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  1. @ruzikie Can you understand Japanese? Still waiting for all the episodes to be out and subbed before continuing to watch it. And considering this j-drama doesn't really focus on romance, I guess the build up of our OTP might be slow as you said, unless it is a romance drama. We might not see couple moments like skinship between them, so probably we might see some developments perhaps the last 2 episodes at least? Well, we'd be lucky to at least have 2 episodes focused on their romance, so it might be on the latter episode, so long as the ship sails^^. Also, the change of the writer, since she's mostly written romance dramas, there might be a reason why she was the writer for this season, probably to let this ship sail once and for all, seeing how she's gonna incorpote it, esp. knowing this season focuses on their career and how it affects their relationships and other aspects of their life. I mean, they could have the original writer but no, they didn't, so there might be a reason why, right? Just looking at the bright side here^___^. Its time for them to end up together, 2 seasons is a long wait. I remember this one scene from the previous season where Aizawa said he wants others to need him, that’s why he wants to be the best doctor more than anyone else, no one would want a second but the best, acc. to him. And then there's episode 1 of season 3 where Shiraishi says she needs him (though indirectly), and maybe that's why he did came back to LifeSaving. They already complement each other, understand each of their own abilities and capabilities. Shiraishi could be his new family from now on, since I think no new news about his grandma and father, he needs someone who could be there for him, and that would be Shiraishi! I wanna write more, but then realized I've said too much, don't know if I make any sense either. Apologies for the long rant, this thread has been so quiet, so. Anyways, Aizawa x Shiraishi FTW ✌✌
  2. Was planning to just check this thread once in a while, but since there aren't as many commenting, I guess I'll just do it. When you say the writer of Rich Man Poor Man, don't you mean Rich Man Poor Woman? And why do some comments I have read said they don't like the writer, mm..wonder why. ^___^.. Anyways, I'm here for our OTP as well^^.