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  1. Thank you for the BTS photos! I hope that the styling for YSH in this drama will be different from INAR, or else I might have a hard time distinguishing the character, especially when it seems like Kim Min Gyu and Bok Soo have some shared characteristics (sweet and kinda silly-- Bok Soo's character description said he's a silly hero right?) I haven't seen Jo Bo Ah from other projects, and I don't think I saw her in the BTS photos either? Maybe they haven't gotten to that part yet. Good thing they started filming right away after having all the actors confirmation btw, the drama's coming in December, so they should have plenty of materials by then and don't have to rush through things
  2. Aghh cuteness overload!!! I was about to say that I love seeing SJS with the kids, but I'd love to see how JIS interacts with the children as well, since she plays the role of their mother and their interaction on screen is so sweet and genuine, they must have gotten along well outside! These BTS photos are so cute, and I want a BTS video of her and the kids as well!! What if GAR actually escaped before Bon got to her and saw him jumping off the bridge? That can explain how Bon may be rescued from drowning and it's a great chance for GAR to realize she cares a lot for him?
  3. LOL that scene made me think of my own driving lesson, when my instructor kept on yelling instructions and held on to the door handles for dear life... I promise I drive better than AR tho, but at the same time when she said "I can't notice everything at once" I relate to her greatly The last two episodes are great! I just love GAR more and more, regardless of what anyone says :3 She's so smart and logical, and her deduction is actually impressive! While it still kinda "ehh.." for me that a normal person can find out the hideout of 3 NIS spies, I can rationalize it because she's actually very smart about it, no one suspects her, and she is very close to them that she can find out about their secrets (the electric bill, for ex.) The red shoes in Seung Gi's family's apartment really puzzles me. Does that mean his mother is the sleeper agent? I just feel like that revelation is so obvious, there has got to be something else behind it. Also, what's that story with Yoo Ra's mom? It seems like she's really not living with her husband, judging on how startled she was when Bon said it. JYT disappointed me lmaoo why did he kidnap GAR!! I thought you liked her!! Also, I kind of understand why some people dislike the spy element in this drama, because some mistakes made by the spies are just so obvious and bad. For ex, don't drive a flashy blue car when you're on a stealth mission lmaooo. Two, don't tell your enemy your real name (Ra Do Woo I'm talking about you). But! I really don't care about these mistakes, I like this drama because of the rom-com aspects and the children and the main leads are cute @triplem those BTS are so adorable!! SJS seems to be really close with Joon Hee
  4. Cecentre

    Emoji review challenge

    Splash Splash Love This is probably a drama that I will rave on and on about because to me, it has everything a rom-com should have: silly but cute main leads, interesting plotline, amazing chemistry, and a very active and smart female lead that doesn't get thrown around by the plot. It's a high school trope and time traveling trope mix together, and it was so refreshing to watch. The only con for this drama is that it only has two episodes instead of 16 or 20 (this is a hint for director and writer to make this a full length drama already TT_TT) Source: http://nabongsun.tumblr.com/post/145478619905/dramas-ive-watched-in-2016-splash-splash-love Just go watch these absolute cuties together and you won't regret it
  5. I totally agree that at one point in the story the twins will be kidnapped, and for me it's fine whether or not it happens before or after she knows about his past, but if it's before, then AR has to know his past like right after the rescue. I feel like it has come to a point where good intention is not enough and she would want to know who he is and what his past is like. Maybe after him rescuing her kids, she will be more willing to listen to him explaining why he hid things from her in the first place.
  6. Given the story development I've seen in ep 5, I have decided to wait until this drama comes out completely to watch it :3 I get way too frustrated seeing the actress "friend" and the jealousy and all... It was a good time chatting with you guys though! Hope you all will enjoy the ride
  7. Hey all! I didn't start watching this drama until last Friday, which I ended up binge-watching all six episodes (or 12) available I love it so much and I'm glad I started on it!! Ok my reactions to the drama based on the available episodes so far: - I have never seen So Ji Sub in any project, so this is my first one and I'm loving it! - Jung In Sung is so pretty and bright my heart melts every time she smiles - When we first started, me and my sister wonder how this ship would work since she just lost her husband, but we concluded that this must have happened over the span of a couple months, so like where we are right now in the story is already a couple months away from the first episode and not like a week away. If not I think it would be so hard for them to be together because she would still miss her husband and can't move on just yet - I was so excited to see the second lead (Jin Young Tae) to fall for Ae Ran and I was not disappointed lmaoo His character was so much like the classic romantic lead (rich, very confident about his look, kind of a jerk, have a bad start with the female lead) but he ended up being the second lead, which is very interesting to me. How the table has turned, now we like nice guys more than bad boys - Also, having a female lead that already has kids is something new to me, because I have never seen a drama where the female lead is married, let alone have two children with her previous husband. It adds another layer of cuteness though, because now we get to see Ae Ran and Bon being a cute family as they take care of the cute children Can't wait for the next episode! In the meantime I'll just be here chatting with everyone :3
  8. Ok I just found this video and it's so hilarious I gotta post it here: His reaction is like mine when I talked to the customer and they just took their stuff and left But like seriously, I'm so jealous that she can just get up and leave like that Also another video of the fansign event: More fansign photos:
  9. Gasp!! I didn't read your post clearly so I just now notice that this is the first photo released for the movie! Oh dear, that one looks very grim. I heard that this movie is going to be a bit gory and grim, is that correct? Don't do an R-rated movie on me lmaoo I can't watch those News translated by AboutPSJ: What an influence PSJ has!!! And these are for ZioZia. I watched this at school and I was so nervous that people will see me blushing I don't know if anyone has posted this video yet?
