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  1. I just went to backread your livecapping lol, too funny! Thank you and all the rest for recapping! I use a Chinese app that provides live voiceover translation during streaming (with a very swoony-over-psj and spoiler laden translator, lol) so I don’t have to read livecaps but it sure is funny to read and laugh with y’all!
  2. I feel like it could go two ways.. drag it out a little with side new plots like: -JiAh and GwiNam, -SeRa and er YJ’s assistant, -plus the seeming company retreat that they are taking next week, (is it in the webtoon??? I really have mush for brains right now post YJ’s eyes emoting “because you’re miso” ), - then keep the storyline tight as per webtoon, with the obvious uh unveiling of who Oppa is, around ep 9-10, - with the related squee moments till ep12 - and then add further episodes with I don’t know, some crisis MiSo and YJ have to solve together with the company, - plus the Hyung’s coming around and family reconciliation, on top of what has already been written in webtoon. Or or .. they could drag the angst about Oppa till 12-13, then 14-15 squeebits and then 16 everybody is happy ALA swdbs. I like the former, lol. I know I sound a little angsty but my last two dramas SP and BTIMFL sorta lost their watertight plot towards the middle/ end and I was just in angst mode for like 3 weeks. And a last episode of “everybody is happy” annoys me. Hahaha. So trusting that the original novelist’s involvement in the drama will keep the storytelling flow.
  3. there are other things i would like to do to YJ.. but I'm a married woman so I shall let MiSo do it HAHAHAHA. but gosh, Park Seo Joon's emoting is on point.. I'm duly impressed. (PMY was great, when she first realised YJ was her Oppa.. but the last scene was just, amazing..) Having small eyes myself, I tend to have BIG EYE ENVY and find actors/resses with big eyes more appealing in emoting.. I think I'll have to eat my thoughts, lol.
  4. they better. preview goes straight to YJ asking MS to end the 'some' and officially start dating EHEHHEHEHEHEHHEHE.
  5. Wow.. This takes the cake, me tearing at Ep6 of a drama? Let the angst begin!!! PSJ's eyes as he struggled to contain his emotions "because..you were Miso, you were Kim Mi-So"... my heart broke. Very tight story telling still, managing to weave around chapters well. I love the Gwi-Nam Ji-Ah enmity lol..
  6. I just watched a little of the angsty bit cos i couldn't help myself... I just marvelled that MiSo was being very forthright.. "Please do not cross the line again, to tell you the truth I did get the wrong idea, when you said you wanted to date and marry me and you started becoming really nice to me, so I thought you might actually mean it, please don't confuse me ever again" WHA WHA WHA WHAT. Loving the ownership of her feelings and not being afraid to say she was swayed, liking the growth here to speak up for her self as well. edit: Also explains the infinite "could have been creepy" staring at the end.. YJ totally listened to what she said about being stirred up and heh heh heh didn't let that pass him. "I want to stir you up" OH GAWWWWWWWD. And it was the apology/ reconciliation that allowed it to happen, before the blasted shock of a push HA. more edit: @dramaninja I think you misunderstood @MrsSoJiSub, she's just explaining the growth trajectory that YoungJoon has taken, from being a pure narcissist to slowly revealing layers of growth as he grows closer to MiSo. I like his growth, however flawed, because it was done overnight literally, instead of other dramas with TERRIBLE self-reflecting male leads (cough BoF) In simple speak you could say "the guy changed for the girl", but we know its not the be all and end all of this story, with all the history behind it.
  7. Lol it’s gonna be so fun when the sleeping dragon *cough* stirs... he’s gonna be like, why is everything in my perfect body malfunctioning?? You don’t say, I think I kept repeating ep4 scenes over and over when the subs came out.. not gonna be able to watch ep5 with subs till the afternoon but that makes the waiting game less empty at least.
  8. @Ondine LMAO about SeoJoon NG-ing all over the place, that’s a great perspective lol. So far the BTS has been definitely funny and professional for me, it really shows the quality and experience of both MY and SJ, also it feels like MY is the cool cat and SJ is really quite serious lol. So it’s nice seeing him break out in NGs Not saying it’s bad, but in AOY2 for eg, there were soooo many cute youthful uncontrollable giggles and squealing and just youthful charms going around the BTS, lots of NGs with some actresses in their first role, very different. @dramaninja I really enjoyed watching this first taste of hurt that both of them went through.. their performances were on point and it made me ready for the inevitable angst, cos good acting with angst is infinitely more heartbreaking and bearable than passable emoting that doesn’t quite reach the eyes (and viewers’ hearts).
  9. I know, esp with the #metoo movement, and this was written a few years back, and we know korean drama writers tend to overly inflate male leads so with every strong female lead we get over the years we pump our fists for small victories. I think it will be the case of on hindsight it was all a matter of 'connection', and we are starting to see that play out. Personally the other spin on the "boss hitting on secretary" bit would probably be MiSo not feeling creeped out per-se, but just befuddled that her very physically and emotionally celibate boss is starting to show feelings, awareness, consideration for others. As opposed to his usual absolute lack of tact, glorious narcissism and self-centeredness. And it is this slow consideration and clumsy attempts to be more of a gentleman that is helping her see past the boss who sought perfection. Of course, the other awakening happening is her realising he is pretty dashing too.. So yes, the show would need to align the power and work-life imbalance.. Right now I find it going back and forth, because MiSO is struggling to figure out whether she is Kim BiSeo or Kim MiSo to YJ, and him realizing his decision to date/marry her to keep her nearby as his secretary has opened up a can of very heart-pumping emotional worms for him.. probably not the outcome he expected ha. But in the meantime.... squee squee squee.... *totally not helping here* @minsunie he pushed her in shock, there is a webtoon backstory, but we’ll have to see what the drama plays out tomorrow hahaha.
  10. Maybe thats why MiSo didn't show up for work the next day and YJ had to get his male assistant in.. LOL. Sigh. Ok aside from our OTP... LOL WUT IS WITH GWI-NAM AND HIS BUTTON COLLECTION HAHAHAHA.
  11. MAAAAAAAAAAAN. at first i was like, all these fillers stahp get it on, we won't hit (webtoon32) by tomorrow at this rate and then BAAAAAAAAM. director surely playin with our hearts here and being cheeky arranging the chapters around. I'm still lol-ling at the chair kiss.... and his reason, and her non-refusal.. we're in for rollercoaster times, hold on and stay smug like YJ! AND YES the sunset setting, her thinking he's glowing.....and the forehead peck before ramyeon were all missing but they added stuff like papercuts and another falling into arms lol (of which, i would have shaken my laptop at the end of this episode had the chair kiss NOT HAPPENED.)
  12. OMG BUT THEIR LIPS DID TOUCH! BUT OMG I NEARLY DIED FROM ALL THE ANTICIPATION! *end of preview MiSo smiling tearfully at YJ.... WHA WHAT...? Did she realise???? This drama is going WAYYYYYYYYY too fast my GAHD! Also, emotional PSJ won narcissistic PSJ today... the nuances as he struggled to apologise to MiSo... wow. I'm enjoying PSJ's acting there. Also enjoying the slow shift into "equalness" with the couple, his staying in step, she not being petty and also ready to apologise after realising Morpheus was his bro.. we have an intelligent couple on our hands here, gosh.