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  1. I totally agree with you. And SJY's role just told SID about LG didn't die? That's all? I didn't know what was the writer thinking
  2. One more question. SID could read Hangul? What? It was 1500s. It's impossible.
  3. Haizzz I just watched EP 26. The man wearing Hanbok is Lee Gyeom. SJY told SID that LG didn't die and he was in Italy. Before LG went to Italy, SID gave her diary for him. SJY's husband return in next ep But what about the scenes of SID and LG in Italy? And LG and SID hand-in-hand in last scene of MV Only One Love?
  4. BTS this week. So much moment between them https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3pdU5i4r4
  5. Ah I see. Thank you so much for transcript. I'm always want to understand that novel.
  6. @liddi Sorry but where were you have script? and it's 1542, not 1551 in ep 1?
  7. My English isn't good. But I just watched SSH's weibo in 2015. He wrote caption "travel time" or "transcend time" on LG's picture at Italy. I just thinking maybe.... I think SJY and SID can soul exchange each other in next eps.
  8. I knew. He will return. Just look at the scar on his face. That's for accident. I don't know what role does modern-day Gyeom in her life?
  9. I just watched EP 24 SBS version. It broke my heart so deeply It hurts so much when I saw Saimdang left again. I think Saimdang loves Gyeom so much but she couldn't do anything
  10. You're welcome and thanks for loving her drama so much. I will update BTS on page for you guys
  11. It's not a still. She just went to art gallery on Friday. By the way, I'm an admin of Lee Young Ae Vietnam Fanpage Fb ^^~