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  1. Some random thoughts here. I don't post often, because I keep losing my password and I always have trouble logging in. The last few trips have been really fun. Watching the sporting event reminded me of some earlier trips. There was one in Season 2 where the members had a sporting event in a seaside town with real sports commentators where they had to race using unusual objects. I believe Joo Won had to run in a pair of high heels that were way to small for him (and not really his style). Jong Min had to ride a tiny tricycle. There was also a rafting competition in another Season 2 episode; the losing team was subject to a water punishment that was really hilarious. Music reminded me of an episode way back in Season 1 where the members were high jumping. This was really impressive to me, since Sugeun and Jong Min actually know how to do the Fosbury Flop! Even Tae Woong (aka Dogfoot) was able to clear the bar. Wherever did they learn to do this? Do Korean kids typically learn to high jump in school? I also think Sugeun is the most talented guy to ever be a member on this show. I was always amazed at his many skills, beyond being a comedian. I really like Jun Ho, but the departure of Sugeun was a really big loss for the show IMO.
  2. Frankly, the first two episodes of the 10th Anniversary trip to Kazakhstan and Cuba have been disappointing IMO (I haven't seen this week's yet). The chemistry just is not there, with them split into the two groups as they are. Although getting to see some of the two countries was fun, the misssions/games seemed stale. I'm looking forward to seeing the new episode they just filmed where they're all back together again.