  10. Hey all! Sorry for being so inactive TT_TT Here's some Knetz responses to The Divine Fury! And here's some photos of his signature :3 Gahhh I wish I can meet him and get one of those too!!!
  11. See, after the last episode, I have a feeling that a SE is completely possible! YJ said that it was unrealistic for couples to fight all the time and then get together in the end in romantic (movies?), and I wonder if that's a nod to the audience saying "we know what you don't like" or if that's a plot shadowing... @tali58 From the description @dulcinea1 posted, I think the boss will end up with the brother :3 The younger sister and the best friend couple really intrigues me though, I can't wait see how a sassy and independent girl like the sister will fall for the flirty and not-serious-at-all best friend after seeing all of his bad flirting habits XD People say "opposite attracts", but also say "bird of the same feather flock together," so is it going to be different or similar that are going to be attractive to us I think it's possible that this is a question that will be addressed in this drama? I have thought about how they're going to break up the second time, and what came to my mind was the lack of trust and communication and clash in values as well, but also I feel like they jump into this too quickly this second time. This is the honeymoon phase, where everything is good and rosy, and then after the passion dies down, you realize that you have nothing in common with the other person and that you can't even carry on a small talk conversation because you don't like the same thing, and that's where things fall apart. For me personally, I find that this second break up is super important because in reality, this is what happens. For the third time, whether or not they end up together, I think there should be a valid reason for why they can't get together again at the end. (I think I start rambling in nonsense at the end of this oops) Ok this post makes it sound like I don't want them to end up together! I do, but if they don't I would be very interested to know why :3
  12. Hi all! Please include Gong Seung Yeon thread in the directory as well!
  13. Ahhh I didn't have time to come here when everyone is here Anyway I finished the last two episodes (and successfully made my sister watch the drama with me) and I have to say I love it so far! We're so lucky to have all the lovey dovey and sweetness so early in the drama Four kisses so far in four episodes, my goodness! There's at least one more coming up next week judging from the preview!! I guess I'm similar to a lot of comments here, wondering why they broke up when it seems like things are going great so far. I guess that he's insecure and weirdly jealous about the second guy, which is the reason why they broke up? It has the signs like calling all the time and getting jealous of another guy. Also the poster, which is them in their 30s, have YJ with a stricken facial expression and JY looking at her longingly, which makes me think that he has to do something wrong that results in the breakup... but we have to wait and see :3 Also! The ex-girlfriend of the brother! Where is she? I feel like she died because of the serial killer. Reasoning: - the brother wants to be a police officer, but he can't because of his immobility, so he starts writing detective thriller novels instead to project himself into the character inside his novel. His novel is about a police officer (his projection) whose girlfriend got killed by a serial killer. - The girlfriend is nowhere to be seen - YJ mentioned "My brother's ex-gf used to buy me gift too" when giving a present to JY's sister. Usually, if things end badly between your brother and his girlfriend, you're not going to mention her again, so that seems like something else happens to her?? I really wonder if the serial killer will become a bigger part of the plot. I'd really prefer not, because I like this drama as a slice of life, seeing how people deal with ordinary lives and usual relationship problem like jealousy, insecurity, personality difference etc. rather than taking a thriller turn. @triplem Your comment on ep 3 is so great to read! Couldn't say it better myself! Hmmm I didn't watch Cheese in the trap, but I watch some clips on YT that has SKJ, and I guess you're right, I think he lost weight here than in Cheese in the trap. But I guess I can understand it a bit since him in CITT is a college kid so he can be a bit chubbier to look young as compared to his more recent dramas where he plays adult roles? Those photos are both heart-stopping to me though I'm the opposite. I didn't watch IANAR after reading the reviews of the plot, but I watched AYHT and enjoyed it v.much... I'd definitely recommend ppl to watch AYHT. SKJ is really good in that one too. Give it a try! Ok I know this is not exactly in topic so I'll put it in the spoilers:
  14. @shhai Oh lmaooo that little singing at the end Anyway the Vietnamese fan page posted this really cute photo: I hope they can be in a project in the future together :3