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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time to post in any forum. Just finished back reading all the way from page 1. So glad to know that this community exists. Fangirling is so much fun with everyone having the same heart and plea. What caught my eye also are the couple hats. Day One - Black baseball caps. PBY wore hers to do ninja moves. Also saw a pic in IG that PHS wore a similar black baseball cap even when he was still in Incheon (Though it was inside the airport already - probably because it's not fron Saint Laurent anymore? He was walking with the tall ajhussi he was always with and they seemed to go the wrong way) Day Two - White ball cap. PBY wore a Vibrate plain white ball cap while PHS wore a Vibrate twin ring white ball cap. Hmmmm.. Not to mention the plain gray shirt both sported for dinner. Kekekeke. All these reminds me on how the Korean culture puts emphasis on this aspect. Saw this displayed on WFKBJ one time with Kim Bok Joo's weightlifting team mates who also dated. They wore couple shirts when they saw Joon-yung on a blind date. Which again reminds me of Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk's bucket hat match up as caught by Dispatch. It could be seen that Lee Sung Kyung traded her baseball cap for a bucket hat - though probably for better concealment or could also be for other reasons *wink wink*