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  1. How cute was it when the 7 potatoes were all lying in a row resting on the hillside? Seriously, these guys all must have incredibly strong legs. I could not go waddling around (or hopping along) like that. On a different topic, very disappointing that KJM's on-screen romance did not develop into anything off-screen.
  2. Last episode Jun Ho said Jong Min is upset these days. If true, may be due to Mina, may be just stress due to Koyote comeback.
  3. I'm noticing some recycling of games here from Season 2. Passing the bowl of water with their feet was previously done in summer with a watermelon instead. Knocking over the empty bottles with the party favor is similar to the game where they had to blow out a row of lit birthday candles using breath from one nostril. Doesn't really bother me, since the cast members are different, and the games have been slightly changed.
  4. Geez, one thing after another. I was wondering why Kim Seong accepted the KBS award instead of IlYoung. I will really miss him, but at least the new PD has been with the show a long time. Much better than bringing in someone new. If Yongjin is included every week, I agree that having 7 members is is very restrictive. Maybe he'll be spending more time behind the cameras just watching? Member ages going up is worrisome. They can't go on forever. But, frankly, if any member was to leave, the most likely person I see leaving is JJY. He seems to be making a lot of changes to his life recently. He may not have the bandwidth (or professional need) to keep doing 1 N2D. I think it would be a disaster if either KJM or CTH left. I could imagine KJH leaving due to age /wanting to do other things. But we would lose that brilliant synergy between him and JM. But the show has survived for 10 years with many staff/cast changes and continues to entertain us. Change is the way of the world.
  5. When I saw him guesting on the show for the second time, I was wondering if they were trying him out to possibly replace a member who might be leaving. He was OK, but I hope they don't give him too much air time at the expense of the other members. And I hope this doesn't mean someone is leaving.
  6. Kind of late posting this re Oh Na Na Na. But oh my, Jongmin, you look like Fred Astaire here. Or what Fred Astaire would look like if he were doing this dance. You do look good in basic black.
  7. Some random thoughts here. I don't post often, because I keep losing my password and I always have trouble logging in. The last few trips have been really fun. Watching the sporting event reminded me of some earlier trips. There was one in Season 2 where the members had a sporting event in a seaside town with real sports commentators where they had to race using unusual objects. I believe Joo Won had to run in a pair of high heels that were way to small for him (and not really his style). Jong Min had to ride a tiny tricycle. There was also a rafting competition in another Season 2 episode; the losing team was subject to a water punishment that was really hilarious. Music reminded me of an episode way back in Season 1 where the members were high jumping. This was really impressive to me, since Sugeun and Jong Min actually know how to do the Fosbury Flop! Even Tae Woong (aka Dogfoot) was able to clear the bar. Wherever did they learn to do this? Do Korean kids typically learn to high jump in school? I also think Sugeun is the most talented guy to ever be a member on this show. I was always amazed at his many skills, beyond being a comedian. I really like Jun Ho, but the departure of Sugeun was a really big loss for the show IMO.
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