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  1. Well, a part of me really wanted to see them dating, if they are indeed dating or will be dating (which I'm sure will happen , just being positive here ^_^) to stop the agony of will they or will they not. And yet a part of me also want them to keep it a secret if they are, because it will keep their relationship long lasting/enduring, since PBY mentioned before that her fans doesn't like knowing about her dating life, though I don't know if that changed. And since most Korean celebrity relationships last if they keep it from the public. I remember reading somewhere, Choi Ji Woo said never go public in a relationship, because that was the reason why she and her BF, Lee Jin Wook, at that time broke up, because they were constantly in media spotlight. I guess one factor to be considered is since she's a popular actress. But when it comes to PBY and PHY, I guess fans will be welcoming if they indeed date? since many wanted them to be together, I don't know about their fans in Korea though. Now, I'm torn .
  2. How about on Lee Sung Kyung's side, did she say anything too, like denying the rumor or brushing it off?^^ Thanks, chingu. Now, I got it
  3. Oh, I apologize. I didn't know^. Can I still delete it though? Sorry, I'm not quite familiar on all postings.
  4. Welcome, chingu~...happy shipping together with us^^.
  5. Agree, hope this thread will still be alive by then. Pretty sure updates will be coming until their event on Singapore but I hope this thread will still continue, perhaps until we hear the news where they tied the knot..kekeke...still hard to watch any kdrama romcom for now, will always be reminded of PHS and PBY...
  6. Omo..thanks for the pics, I wish we could atleast see a picture when they were sitting together, or a video would be even much better and see their interactions♡♡..loving the updates from everyone, I just don't know how you guys get all these but nomo nomo kamsaheyo!!!! ✩✩✩✩
  7. Regarding both PHS and PBY wearing the same caps for two consecutive times, I hope it's not just coincidence^^.. since Koreans are known for having couple items with their significant other, this makes it much interesting...especially the colors are plain black and then white, the black ones with letters B on PHS and V on PBY and then the white ones, I mean, how could they have exactly the same color, right?.Maybe instead of couple ring or bracelet, caps? Not too obvious to capture..And they only wear caps upon their arrival at the airport.
  8. Oh I see, hehe...kamsahamnida, chingu♡♡...no wonder PBY avoided the cameras, but wondering why ....someone needs to feed our curiosity on the why , kekeke..
  9. Just wondering, who or what is Dispatch, are they like the media?..Sorry, I've encountered this a lot of times but have no idea what it is...~peaceout~
  10. Very true~she has yet to say "no, I just think of him as a friend or, as you say, dongsaeng"....she never really directly say what she truly feels. Based on the interviews she had which I read also from the main thread, she never really mentions how she truly feels, only said that PHS's gazes aren't just directed towards her but to everyone, I mean, why mention that, right, if the question is not even about that^^..the door is very much open for them..maybe she said 0% for interview's sake but in the back of her mind 100%? ♡♡♡... Btw, been a silent lurker here as well and just decided to join yesterday in this forum^^
  11. Just like many others, I've never shipped anyone before....oh, well, maybe one exception, SNSD Tiffany and Nickhun, a ship that sailed and sunk, too bad 'cause I think they're even long time friends before becoming lovers...and also Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, I was hoping they could end up together in real life after watching them in The Heirs until, well, as many know, him and Suzy dating broke out...though I never shipped them as much I do now for PHS and PBY while watching them in SWDBS...there's just something about them that you coudn't resist and ending up rooting for them to be real, the chemistry is just daebak..funny that I'm even wishing for their happiness than of my own, kekeke...that one day, I would be hearing the good news from them, getting married, take note, not dating but MARRIED...meaning end game..kyaah^^♡♡♡♡.. On another note, regarding PHS's ideal type, where he says he doesn't want to meet his future partner on set but on vacation and prefers western girls on his previous interviews, I guess, 2015, that could change since we all know that ideal types aren't usually who we end up with, just like Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung, her ideal type is to marry a non-celebrity guy and doesn't really like Ji Sung at first, but look at them now. So we should continue being positive and send them good vibes for it to come true, continue writing here in this forum about them, cause the more we think, talk and write about them to end up together, the more it will come about, words can be powerful, that is why many encourages writing your wishes or want to do in life even in details because there's 100 percent chance it will come true (I've read this somewhere, esp. when you want to become successful in life)..so here's me wishing for that^^....I apologize for the long rant, kekeke..since I've only been a reader for a long time before deciding to join this thread so I guess my thoughts just keep flowing in...I have lots more to say but.I'll end here for now....
  12. Omo, finally an interview of PHS...thank u so much @mai5116 ...you guys are really amazing with all your sources..I don't even know where you guys get them..kekeke..thanks for sharing them~~keep 'em coming.
  13. Hi, everyone~~..been a silent lurker here, but decided to join you guys also in this amazing ship. Just made up my mind to finally create an account just for this reason. Hope am not too late to join you guys^^.. and kindly also guide me since I'm new in this kind of thing. Kamsahamnida♡♡