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  1. WOW @excitedgal that was so nice to read and walk down memory lane! Sigh, I wish I were in your shoes! Meeting them in that place and getting W's signature and getting to gaze at him so nicely dressed while you were at it, when all you were supposed to do was to run errands for JH's special day was the BIG CHERRY ON TOP OF THE CAKE! I CAN FINALLY LOG IN OMFG IT HAS BEEN AGES! I MISS YOU ALLLLLLLLLL.
  2. Hi, Just checking if anyone has a problem with logging in with facebook-- something about the app Oauth issues, possibly something to do with either the recent FB 3rd party app hack issues, or anything with soompi itself? When I tried to click on forgot password it also brought me to a 404 page. Thank goodness my email that is tied with this belongs to google, elsewise I would have to create a new account. Can anyone help? Many thanks!
  3. And it’s a wrap, girls! LMAO at the parody of the ribbon bed scene between President Park and his ex wife- that painful wall banging, knotted ribbon, stripping of his shirt but with an ahjusshi singlet... and payback from YoungJoon walking onto their hot and heavy making out and repaying him for all those times he interrupted them. I DIED. Also, ChanSung! Red eyes! JiAh! Yay my other OTP! Squee! Ahhhhh that was a satisfying ending.
  4. Fell asleep livewatching last night cos I was so tired from the day, but— I’m curious! Is the 4 feet away conversating typical for “cartoony” effect? I think that’s what actually grated on me haha. I really liked it when MiSo was drunk and YoungJoon held her by her waist. So much more... feeeels. What is it with drunk women scenes, lol, I felt like this was almost similar to one of 2017’s SP (even with the seating!) I thought this one could have been shortened a little (maybe I was tired), but I wonder if there was a pun being made when JiAh kept saying “She was pretty” (in reference to PSJ’s 2015 drama of the same name) hahaah. Nonetheless.. I would have liked to steal VC Lee’s wallet too.., the comments on my livestream app were hilarious “that’s it they’re going to India, get ready SeRa and JiAh”
  5. Have to say the pic with Yejin and ChanSung was the one that jumped out to meeeee cos I’m a sucker for the some stage.. ohhhh please give them a push from some to more? And, I’ve been watching for awhile but I’ll say it now- she has pretty legs!!!
  6. No actually it was a video of PSJ in a tux, doing his aura thing, which was filmed through the tv company’s monitors. Not so sure if that wedding dress pic is actually MinYoung cos I don’t understand the language.
  7. @labyrinth525 the bridal shop (MarieBelle) that was the shoot location and dressed PMY (and possibly PSJ) for the wedding scene uploaded it, before TVN asked them to delete it. Alas it’s been reshared.
  8. Melikey too!!! Park Seo Joon is killing it in those black mandarin collar shirts *sweats* I think I might be drunk watching this on Wednesday too.. And PSJ’s insta-update... man that guy has endless legs. Melikey weibo update too.
  9. @jeonghyang I can just imagine you saying that like CEO Ahn in SWDBS (talking about Ji soo’s apple butt hahahaahah) YoungJoon was beet red at the end too from that shock hahahahaha. Father in law invokes such a different reaction from him, it’s nice to see his deference hahaahah. We gonna have proposaaallll a wedddding and babiessssssss pleassseeeee.
  10. Oh yes now I remember thank you!! Sorry was busy laughing my richard simmons off with the dad and beet red veiny strangled YJ too hard that I forgot everything else. Also I love that Ji ah and Gwi Nam are just gravitating towards each other now.. such a happy some haha.
  11. The weirdddd line YoungJoon said, was it used at all? Hahaha. I can’t even remember what line that was.
  12. I forgot... did the potentially angsty line come up at all????
  13. I burst out laughing SO BAD HAHAHAHHAHAHA YOUNG JOON LOOKED LIKE A STRANGLED CHICKEN HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. Sorry this episode ranks up there as one of the funny ones hahahahah. DEAD.
  14. MAYBE HE IS GONNA PROPOSE. TIME TO STOP BEING MY SECRETARRRRYYY ARGH. And i remember in webtoon MiSo's dad punks YJ.. but its not a serious rejection.