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  1. @themarchionessyeah, I noticed too that the producer or scriptwriter has completely forgotten about the recording. Is this incident even in the novel?
  2. @themarchioness I totally agree with you. The adult part of the drama should have at least a few episodes more added to it to make the drama even more perfect. The time spent on the high school period should be balanced out with the post high school period.
  3. XX is sometimes at fault to as far as WBS is concerned. According to Chinese culture, a normal male friend will not be so touchy feely with her so she should have sounded him or keep her distance. She played dumb and this contributes to a lot of misunderstanding between her and JC. JC is also not much better when dealing with that female class monitor. He should have stick a finger at her forehead (like he did often to XX) when she comes too close to him. His non actions hurt XX a lot.
  4. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    Yes, I agree with you. The story was going nowhere except upsetting a lot of fans instead.
  5. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    @michell_is_my_name I agree with you. It is human nature to be greedy and especially when love is concerned. I am sure DX would cross the line if she gets even a bit of encouragement from YL. Eg, he patted her head and she was already encouraged enough to give the back hug. Imagine if YL would have turned around, I am sure she would zoom in on his mouth! Imagine that if they have some wine and YL's mind is blurry and mistaken her for QC, I am sure she would have taken advantage of the situation as they are already married anyway and she could hope for YL to change his mind and take responsibility. Arghh! I am one upset QC fan here.
  6. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    This actress seems to be typecasted as one bitchy woman who always want yearn for another woman's man so much so that I get pissed off whenever I see her face in any drama.
  7. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    @nayzau Yes, he was a total jerk in this scene. It looked like he was so devastated by DX's death. He was also very hateful when he told her that he regretted ever knowing her. It was like he blamed her for DX's demise. I felt very heartbroken for QC.
  8. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Remembering Li Chuan 遇见王沥川

    I read the book and loved it. Though I promised myself not to watch any sad ending dramas or movies, I could not resist to see how the story would be acted out. I wanted some visuals and though I know that Godfrey Gao is a real eye candy, I was not too sure about his acting. I must say that he was the perfect Li Chuan as Mark Zhao was the perfect Ye Hua. The drama Xiao Qiu is a bit different than what I would visualised but it is a positive outcome; Xiao Qiu was actually quite pretty in a natural way! Xiao Qiu in the book was supposed to be a chain smoker (can imagine all yellow stained teeth and bad skin) and flat chested (as the split up with Li Chuan affected her puberty) I was rather disappointed that I could not find any English subtitled episodes so I was desperate enough to watch them raw. Having read the book, I was able to understand 80% of the dialogues except the technical parts and the poems (I am a banana but understand a little Mandarin through my job). I am very sad that the drama ended this way but I guess it was more realistic than the book as Li Chuan was so ill that he was at heaven's door already. WIth such a sad ending, the author should had allowed Li Chuan to relent in the end and allow Xiao Qiu to stay by his side till he passed on. At least this would have created a bitter sweet ending and help soften the heartbreak a bit. Anyway, both leads did a good job with the emotional scenes and I got so emotionally involved so much so I am still depressed today even though I watched the ending yesterday. I had to re-read the few chapter and the epilogues of the book just to try to get myself out of this sad mood. I read somewhere that there is supposed to be a sequel planned and I hope it will really happen and the sequel will give the story a happy ending as some miracles do happen! I am wondering whether the lack of subtitles is due to the story ending as many fans of the book are afraid and refuse to even view it?
  9. @USAFarmgirl Hello again, from the other side (Malaysia)! I am crazy enough to search for Peach Blossom Wine as well as beautiful Peach Blossom painting or artwork.
  10. It would have been more realistic if the Swiss location was changed to Geneva or Lausanne since French in the main language there. In Zurich the main language is German. The people there are quite prideful of their heritage so the Swiss Germans will speak German, the Swiss French will speak French and the Swiss Italians will speak Italian for their day to day business communication. So logically, QF would have been sent to a French speaking university/county.
  11. @Casper168 There is a completed translation of the book but the drama adaption is pleasantly completely different than the book except for the names of the characters in the book. In the book, QF's background was "questionable" and her character is much "colder". Also, JY "moved on" with the antagonist, XH, who was a journalist and lived in with her while quietly helping QF. They nearly got married but thank God, JY discovered her treacheries in time and she could not go through with it. I do not like the 'ending' too. Background: She moonlighted as an escort and more (but I am not sure it was her first time selling her body when she "entertained" JY). My opinion: Unfortunately, the past will be a blemish in her life. Let's hope, her first and last client was JY. Colder: She got pregnant with JY's baby and aborted the fetus without informing JY. Due to some complications, she might not be able to get pregnant again. Ending: Like the drama it was a happy ending though both versions were quite a let down; they both finished off quite abruptly. JY ended up adopting a colored child from one of the South African country (Ivory Coast?) whose father held JY and his father for ransom. The father died in the crossfire during the rescue modus operandi. Imagine the child (from a guerilla warfare background) being a ticking bomb who might avenge his father when he is much older. Sorry, I know, I am thinking way ahead... My conclusion: the drama is much nicer than the book despite it having too many unnecessary makjangs such as her brain tumour, kidnapping, etc. Also, JY's character in the drama is much stronger, more determined and don't easily give up on their love. The only set back the drama has is that it is unable to act out at least some part of the red hot bed scenes between the OTP. In the drama it was never shown that they did it but yet JY actually believed that she had a abortion. Whose child? Also, it was ethically wrong for the gynae to tell XH about the abortion and not even to say that she even gave her a printout as a proof to show JY. Is this how doctors work in China? So lack of discretion? If I am JY, I would say "sue the doctor"
  12. @maimymlt I have the same opinion as you for point 2. I did wonder whether BQ actually did delayed MY's recovery instead by putting him in a normal cave without any special aura or special stone coffin.