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  1. PBY has gone through a lot but I'm so glad she's still here. No offence to SHK fans but PBY is a better actress to me ( of course, she's my bias). I loved her in OMG and even better in SWDBS. She may not have a project soon but I'm looking forward to her next one.
  2. This is quite interesting. So is it possible that she fangirled him first? I am a big fan of FT Island but I don't know all their songs.
  3. Consistent with her personality, she's letting us know that they're doing well and have gotten close. Praying and hoping that their relationship will grow deeper. PHS is very vocal and transparent. PBY sounds like she's already warmed up.
  4. I would want to see PBY in a period drama as a villainess.
  5. Ladies, please don't get offended. Instead of being negative and expressing fear that our OTP might not work, let's send them positive vibes!!! All will be well!!!
  6. I observed their interactions in both of these instances and I find that it's not only PHS who was constantly moving closer to PBY but she did too. That's why I believe the feeling is mutual because the non-verbal clues have been there since the beginning. It has progressed a lot since then as evidenced in various BTS.
  7. I believe their responses are staged-one good cop, one bad cop to keep us all on our toes. Are they together or are they not? Personally I think they are in the "getting to know you" stage which is moving closer to the "yes, we're together" stage.
  8. I don't think she'll distance herself from him. They were together filming for 5 months and the fact the PHS mentioned about her noona commenting about the way he looked, that told us something that their friendship/relationship is far deeper than just colleagues. She may be quite reserved but somehow I feel that she will act on her feelings. I believe she's ready for a far deeper relationship this time around. We may not see it but I believe it's already happening or will happen soon. I am not a lukewarm shipper. It's either I'm in or I'm out. With this one, I am absolutely in. I don't care about the future-I will take it one day at a time.
  9. PBY played safe because they were not sure how the fans and the viewing public in general would react to them should they become an item. Judging from all the reactions/opinions from fans , spectators, JTBC, its staff , it's very clear that they have everyone's blessing and I believe that's what give PHS the boldness to say he loved PBY or DBS, however you want to interpret it.
  10. Actually, I feel that the timing PBY talked about was not in relation to her but to PHS because he's a rising star, in a new agency and still needs to do well professionally. I'm sure she'll wait.
  11. I find this interview very limiting ( in a positive sense) because they only talked about one subject. He needed to refer to her as noona because he needed to be polite towards his sunbae rather than calling her " pabo"!! In all, I find this a very satisfactory interview.
  12. That's the reason why PBY had to do all the interviews first. She needed to lay the foundation for his because of his honest approach to answering questions. I will not be surprised if his was heavily scripted. I'm more interested in their interactions whilst on holiday coz that one will not be scripted.
  13. They are like doing trial and error- how the fans and viewers would react to news of 0% chance to this. Apparently there was a huge uproar in baidu because of the 0% chance statement so they released this to neutralise the situation.
  14. In the main thread it was mentioned that Dispatch was at the airport so they have to be extremely careful!!
  15. Calm down, sis. I don't think she's avoiding him. They are avoiding to be seen together because they won't be able to contain themselves from playing and being sweet together, especially PHS. That would fuel far more speculations. If they are in the " something" stage which I truly believe they are, it's better that they are not seen together so as not to spoil whatever blossoming relationship they are in.