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  1. @USAFarmgirl Hello again, from the other side (Malaysia)! I am crazy enough to search for Peach Blossom Wine as well as beautiful Peach Blossom painting or artwork.
  2. It would have been more realistic if the Swiss location was changed to Geneva or Lausanne since French in the main language there. In Zurich the main language is German. The people there are quite prideful of their heritage so the Swiss Germans will speak German, the Swiss French will speak French and the Swiss Italians will speak Italian for their day to day business communication. So logically, QF would have been sent to a French speaking university/county.
  3. @Casper168 There is a completed translation of the book but the drama adaption is pleasantly completely different than the book except for the names of the characters in the book. In the book, QF's background was "questionable" and her character is much "colder". Also, JY "moved on" with the antagonist, XH, who was a journalist and lived in with her while quietly helping QF. They nearly got married but thank God, JY discovered her treacheries in time and she could not go through with it. I do not like the 'ending' too. Background: She moonlighted as an escort and more (but I am not sure it was her first time selling her body when she "entertained" JY). My opinion: Unfortunately, the past will be a blemish in her life. Let's hope, her first and last client was JY. Colder: She got pregnant with JY's baby and aborted the fetus without informing JY. Due to some complications, she might not be able to get pregnant again. Ending: Like the drama it was a happy ending though both versions were quite a let down; they both finished off quite abruptly. JY ended up adopting a colored child from one of the South African country (Ivory Coast?) whose father held JY and his father for ransom. The father died in the crossfire during the rescue modus operandi. Imagine the child (from a guerilla warfare background) being a ticking bomb who might avenge his father when he is much older. Sorry, I know, I am thinking way ahead... My conclusion: the drama is much nicer than the book despite it having too many unnecessary makjangs such as her brain tumour, kidnapping, etc. Also, JY's character in the drama is much stronger, more determined and don't easily give up on their love. The only set back the drama has is that it is unable to act out at least some part of the red hot bed scenes between the OTP. In the drama it was never shown that they did it but yet JY actually believed that she had a abortion. Whose child? Also, it was ethically wrong for the gynae to tell XH about the abortion and not even to say that she even gave her a printout as a proof to show JY. Is this how doctors work in China? So lack of discretion? If I am JY, I would say "sue the doctor"
  4. @maimymlt I have the same opinion as you for point 2. I did wonder whether BQ actually did delayed MY's recovery instead by putting him in a normal cave without any special aura or special stone coffin.
  5. @areudumborwhat Both Mark Zhao and Yang Yang are handsome in their own way. I really feel sorry for Yang Yang though as the standard of acting is set so high by Mark Zhao so efforts and good acting would be needed to prove himself. Yang Yang can act cold and aloof but whether he could emo with his eyes is another question. Anyway I shall root for him as much as I root for Mark. Break a leg, Yang Yang!
  6. @lianjade You are not alone....I am here with you....
  7. @parmma errrrr.... don't worry, you are not the only one who have watched episode 30 many times. I watched the repeats alone when hubby is not around otherwise he will say "how many more times are you going to watch the same drama over and over again?" What to do? This drama gives us all the fantasies and romance feeling we can get.
  8. I can't help but think that Jing Boran would look great as the Phoenix in Heavy Sweetness but alas, the main leads have been casted...
  9. Can't wait for this novel to become alive in the upcoming drama. Can't wait to see who will play Phoenix.
  10. @dillycat hmmm... I must watch this episode again as someone mentioned that they saw overhead cables??? LOL!
  11. @Ohuihui The request that BQ will grant the Snake is basically considered as a wedding gift to her since she did get married when still attached to BQ's household. Once granted, BQ will be released of her obligation and will no longer consider her as a former maid and will be treated as a acquaintance from there onwards. In other words, BQ basically ask her to FO after that.
  12. @michellismyname I am totally in the same boat with you. I skipped all the parts when DH & Fj were in the mortal realm. First of all, DH looked old and awful (so unlike his ethereal godly look in heaven - the platinum blond really suits him well). The main focus of the drama should be on the main couple so too much of other scenes on others not relating to the plot are just fillers and could make a viewer lose interest so I just skipped them as I could not wait to get back to the main story. Even though I have fully watched the whole drama 3 times and certain episodes many more times, I would still skip the same scenes at mortal realm with DH & FJ over and over again. FJ was getting too pathetic though she did looked very lovely there.
  13. Ah, you took the words right out of my mouth! We are perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement. I kept telling my sons and friends that I am not the only crazy one in the world about this drama. It is like what you wrote; it is more than a month since I watched this drama for the first time but I am still in the daze that I constantly replay the scenes in my head, logging into Youtube a few times a day to view the BTS as well as listen to the OSTs, replay the episodes whenever hubby is not around (he thinks I am a mental case already). Oh my, I guess a romantic heart does not have an age boundary so much so that even an old lady like you and me could still crush on a star. I must give Mark Zhao the credit that he could really make so many of us swoon for him. I really like his passiveness and coldness towards all the other women who panted after him and his wooing aggressiveness towards Susu or BQ. He is a guy who knows what he wants and go for it. WOW, what a ride! LOL!