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  1. just a quick question..is this a recent pic? thanks
  2. @jechoi1, can't thank you enough for this .. ....THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH
  3. @lovephs Thank you soooooo much ..
  4. hi guys, does anyone here has the kind heart to tell me the translation of Park Hyung Siks' conversation with his dad in this video? I'd sincerely appreciate it guys..thank you <3 <3 <3 Here's the link:
  5. he has been constant when it comes to his ideal type though....
  6. saw this on youtube..hope it's okay for me to post the link here.. so cute ....waving and the 'v-sign" thank you for this....I'm actually doing my best not to reply or retaliate to anything said about him..
  7. you're right and can't wait for that time to come.. *sigh..... I've read in a comment that there's a fan who saw and took a picture of PBY and PHS together but opt not to post the picture..probably because the managers of both parties asked her not to...I can hardly see pictures of Jisoo as well...but seems like everyone's enjoying, that's the most important thing...
  8. sometimes it just ticks me off to read those kind of comments though..but you're right, better brace myself for something like this.. THank you
  9. I'm actually quite furious because some people are writing comments on the other thread stating Park Hyung Sik is trying to be nice and smiling at the airport last night or even during his stay in Bali because he has to...because he is just starting to get known...aarrrgghhhhh ...BUT being all smiling, bubbly and energetic is so him..that's exactly who Park Hyung Sik is..that's what his co-stars, friends, senior actors, fellow ZE:A members say about him...he is NOT faking it or just staging such attitude...even during his musical days, he would stop and get out of the van to thank the fans for their undying support and concerned when the weather is cold...reading those just put me in a bad mood..
  10. just want to share this though...
  11. In Law of the Jungle, famous Korean celebrity chef Raymon Kim stated that he wants to have a son just like Park Hyung Sik .
  12. very true..as his fan since ZE:A days, I can see how he's matured and become wiser...PBY is a well-respected and an established actress already..I love her since Speedy Scandal ..there would be a severe backlash if PHS answered his interviews in a different way.. If he answers that he is just like that on the set and nothing's going on - people would surely call him arrogant, a playboy and he will be bashed BIG TIME...I'm glad that he answers the way he answered his interviews BUT people assume and say HE IS INLOVE WITH PBY..I hope people would consider that we are just depending on the translated report in TEXT and there's no way of knowing how did PARK HYUNG SIK verbally answered it..for me, there's a HUGE difference.. I read shippers making assumptions here and there just from the interview answers..I'm a big fan of AHN MIN HYUK and DO BONG SOON''s love story however I don't feel PARK HYUNG SIK romantically inlove with PARK BO YOUNG though...He adores her, no question to that.. This is one of the many reasons why tandems don't and can't hangout after the drama ended..it's because of the fear that people might mistake their friendship into something more that could jeopardize their career...just look at Park Shin Hye and Jung Hyong Hwa, they became close buddies after their drama, but both expresses that they couldn't hangout publicly because of how people would possibly perceive it... I believe that this thread is created for event updates, photos, BTS of the drama and the leads which is why i'm here..if you want to ship these two, then might as well create your own forum..just my opinion
  13. totally agree...I'm here for updates, photos of Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young as well as any updates about SWDBS...