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  1. There is a 45min ver of this drama and DragonTV basically cuts out 10mins of every ep which is why some of first few eps seemed confusing. Apparently the uncut ver is alot better. Damn you DragonTV
  2. I just watched episodes 7 - 12. Episodes 9 - 12 were thoroughly enjoyable and I like how the plot is now getting serious and a test of A Mo and Chi Yun's promise they've made.
  3. Wish we had the eng sub to understand this or maybe it will be explained later on. She does come across antagonistic towards Mu Qingmo and Chi Yun or perhaps she can already see their fate. Can't wait to watch Eps 7-9
  4. U mean Huang Xiaoming? He still looks like when he played Yang Guo in Return of the Condor Heroes back in 2006 lol
  5. I always come to watch Xianxia/Historical dramas with extremely low expectations so I was prepared for seeing fake effects, CGI and backgrounds. lol. Hopefully Hunantv won't butcher Tribes and Empires like what did to Princess Agents as I've learned that awesome trailers doesn't mean anything. Eternal Love and Nirvana in Fire being the rare exception.
  6. Only a little. I still need subs *cries in corner*
  7. I've watched all 3 eps already lol Like most Chinese dramas Ep1 was abit messy for me esp with the lack of introduction to the characters and the fast pacing. It would of been better if they showed more of Chi Yun's Tarzan days to understand his wild nature. I've never seen a Chinese Xianxia drama with this kind of pacing before as most viewers of Chinese dramas would often complain how draggy it is so this drama is kinda refreshing in some ways. The green screen and CGI bothers me sometimes but the amount of content that is cramped into these episodes makes up for it. I have to say the fights scenes on Ep 3 were really well done and I'm liking the banter between Mu Qingmo and Chi Yun. Also Sheng Lun is so cool and I already feel bad for him. So far I love all the characters and enjoying this drama. btw I just realized Peter Sheng Yi Lun's character is Sheng Lun. They didn't even try to change his real name for this drama lol
  8. EP 1 EP2 EP3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7sGYHIg6QM
  9. He's supposed to be a beast not a well groomed character so his hair is short and messy lol Sadly no news of Viki or Dramafever. A Life Time Love only had like under 3 weeks of promotions so sadly it's abit too late. These sites haven't got the licence for big Chinese dramas lately.
  10. Watch trailer on CROTON's channel
  11. Youtube link to new OST pls support the official CROTON Channel also