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  1. Well.. maybe he knew SYJ like flowers so that's umbrella will show flowers petals on the surface when wet from the rain He's so sweet.
  2. @liddi OMG! Thank you a lot for these chapter... Novel is more interesting.
  3. @liddi @Farah Ayuni Hug scene was ending scene in SBS version. You guys can go to SBS facebook page watch ending scene. https://www.facebook.com/sbsnow/?fref=ts
  4. Really? That was important scene after all. It was ending scene.
  5. I don't know it was happy ending or not. But I'm happy because their soul were always together until the end and... a hug. That's enough Cre: Cap by me
  6. You can try on smartphone. It's weird cuz I can find that page =.="
  7. I just want to tell you guys. If anyone have ID NAVER, go to http://tv.naver.com/sbs.saimdang/playlists or http://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/2024799/talkand or article on NAVER, anything about drama and comment anything about drama (= English) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. One of admin (she's in Korea) in my page told me that antifan (didn't watch drama) always left bad comment. We fight with them for months. We're so angry about them. It's final ep so I want to do something for our drama. Sorry for my English. Thanks.
  8. Exactly! They told me that didn't have any emotion about the reunion and they cried so hard about LG and SID's scenes
  9. Ep 27 was so touching. In my country, they didn't like SJY's husband return. They were very angry
  10. I totally agree with you. And SJY's role just told SID about LG didn't die? That's all? I didn't know what was the writer thinking
  11. One more question. SID could read Hangul? What? It was 1500s. It's impossible.
  12. Haizzz I just watched EP 26. The man wearing Hanbok is Lee Gyeom. SJY told SID that LG didn't die and he was in Italy. Before LG went to Italy, SID gave her diary for him. SJY's husband return in next ep But what about the scenes of SID and LG in Italy? And LG and SID hand-in-hand in last scene of MV Only One Love?
  13. BTS this week. So much moment between them https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3pdU5i4r4