since that September the 4th announce...
  3. At that distance, I couldn't even recognize my own mother... ♩♪ Baby shark... ♫♬
  4. Just for your information, one comment said this: "Hi I think you should take down these photos. The owner requested it. I think you should have covered their faces before posting." After last year's winter filming (remember her Radio Romance scenes into that frozen lake), I bet any following "cold day" will go almost unnoticed for her. So-hyun is now a polar (beautiful) bear.
  5. A chance to get a pic featuring a pretty actor with one of the hottests Korean young actresses, and not taking it? No way
  6. :S That's like saying, in 2018, "Conan the Barbarian" lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger... move on, people! She looks so mature in jacket+pants, love it! Thanks for all the updates!
  7. OMG, this is crazy. Starting to film with very little info (just two actors confirmed?) and news. Anyway, so excited!
  8. OMG, we know they spread like 50 suntan lotion bottles over Kim So-hyun in "Pure Love", but that one is Beyoncé...
  9. Yeah, that's what I mean. But I find it somewhat weird, do they always wait until the last moment? It's not just the male leads, it's almost everyone else but the writernims and KSH.
  10. Hum... the two boys are not confirmed yet? And the enemy/antagonist/hateable girl? (oh, there should be a bad one).
  11. Now that KSH has officially agreed, count me in. I hope Netflix won't make it hard to watch it outside SKorea. And English subtitles would be greatly appreciated! Anyway, I don't know the webtoon (please, keep us away from spoilers), but I'm foreseeing a big-fat-huge second lead syndrome
  12. I am so glad that she's an actress (sometimes a model) and not an idol. To be honest, I've never really understood the idol culture, even from those old days: I've known New Kids on the Block, Take That, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys... at the East side of the world, it's even crazier. There are dozens of new groups every year. I want to watch a 40-50 years old Kim So-hyun still working in movies/series and being respected in her job. How many "mature" Korean/Japanese/Chinese idols are widely known at this time? I remember just one: Namie Amuro.
  13. Loading them just for the comments A bet: 90% hating the writers (about the ending and the chosen boy), 10% hating Kang So-young. There are wounds that never get healed...
  14. @faye406 That makes all sense, mom is carrying MS in her arms (and I was searching on the ground ). Congrats, you've just found Wally!