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  1. This is like an open secret..... It sounds to me the poem is written and addressed to.a specific person, not to a group per se.
  2. Very true. That's what I noticed too. She leaned her head on his shoulder and they kept on brushing their backs against each other.
  3. We know PBY likes baseball but for them to have similar caps with sox written on both of them is kinda freaky.. destiny, fate- however one calls it, things happen for a reason..
  4. Don't worry about it. Only shippers understand those hints but for the unbelievers they don't mean a thing.
  5. I love the Harper interview translation so much, especially when he said about saying I love you to the person he loves. It's translated in the present tense which means it's at present time, habitual action. That goes to show that he is in a relationship at the moment. I am so happy!!!
  6. And this particular scene felt different from the earlier kisses. I felt like here there's no more hesitation from either side and they are both quite enjoying the extra skinship. I don't feel like it's reel anymore but it's real at this point. Pardon my delulu but my sixth sense tells me at this point the feelings are real.
  7. And the fact that the staff nearby didnt even have a reaction which meant they normally exhibited this kind of skinship offscreen.
  8. A lot of thoughts have been expressed whether PHS has confessed or not. I believe he has and he did it before they finished SWDBS for the following two reasons. 1. PHS is a very straightforward guy. He will confess first before she hears it second hand. 2. Because of no. 1 he wouldnt have said those things about liking/loving DBS/PBY and his ideal girl resembling her in various interviews without her knowing about it first. With this, I believe it's just a matter of time before we hear the good news.
  9. Two things can be deduced from this statement: one, observe PHS. He might have confessed but maybe what he feels is just the aftermath of playing AMH. So wait a bit more. If the storm of SWDBS subsides and he still feels strongly about you, then it's PHS. This means that she already likes him and is prepared to be in a relationship. Second, they're already together but they're scared of the impact on the fans and the netizens in general. Will the viewing public accept them straightaway or do they need to wait a bit more before admitting they're in a relationship. Either way, we're happy and they have our full blessing!! In all, everyone on the set knew what's going on that's why their sweetness towards each other was normal to them.
  10. She's either in denial mode or just killing any further rumour of them dating..... so they do their ninja dates!!
  11. Normally in wedding photos, the bride holds the groom's arms. They're not holding hands. I wonder if they were aware that that's what they were doing??????