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  1. First found out about Exo when I was looking for new boy groups to listen to/try out. Now I'm kinda hooked on 'em. Hehe For boy groups, what Asian boy groups are similar to Exo? Like fast songs and fast dancing. What about any Asian female singers? Note: About females, any that don't show off their breasts, wear skirts? I want females that dress like boys, no showing off their bodies, no skirts. Thank you guys!
  2. Movies that make you cry? List them!!!

    Plenty of CGI movies from like Dream Works and such with sad moments.
  3. Gaming

    Lately I've been playing Ark. Pc/Steam Ark.
  4. Hello! Thank you. Aah okay. No I'm good now. Thank you!
  5. I'm new. How do I create topics? I have a question? Thank you!
  6. How do I create topics??

    1. phikyl


      You need to first have made 5 replies to already posted topics before you are able to post a new one yourself. =]

      A lot of the threads in the general discussion area are a good place to start to get those initial 5 posts. 

    2. Kristy Asao

      Kristy Asao

      Okay. Thank you. ^__^