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  1. So it looks like nasty people can still become celestial beings. Well, maybe the rich and connected baddies get to go to heaven, the poor and nasty ones go to hell. LOL
  2. Yeah, I am very happy to see YH aggressively chasing after BQ. He lost her once and he was making darn sure that he will not lose her again though he was very much afraid that he might lose her when she got her memories back. Their love foundation must be strong by then to withstand BQ's sense of betrayals. When it did happened, he did not gave up; he stood outside her cave and waited until she forgives him but unfortunately the Demon Lord issue threw a monkey wrench into the works with his escape from the bell. Her forgiveness came along with the shock of losing him forever.
  3. There is also the part whereby she was drunk, feeling insecured and having her internal monologue about the fact that YH might have feelings for SY. Up to this point, she (and all other celestrial beings except for YH and maybe 3rd Uncle and some maids) thought that SY and YH have sexual relationship with each other. It is possible for some men to do that especially during that time period, having a harem is a norm. Even BQ at some point said she will choose a few beautiful concubines for him. Of course at that point, she has not fallen in love with YH yet.
  4. I think the reason why MY accepted BQ as his disciple is because of the fan. The fan chose BQ as the owner and in MY's thought he said that the fan cannot be in the hands of an outsider and therefore meant that BQ is destined to be his disciple.
  5. I share your passion for this drama. I don't seem to be able to let go. Normally I would be eager to start a new drama once I have finished the old one but this drama has set a higher standard for me and I find other dramas lacking. So, besides binging twice on the complete serie, I have also repeated my favourite parts of the later episodes over and over again. I clapped my hands during the happier moments and cried a bit at the sadder scenes. Ah, I am so pathetic!
  6. Ah.... All of us dream of YH in our life. It is sad though that YH never make it clear to SS or BQ that he never ever touch a hair of SY. Apparently only SY's maids know because the gossiped about the fact that he never visited her once. Even his mum appeared blur because she asked SY why didn't she get pregnant urging this 300 years. SY kept mum because she does not want to lose face.
  7. This is not true. When YH died, BQ has already got back her mortal memories so she would know Ah Li is her biological son. The only excuse I can give her is that she was still very devestated over YH's death and spent all 3 years in a sleeping stupor so that she can see YH . As she mentioned to YH towards the end that she could no longer tell whether her awake moments or her dreams are real.
  8. I really hate the Heaven King who does not have the morals at all. We should just put him and Su Jin in a cage and light it up with the crimson fire.
  9. Actually YH already loved Su Su when he was still an embryo placed in the lotus flower and she was Su Yin - please refer to first few episodes. That was the first live. The second time he felt in love was with the mortal Susu - the second live. The third time was when she became immortal again - the third live.