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  1. I'll be joining you guys in this thread. I do want to point out the other guy is probably too old to be the grandson so it was easy to eliminate him if they took all of the toothbrushes.
  2. While what everything HG said was true he was kind of putting his Mom down. I'm just waiting for drunk heart broken HG to drop the hospital room bomb.
  3. I'm not too worried about HG's mother right now. HG still has that ace up his sleeve of what his mother did the day of his accident that nobody knows he knows. They said he became stiff and cold because his injury prevented him from baseball but when he drops the news it was actually his mother's lack of sympathy for his injury and only caring about her lost status that jaded him she is going to collapse.
  4. Yes, I was talking about how the degrees of separation makes what looks like the main couple relationship impossible. The eldest son dating the daughter of the murderer of the younger son's fiancee is a much bigger problem than dating the daughter of the mother's best friend's husband's murderer.
  5. I think it's worse than that. The younger brother's girlfriend is the daughter of the murdered. They might be engaged?
  6. It's kind of expected from daily dramas to drag towards the end. The problem with this one is we are running out of conflicts to resolve, unless SH does something drastic.
  7. So uh, anyone watching this? I gotta say, this is probably the first time where I want all the dirty secrets to stay buried.
  8. Yeah, HN always thought she had a twin. Odd she never asked where are the pictures of them together but maybe she thinks her mom got rid of them out of grief.
  9. Pretty certain Leo told the family exactly where he worked when he turned down the big company. Hanna did not know what HN's company was. And yeah, you can see some problems for the couple on the horizon due to the Aunt's meddling and getting them to borrow to invest.
  10. Oh man this whole design thing is going to blow up in the aunt's face, because she doesn't know Leo is the designer, while JE has no idea who he is married to. Otherwise she wouldn't have tried that.
  11. zoks

    [Drama 2018] Time, 시간

    Just watched the subs. Yeah, he isn't coming back. He had his goodbye tour and he got some form of forgiveness.
  12. I don't think that was HG's pride so much as bad timing. His nosy mom came in the room wanting to talk to her and he still thinks that she wants nothing to do with him so he said all that so she wouldn't be put on the spot. He is not proud, just really dense.
  13. Hah, I think we're actually on the same wavelength about HG being too emotional, only we differ when this was an issue. To me HG should have gotten out a long time ago, because Hanui Apparel was trouble and he was letting his emotions interfere with his business sense. I mean he's spending nights not sleeping just to track down fabric for the company to make their products, when he's only responsible for selling it. So when I'm supportive of him leaving Hanui Apparel, it's not because I think what he's doing is just good for his relationship, but because he shouldn't have let his emotions cloud his business sense in the first place. If HN was someone he wasn't attracted to , do you think he would have bothered with all that work?
  14. Lawsuit for what? The deal is between Hanui Apparel and K1 Shopping. As long as someone from K1 Shopping is working with them, there is nothing they can sue for. HG is just a representative of K1 Shopping, he is not who they have a contract with. As long as they get another K1 Shopping representative he's in the clear.
  15. Why should he? He invested a lot of his time in her company. Too much to be honest. Anyways, HN wanted to quit K1 not because she felt uncomfortable with JE, but because she was concerned with HG getting the backlash of her screw ups. The deal between them was always that he'll be the one who decides when to walk away if it's concerning him.