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  1. Lee Je Hoon 이제훈

    yasssss!! i mean how come he be that good? it's not good for our weak heart tho lol
  2. haha i guess so but maybe not as obvious as LJH tho but still they're so cute that way
  3. it's still a long way pal, let's just hope for a miracle XD uh, maybe she just realized her feeling toward the current guy probably #iamsorryplsdonthateme OMH WHY LJH MADE IT SO OBVIOUS?? LOL he kept stealing glances at SMA, it's so cute and it hurts at the same time TT_TT
  4. Lee Je Hoon 이제훈

    so apparently the white shirt made a comeback again, i'm soo happy >0< what a cutie
  5. Lee Je Hoon 이제훈

    thanks God, we can see our LJH a lot this year through those projects. hope everything will do well
  6. @lingkims yes it's a bit sad, let's make the thread coming back to life "Let's wait until 'The other guy' enlist." lol when will he enlist tho? "So, I'm gonna restrain myself a bit." THIS. it's such a dilemma for me to take a peek into this thread tho when we all know that the girl is still with the other guy TT.TT oh what to do deokbang-ah~
  7. Yang Yang is a bae glad to find this thread >o<
  8. Lee Je Hoon 이제훈

    LJH feat Crush