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  1. So I'm following this mostly because I'm curious which of the three guys MH will end up with: the new guy, the one who has a crush on her, or the old boyfriend who is now successful.
  2. MPD is planning to divide and conquer. He is getting JN to turn on SPD. Unfortunately he is keeping SC in the dark about his plans.
  3. You have to look through this in a patriarchal Korean lens, which is pretty much what Kang embodies. All he sees is a young man treating his grandfather like crap when his grandfather is begging him hat in hand. On top of that the grandfather already established he has no other family, so this looks really bad on TP. Is it fair? Not really but considering the message this show is hammering (family trumps everything) his behavior is expected.
  4. It makes sense for DR and WDR to not get back together, considering how his family treated her. Even now they aren't welcoming her back with open arms, but more like letting the smelly cat your crazy grandma likes back in the house because it's raining outside and she is worried about it. Only WDR's mother can change Kang's heart and it'll take a miracle for her to sincerely apologize. Though it's a bit of a cop-out I feel like fans would be ok with her ending up with TP, just to get her away from that toxic house. It's either that or WDR moves out, so if they do get back together it won't be because they need a servant daughter-in-law.
  5. I might pay more attention to the plot now, as MPD is not someone who will take all of the deception quietly.
  6. I'm following this just enough to keep up with the main story. I like the leads, but don't care for the supporting cast at all, so I generally skip through any of those parts. The villains are too cartoony for my tastes. Like they're evil for the sake of being evil.
  7. NJ and SJ's relationship is going to crack because of this. At the end of the day NJ is too soft hearted to let his birth mother suffer. SJ obviously hates her guts.
  8. Yeah, I'm fairly certain SH has no idea that NJ is her son, especially when she insisted SU would be a match to her. As for me, when she wasn't a match I immediately thought NJ would be her son simply because she treated him like garbage. The worse you treat somebody in a KDrama, the more likely you're secretly related to them.
  9. Here I was wondering how they were going to extend the plot. Now NJ and SJ's relationship will be in peril, because suddenly the evil lady who tried to ruin her father's business is going to be her mother-in-law.
  10. I'll be joining you guys in this thread. I do want to point out the other guy is probably too old to be the grandson so it was easy to eliminate him if they took all of the toothbrushes.
  11. While what everything HG said was true he was kind of putting his Mom down. I'm just waiting for drunk heart broken HG to drop the hospital room bomb.
  12. I'm not too worried about HG's mother right now. HG still has that ace up his sleeve of what his mother did the day of his accident that nobody knows he knows. They said he became stiff and cold because his injury prevented him from baseball but when he drops the news it was actually his mother's lack of sympathy for his injury and only caring about her lost status that jaded him she is going to collapse.
  13. Yes, I was talking about how the degrees of separation makes what looks like the main couple relationship impossible. The eldest son dating the daughter of the murderer of the younger son's fiancee is a much bigger problem than dating the daughter of the mother's best friend's husband's murderer.
  14. I think it's worse than that. The younger brother's girlfriend is the daughter of the murdered. They might be engaged?
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