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  1. Annyeong uri Bold Squad! We are almost a hundred all aboard you guys! Whoooohoooo! *pops champagne But I can't let the previous issue pass. I so agree with @Celine Tan - unni. We are one beautiful and talented mix around here. No room for haters and bashers and as what uri dongsaeng @OMihO and @MeandmyCraziness - unni mentioned, let's just continue to spread love all the more! Also as what I've mentioned on this thread's first pages, we are one ship to respect other shippers too since we know that we are all on the same sea of unknown possibilities until one party ties the knot and calls it game over. So until any news come out, we are the ones who board our own ship and celebrate the trails and clues we get from our own respective couple. As part of the Bold Squad, I can see that we don't need to cause ruckus towards another party when ours is fun enough on its own. *winks So to all lurkers and other shippers alike, just for clarification purposes - nope, I don't think the one who has posted in another ships's forum is from here (even though she might have pointed out a couple of agreeable points uri Bold Squad share minus the outright comparison and negativity, I really haven't seen her name around). I've been doing the headcount since the early stages of this thread and I haven't seen nor tagged the aforementioned name. Anyways, I'm missing the long rants from @happy2018 - unni too! And to everyone here, keep your analyses, videos and works of art coming! They truly give inspiration and comfort. *sends hugs* Happy weekend!
  2. @Celine Tan - I'll take that one unni! Hope to see you in Singapore "in the middle of this year". *winks! @justlove and @OMihO and @laineyy88 uri dongsaengs, my..you are so sweet! *sends hugs
  3. Annyeong uri Bold Squad! Daebak! I loooooove the cover from our mod. Thanks @jh12 - unni! And I sooooo miss everyone! *sobs *sends hugs Been catching up with a lot of work lately. Thanks @OMihO, @justlove, @sooji28, @Celine Tan and @happy2018 unni for calling me out. Short real life background: I don't think I'll also be able to update the passengers aboard as often as I used to though.. loads of thanks to @justlove uri dongsaeng for taking the lead. *sends warm hugs I'll try my best to catch up. *winks! Btw, are you okay @OMihO dongsaeng? And here's another thing - even if real life strongly calls me this season, I'll be the one to say that I'm never leaving this ship unless uri Yoo Seung Ho ties the knot with someone else. So til then, I'll be all aboard! Happy shipping everyone! Surely, we are bound to sail! *sends hugs PS: Our fanfic now got 2.1K reads in Wattpad. Gosh. Thanks you guys! A whole lot more are squealing with us!
  4. When I think about what you said, unni. It does makes sense! What better strategy is there than NOT to deny the obvious but SLAM it after the drama, hiding behind the character Kim Min Kyu?!? Omo. Another genius move from uri Captain! BRAVO!
  5. @MeandmyCraziness - Thank you unni! But it's not my birthday. Uri @laineyy88 and @justlove were asking about my age. That's why. *winks! @Veronica Purificacion - is that your pic too unni? My, you too are beautiful. @justlove - his stare is so possessive and made me think that for the caption uri dongsaeng. Lol Also a warm welcome to @Bernie and @lovinnick81! *sends hearts and hugs
  6. @Celine Tan - Naaaw.. Looking forward to that unni! *sends hearts @laineyy88 - wow! Their fate goes full circle then! *squeals! I can imagine all of them hanging out together with uri Chae Soo Bin and KYJ so cheerful then both guys sweetly awkward at first. lmao
  7. Omo. I just read the article! Gosh my heart is squealing! So Kim Yoo Jung's ideal type is Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin chose Park Bo Gum as her ideal type too? And also the article where Yoo Seung Ho was complimented as being the kindest person Park Sung Woong has known but uri Yoo Seung Ho complimented Park Bo Gum as the kindest person he knew himself. That makes both actors with the kindest reputation in their industry! Okay. So my head is spinning with all these common ground now..lol. They are indeed fated as what @Celine Tan unni pointed out. And omo! Not only them are fated but @laineyy88 and @justlove unnies too! I also have a trip to Singapore this August. Crossing my fingers for a fanmeet that time! Kyaaaaaah!
  8. Dug up some old movies and came across uri Yoo Seung Ho's "Blind (2011)"..and guess what? It has a guest appearance of Park Bo Gum! (PBG's career debut to be exact ) So..I got to think that they already have their own circle even way back. Like you know, - Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Seung Ho grew up as child actors and have met while growing up - Yoo Seung Ho and Park Bo Gum worked together in the film Blind (2011) - Yoo Seung Ho met Chae Soo Bin as DMZ ambassadors (2015) - Park Bo Gum worked with both Kim Yoo Jung and Chae Soo Bin in Love in the Moonlight (2016) - Yoo Seung Ho worked again with Chae Soo Bin for IANAR (2017) - Both Yoo Seung Ho and Park Bo Gum sent a congratulatory message to Kim Yoo Jung for her graduation last month (2018) <== I remember posting the link here before Hahaha. Okay. This may be far fetched. But if uri ChaeYoo are in their dating stage now, I guess it's safe to say that both Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung could be their secret keepers? Like similar to SongSong having Yoo Ah In, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young and Jo In Sung in theirs, *wink! *This is me calming my own shipper's heart by the way. Lol And thanks @Jang Dookyung for posting that! *squeals
  9. Uri Yoo Seung Ho already is guilty of being a "thief"..hmm. What else could he be guilty about?!? *delulu mode ON Wahahaha
  10. Hmmm..now that you've mentioned it uri dongsaeng @OMihO.. Just when uri ChaeYoo is getting to be "hotter" of a topic, vids and pics of uri Soo Bin with other men also surfaced.. A distraction tactic perhaps?!?
  11. Uri Chae Soo Bin chose him too over Yun Kyun Sang. Hopefully a question on choosing between Park Bo Gum and Yoo Seung Ho was thrown in the Grazia photoshoot. Haha
  12. True. He is also close with Lee Sung Kyung and I tried to look at Lee Sung Kyung's posts if he liked them as well but her posts got almost millions of likes. Haha. Too tedious to trace. Lol Mianhe everyone..Didn't mean to spread negative vibes or what nots. Uri Yoo Seung Ho better keep a close watch. He said himself that if a robot Aji3 exists, she would attract a lot of men.. Also, I remember on the first few pages of this thread that @Celine Tan unni mentioned uri Chae Soo Bin to be the type most guys will like. Komawo @prueksa and @yoobaebuddy unni! *sighs haha Let's keep sailing..err shipping! *winks!
  13. Exactly uri dongsaeng! I noticed Yun Kyun Sang liking almost all her recent posts in IG though..but I think they're close friends for him to like her posts like that. Now for that video with Park Bo Gum..they weren't holding hands, weren't they? Gosh. Worse delulu that I could think of. *me scratches head
  14. I think Yun Kyun Sang and Chae Soo Bin are really close friends. He openly likes her posts in IG. Noticed it a lot of times since I also follow him too.