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  1. I never posted before and never thought that I will ever, but here I am posting. I just need to get this out of my head. I have a progessing health issue and, aside from treatments, I distracted myself a lot by watching Kshows. Somehow, I got hooked to 2D1N Season 3. I feel like they're a part of what made me able to stay a bit sane during my flare ups. I managed to stay for 45 minutes inside an MRI machine, twice, replaying the funniest part of the show in my head. I watched their shows in hospital beds. I am truly grateful that the show exists, that the casts and the crew exists. I am not a person who mourn the death of a person I don't know personally. But I sobbed when I hear KJH passed away. I still sob a bit whenever I see a moving picture of him. It's different for each people, and there's no one right way to mourn. Choose the right one for you and understand that others might have their own pace and reason to mourn just a bit longer. I will be watching 2D1N again, absolutely. I will be crying too when I watch them, no doubt. But I am damn sure, though it won't be exactly the same, that I will be laughing with the casts again.